Assuming you’re old enough to remember shopping malls, do you remember the little Asian store that every mall had? You know, the one that sold every part of the Hello Kitty / Pokemon / Anime empire. Poketo is like that except without all the kitschy shit you’ll never use. Wallets, watches, cameras, t-shirts, and wall decals from international artists with awesome ideas. There really is something for everyone.

Poketo may very well be giving away the farm on this one because they sent us 4 wallets, a t-shirt, and some wall decals to give away to four lucky readers. One Grand Prize Winner (cue the band) is getting a wallet, the t-shirt, and the decals. Three slightly less grand prize winners are each getting a wallet.


You don’t even have to come on down, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us the weirdest thing you keep in your wallet.

We’ll pick a winner 9/3. Good Luck.

Contest Closed! Congrats to:

Carl – Wallet
Anne Banks – Wallet
Bobbi Fowler – Wallet
Rob Weiner – Wallet + T Shirt + Wall Decals

Thanks for participating.


  • Kat

    expired student card (still gets me discounts!)

  • Annie

    I made some wishkraft 2 a guy I like so I till have that “charm” in my wallet, its a cross made of cinnamon with both mine n his name writen with red ink n tied with a red piece of yarn

  • Andrew

    A four leaf clover from Ireland

  • HN

    Actually it very common – I ahve a WindowsXP license, just in case I need it someday.

  • Jeannie

    The weirdest things I’ve kept in my wallet are: old movie tickets (I guess that’s not that weird…), flattened out Dove chocolate aluminum foil, earrings, and fortunes from fortune cookies!

  • ravensrule

    3 sacagawea gold dollar coins

  • Kevin McCallister

    I was admitted to the hospital for 6 days some time ago. Early on in my admission process, I needed an MRI to confirm or deny the presence of blood on my brain. I had a right cartilage piercing and I had recently pierced my left with an industrial piercing- a bar that goes from one part of the cartilage to the other. Taking out that sonofabitch when it was just starting to heal REALLY sucked.

    I keep my bloody facial piercings stuck between two layers of medical tape in the wallet I carry with me every day. I haven’t looked at them since I had to yank them out- but it’s a damn good reminder as to why I hope to never have a meningitis scare again.

    Remember, kids: Only YOU can prevent dangerous communicable diseases!

  • Bobbi Fowler

    The weirdest thing in my wallet is kinda sweet too. I have the paper ring from a Gurkha cigar. My husband showed it to me just before he deployed the first time, so I would know what kind to send him down range. That was almost 3 yrs ago now, and he is currently deployed again, but I no longer need the ring to remember what to buy him. It has been switched over to many wallets, and I don’t know why, other than it makes me smile when I happen across it.

  • Justin

    My grandma collects the state quarters and asked me, several years ago, to find her a certain amount of those she still needed to complete the set. I made a list and folded it up and put it in my wallet. It’s been in there for about 3 years; I’m almost done!

  • Jennifer

    a braided strand of hair that I cut from my first boyfriend’s hair when I met him in Germany when we were 13 years old. 😛 Wonder what he’s doing now that we’re 27!

  • Alec Posta

    I keep a get out of jail free card from an old monopoly set, prom pictures of three couples I don’t know, and a Chinese holographic dark garados pokemon card.

  • Cristina L.

    A barely readable lotto ticket I got from a pocket of a pants I bought in an off shop

  • Kate G.

    The weirdest thing I keep in my wallet is a drawing of a snail my friend made for me using highlighters. She made it when I moved to a different city for university 5 years ago and even though we don’t talk anymore, I won’t throw it out.

  • steven L.

    All my friends tell me how weird i am for keeping duck sauce i got from wok. i used to keep a taco bell hot sauce but when i sat on the packet it imploded.

  • Demetrius Wilson

    I keep a picture of Richard Nixon in my wallet, cause you always need to have a tricky dick handy to impress the ladies.

  • Dallas

    A picture of what my wallet looked like 15 years ago.

  • Jason

    I try to always keep Xanax in my wallet.

  • Alexia

    a safety pin

  • Joe S.

