GIVEAWAY: Saddleback Carbon Black Briefcase

At one point or another in each of our lives we’re forced to accept the fact that we need to grow up. Sell the IROC and buy a minivan. Give up on your dreams of being a male porn star and get a real job. Trade in your backpack for a briefcase.

News flash people – Porsche makes a 4 door, the iPhone 4 makes anything possible, and Saddleback Leather is still making briefcases. At first, you might think the Saddleback Leather Carbon Black Briefcase isn’t as impressive as a performance-tuned German automobile or a phone with limitless amateur porn potential – but you would be wrong. If anything, the fact that you’re going to be carrying this every day makes the full grain boot leather, lack of breakable parts, and 100 year warranty (yes, it’s warrantied until well after you are) all the more important. Unlike a certain unnamed mobile device manufacturer, Saddleback believes in function as well as form so this converts to a backpack as well.

Anything more impressive than a Porsche and amateur tube sites is going to come at a pretty steep price, right? Not this time gents, not this time. Saddleback Leather sent us one $519 Carbon Black Briefcase to give away gratis. Here’s how you win:

GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed. Congrats Drew!

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Check out Saddleback Leather Co. to see their full collection of fine leather briefcases, bags and luggage.


  • Dave

    Cool bag. This cool guy sure wants one!

  • Brian J.

    I need this bag!

  • Chris


  • Zach Schueller


  • Michael K

    This looks awesome. Can I have it?

  • Fashiokid

    100 year warranty!!! I am sure that I will not live that long!! Price is not that high I guess if you think that you will never have to buy another one. I like it in black.

  • Kevin Costello

    I want it

  • jlloaring

    I could use that every day until I wore it out going back and
    Forth to the office

  • Patrick

    Already on the mailing list, and I’d love to have a bag like this!

  • blacksheepmafia

    I want that so bad…

  • Eduardo

    nice, really nice!!!

  • travismc

    Sign me up.

  • Josh Ellis

    Nice and classy bag. It’s good a manufacturer is still out there making quality products.

  • bflatt

    It will be nice to finally travel around in style instead of a ratty briefcase and laptop bag. Classy, high quality and pristine. Thanks for the great contest cool material

  • Kevin Cox

    I want, I want, I want…(I’m asking you with my brain!)

  • Chris

    Already on the list. Please include me in the contest…love the bag.

  • Rich G.

    Love my Chrome backpack. I just love this bag FAR more.

  • Findhika

    Hi, I’m already subscribed to the mailing list of Today’s Cool Material and I pray for this! ameeen! :)

  • Mark

    Once you go black…

  • A-dub

    Perfect for a commute on the H-D!!!!

  • Gan

    They would match so well with my sperry’s!

  • david


  • Tjeng-Bo Lie

    I’m already on the list…

  • Luke Morris

    I don’t have an iPhone 4, so this would be a great alternative for transporting my amateur porn collection.

  • Marcus

    Bag me!

  • Jean

    I love this bag. Please wish me luck 😉

  • jacobflo

    Classic, where’s mine?

  • BSUB


  • Josh

    Always wanted one for school.

  • Alfredo

    I would enjoy taking that bag to my favorite coffee house downtown.

  • Nick robles

    I want one!

  • RRmike

    I want it!

  • Josh

    already on the list…

  • Jack

    who won?

  • John

    yeah. when will the winner be announced? I don’t know if I should still be excited or if somebody else already won 😉

  • Tim Jacobsen

    Contest Closed. Congrats to Drew Farrington! We’ll be in touch. Check back weekly for more great giveaways.