GIVEAWAY: Sirtified The Sanctuary

There is only one area where man conducts important business when he’s not at the office – the bedroom. Unfortunately, with your collection of headsets, your phones, and your collection of iGadgets the night stand tends to get a little cluttered. We’re not even going to get started on the fire hazard that your fifteen chargers creates because we’re sure you’ve heard it from her enough.

The Sanctuary solves all your bedroom problems (the ones that can’t be fixed with a blue pill, anyways) by putting all your indispensable items (and their chargers) into one convenient, simple, so sleek it has to be German valet for the nightstand. Or the desk. Or the kitchen. With only one plug going to the wall you could pick it up and take it with you to the office if you really wanted to.

There’s a basic economic principle with a ridiculously long acronym that boils down to there being no free lunch. Even though we just saved you like $700 in tuition, we’re taking it $120 further by partnering with the guys at Sirtified to give away The Sanctuary gratis. Just follow these steps to enter:

The Giveaway – Contest Closed
Congrats Bruno Surdo!

Cool Material and Sirtified are giving away 1 Sanctuary to a lucky reader. You can win by heading over to our Facebook page, become a fan (or like us) and leave a comment on the giveaway post. We’ll choose 1 lucky winner on Friday 5/14

Then head on over to Sirtified and check out their collection of cool gifts and gear for guys.


  • ryan

    my phone wants to live there

  • sean

    looks awesome

  • guadalupe

    i could use that

  • Kyle

    I’ve got a handful of valuable and gadgets that need charging every night. This would be perfect.

  • Scott

    omg i need some of that!

  • alexis

    V. cool giveaway and the perfect gadget for the busy tech-obsessed male! :) I heart Cool Material.

  • vincent hawley

    I need that , yes yes yes!!

  • Dean

    If you don’t mind, I can provide you with the winning mailing address now!

  • Eduardo Montoya

    i want it..did i told u im already registered.. 😀

  • Coleman

    Save me from the tangled web of wires please!

  • Kamil

    great giveaway

  • Josh

    wants organization

  • Matthew Thomas

    ohh Mr rikey rong time

  • Joseph Skidmore

    Could sure put that to good use.

  • Peter w

    Me want

  • Thomas S

    Would do my gadgets proud.

  • susan

    I sure could use this!

  • adam

    give me the goods

  • adam

    here or facebook where do i sign up? I did both

  • Humberto


  • Richard Lee

    my phone wants to go there

  • DR

    Having a gadget addiction, this would be the ideal solution for neatening up those areas where upper management (that’s spelled W-I-F-E) has declared a no-mess zone.

  • devon

    yes please

  • Kyle


  • Moheet

    i want that!

  • Dave C.

    Great addition to keep clutter under control and control your clutter! 😛

  • Tim Jacobsen

    Best of luck to all of you. Your chances may be better if you leave a comment on Facebook as the rules suggest 😉

  • Catt

    Too wicked!

  • basurdo

    this would be awsome!!!

  • Glenn

    Great, put your Iphone in a jail…

  • Larry

    If I put my Droid in this with my iPod Touch would they play nice together??

  • Jon Romanelli

    if my iphone wasn’t broken i would like to keep it there…oh well new iPhone comes out in June anyway.

  • Tiffany Pettey

    this is awesome and i hope i am the winner