    The strangest item in my wallet is a picture of an ex mother-in-law, helps me stay single now.

  • Craig


  • Diana

    I had a friend named Jimmy.
    Jimmy used to laugh at me.
    Jimmy used to talk a lot.
    I stole Jimmy’s lips and kept them in my wallet.
    Jimmy doesn’t laugh anymore.

  • Karla Anne

    a one dollar bill folded into an origami tshirt!

  • Tjeng-Bo Lie

    A couple of toothpicks

  • Re

    A picture of a dog lying on a rug I clipped from a furniture catalog.


    I have a first edition Thousand Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card. Yes, you read that right. I carry it everywhere I go. Why? I have no idea.

  • Conor

    Weirdest thing in my wallet…

    A random ATM receipt I found that showed a checking account balance of over $40,000. I ‘mistakenly’ take it out when I’m talking to a girl at a bar.

  • chris dimarzo

    My grandmas toenail clippings………. gross? absolutley…… weird? The weirdest…….. I win….. now give me something cool

  • joe dimarzo

    My dogs baby teeth

  • chris dimarzo

    A wet nap from hooters that I got on my 21st birthday

  • Jade

    the weirdest thing i carry in my wallet, is NOTHING!! but an empty wallet!

  • KGP

    In my wallet:
    Old Italian lire. Like it’s really useful, right? Ha.
    I also keep random pieces of paper with mantras scribbled on them.

  • Joyboy

    Weirdest thing is Cash. I don’t usually have that in my wallet.

  • AYC

    A picture of someone else’s baby and someone else’s dog.

  • Noriel

    car key to a 1988 jeep cherokee

  • Blackout

    I have a business card that I got from an FBI agent that I met at a race track. Whenever I’ve ever got in a situation, I flash the card quickly and hope they don’t notice that there is no way im in the FBI. Its actually saved my butt a few times in bad situations.

  • Jennifer Rutsky

    Weirdest thing in my wallet is a membership card to Chamamo, a cat cafe in Harajuku (Japan). You pay the equivalent of like $5 for 30 minutes to play with cats except they mostly hide and sleep – disappointing.

  • Carmina

    …a note SUPER-GLUED around my credit card that says “Do NOT wipe me if your broke.” and a three-leaf clover. I figured since I’m highly impatient with trying to find a four-leaf. I’ll take my chances with 3/4 of a luck. [;

  • john

    the key to my old hooch (room) in iraq… its weird that i still have that key, because your supposed to turn it in when u leave country…

  • Henry Lum

    My weirdest thing? I keep a toe nail clipper in my wallet. I don’t have your average wallet though – just wanted to add some info so you guys won’t think I’m crazy or weird.

  • lene

    I keep a coin with St. Joan of Arc in my wallet. It actually has a prayer on the back asking for courage and strength! I bought it at Carmel-by-the-sea last year and have never taken it out of my wallet since then :)

  • Lucky’s Luna

    The weirdest thing I keep in my wallet would be a picture of a wallet, it came with the wallet, its Japanese wallet and I thought it was so funny so I kept it.


  • Susan Stubbs

    Weirdest thing in my wallet is Money, Cash or Coins, it is something that very rarely is in my wallet with EFTPOS available everywhere,

  • art mudick

    A picture of what my wallet looked like 30 years ago.

  • …tom…

    My Jack Daniels ‘Tennessee Squire’ membership card.

    It impresses the ladies (not) and it has gotten me out a a ‘bad situation’ a time or two…


  • Moheet

    Those aren’t buoys!

  • Michael Richmond

    A card for a free movie from a Drive-in(yes a drive-in!) movie theater that closed 10 years ago.

  • Dan

    A drawing of Mickey Mouse done by my younger brother when he was about four…

  • Rob

    I keep a list of baby names my wife and I can’t use due to our last name. My last name is Weiner. The list begins with Richard and Pierce, and ends with Lotta and Ivana, with many more in the middle.

  • JD

    The best “in bed” fortune cookie fortune:
    “It’s better to aim at the moon than shoot into the well.”

  • YS

    I keep all the movie tickets I purchased in there.