GIVEAWAY: Saddleback Carbon Black Briefcase

At one point or another in each of our lives we’re forced to accept the fact that we need to grow up. Sell the IROC and buy a minivan. Give up on your dreams of being a male porn star and get a real job. Trade in your backpack for a briefcase.

News flash people – Porsche makes a 4 door, the iPhone 4 makes anything possible, and Saddleback Leather is still making briefcases. At first, you might think the Saddleback Leather Carbon Black Briefcase isn’t as impressive as a performance-tuned German automobile or a phone with limitless amateur porn potential – but you would be wrong. If anything, the fact that you’re going to be carrying this every day makes the full grain boot leather, lack of breakable parts, and 100 year warranty (yes, it’s warrantied until well after you are) all the more important. Unlike a certain unnamed mobile device manufacturer, Saddleback believes in function as well as form so this converts to a backpack as well.

Anything more impressive than a Porsche and amateur tube sites is going to come at a pretty steep price, right? Not this time gents, not this time. Saddleback Leather sent us one $519 Carbon Black Briefcase to give away gratis. Here’s how you win:

GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed. Congrats Drew!

Cool Material and Saddleback Leather Co. are giving away one Carbon Black briefcase to a lucky reader. To enter, simply sign-up for the Cool Material newsletter below. We’ll choose a winner on Friday 7/9.

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Check out Saddleback Leather Co. to see their full collection of fine leather briefcases, bags and luggage.


  • Mark Pappas

    Nice leather.

  • jonathan rain

    nice me want

  • David

    I’ve wanted one of these forever – in carbon black.

  • Rahul

    Fantastic looking bag; already on the list

  • Reza Farid

    Im on the list

  • Jeffrey

    Me wants!

  • Jer

    Read up a bit on the Saddleback Leather Co.’s website and it looks like a good company – they even put links to their competition’s home page URLs, that speaks to the confidence they have in their product.

    I really liked the story about his dog, Blue. That photo of Blue jumping off the dock is amazing.

    Hope I win this bag, it looks like a nice one.

  • Michael N

    Love the bag, already on your list. Hope I win!

  • Coleman

    I have a brokeback kind of love for this bag!

  • avilla35

    I’m in! Hope I win this bag as I can’t wait to stick my face in it and inhale its sexy “leatheriness”. (It’s sad, I know. But true!)

  • Conor Brown

    DECENT! I could go for a man purse.

  • Joey

    Yet another thing I want, yet can not afford!!!

  • …tom…

    Very cool. I want..!!


  • Kuang

    pick meeee

  • Kevin


  • Michael

    Buddy of mine has one of these bad boys, and loves it.

  • Frank Inc

    This would be great. Awesome bag. I’m already subscribed to the emails.

  • alan

    pls put me on list!

  • MattGTll

    Very nice briefcase. I fully intend to win this.

  • Jennifer C

    I’m already on the list but would love to win.

  • Aaron

    I need a bag please!

  • B-RAD

    I’m already on the list but would love to win.

  • Rajiv Kapoor

    Great bag.

  • Collin

    Dude! Sweet!

  • brandon

    i’ve been wanting one of these bags for a while!

  • blacksheepmafia

    I love this bag!!!

  • Isaiah

    I have been lusting after one of these bags since I first saw the ad on the sidebar.

  • WIByrd

    I’m already on your email list and I would love to take that bag anywhere….

  • http://coolmaterial Matthew Thomas

    It beats going bareback…

  • ken

    please find attached the bill of sale for my iroc. i’m trading up for this case.

  • Tom Federico

    Help Me! My swiss army is ripped, torn and looking rather elementary schoolish in the office. Leather Rocks!

  • wbb229

    I’m in

  • natanm

    It’s perfect, send it to me please :p

  • greg

    that is one hell of a bag.

  • CybaDelic

    Nice bag, useful for carrying (legal) briefs! (i’m on the list :)

  • Jason

    I need this bag . . .

  • Yurhe

    I would love to own this Saddleback!!

  • Tolli

    Yup, this cheap bag I’ve used for the past two years in b-school is falling apart. Time for graduation, a new job, and a new bag.

  • ASBird


  • Vicki Wurgler

    sign me up for contest

  • Brian

    That thing is bigger than my gym bag. I’ll pay shipping.

  • Elliott Kipper

    I would totally rock that.

  • Brian

    Good lookin’ bag.

  • carbonware

    Already on the list and I need a leather bag to go with my black watch!

  • Ryan

    Already on the list but I would love one!

  • Trevefresh2

    oi mate

  • David L

    Hi, I am a college student and I use a North Face backpack to carry my books and laptop to classes and the library. The backpack’s getting old and so is the look. I’m ready to switch to a real man’s bag that has both style and substance. Help me out here guys?

  • Jimmy

    Awesome bag. Would love to have it. :-)

  • Richard M

    Hey, just wanting to say that cool material is an amazing site, its one of my daily visits when surfing the internet, and is a great time sink just browsing the archive of awesome stuff.
    Keep up the good work. : D

  • Tommy

    Been wanting one of those since I saw them featured on The Toilet Paper. Gimme gimme!