Assuming you’re old enough to remember shopping malls, do you remember the little Asian store that every mall had? You know, the one that sold every part of the Hello Kitty / Pokemon / Anime empire. Poketo is like that except without all the kitschy shit you’ll never use. Wallets, watches, cameras, t-shirts, and wall decals from international artists with awesome ideas. There really is something for everyone.

Poketo may very well be giving away the farm on this one because they sent us 4 wallets, a t-shirt, and some wall decals to give away to four lucky readers. One Grand Prize Winner (cue the band) is getting a wallet, the t-shirt, and the decals. Three slightly less grand prize winners are each getting a wallet.


You don’t even have to come on down, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us the weirdest thing you keep in your wallet.

We’ll pick a winner 9/3. Good Luck.

Contest Closed! Congrats to:

Carl – Wallet
Anne Banks – Wallet
Bobbi Fowler – Wallet
Rob Weiner – Wallet + T Shirt + Wall Decals

Thanks for participating.


  • vinicius

    a discount coupon for “neighborhood clients” of a supermarket in Rio, 800 km from my neighborhood. it been there for years now.

  • dauzu

    I sometimes carry the small piece of test paper that you spray perfume on to smell if you like it from Sephora. To make my wallet or coin case smell good.
    Other than that…, I kept a tiny portrait of the girl I like back in high school that I cut off from the school magazine. Was it a weird thing to do so…?!

  • Nathan

    Girlfriend’s pubes. she thought I would like the cute surprise

  • Celeste

    I always keep a new bandaid in my wallet(Hello Kitty design to be exact). I’m such a klutz and injure myself quite often so it comes in real handy when needed.

  • Nick

    Pretty cool stuff. I love those designs.

  • constantinos

    Money from different countries and not from mine!!!!

  • modi123

    I have a dollar bill I’ll never spend. A good friend wrote “I love Jeremy” on it and drunkenly gave it to me…

  • Nathan

    The foreskin from when I was circumsized.

  • conor brown

    toothpicks and q-tips. YOU NEVER KNOW

  • Peter

    I keep one of those sample pieces of soap they hand out on the street here in NYC. The reason being: It’s NYC…. every other block AND every other person smells like shit…. having a nice little piece of soap to smell makes everything a little more tolerable. I prefer lemon/citrus scents.

  • Catt


  • Yurhe

    A coupon for almond milk.

  • Jonas

    I keep my great-grandmother’s locket of Saint Marry in my wallet. The funny thing is that I used to lose my wallet very often. Once I’ve put that locket into my wallet all the losing game stopped. And it’s been 10 years that I have the same wallet!

  • aaangiemon


  • http://None CharmHer

    i keep a poem i wrote for the girl of my dreams that i never got to give her. and i also keep a royal flush as good luck.

  • Cassie

    I have a folded up poster of the first concert I ever went to because I go to shows all the time, but the first show I went to was where I met my lovely boyfriend <3 we've been together since then.

  • Morgan

    A year-long pass for the Eden Project, which I live 6 hours from

  • char

    I have a “found at the beach” 9 of Diamons…my birth stone is “Diamonds” and my lucky number since I was 6 is “9”
    I found a card just like this in Spain 9 days before my husband proposed to me…am I supersticious or what!
    GREAT giveaway! THANKS.

  • Keli Kear

    Monopoly “Get out of Jail Free” card

  • Heather S

    A piece of ‘trick’ gum. Hey, you never know when it might come in handy.

  • Ellen

    I always go to bookstores and stay there for literally hours to read books. sometimes, if i find something good, i rip the page out, stick it in my wallet, and put the book back on the shelf :)

  • Sam

    I have these army photos they take right after boot camp to give to your relatives and friends, from two different people. Weird thing about them is, one is from my waiter named Walter at Denny’s, a 24/7 breakfast diner. He told my friends and I about how he just joined and we spent all night talking. In the end he gave us his number and photo, and to this day he sends me letters from Afghanistan.
    The second is of a scary military geek I knew in high school. I met a mutual friend of ours at a gas station two years after we graduated, and he excitedly told me how he “won the bet, Harry became a a soldier, not a serial killer.” And gave me the photo as proof.

  • Matt

    I have the remnants of a bus ticket from Monterrey, Mexico, from a trip a couple years back!

  • Melissa s.

    I have a backup Lactaid pill (I’m asian, of course I’m lactose intolerant. ), a pair of daily contact lenses even though my prescription has since become worse and exactly two staples because the coin pocket has ripped.

  • Peter

    A McDonald’s business card that’s also good for a free value meal.

  • Morit

    Spencer Tunick was recruiting volunteers for one of his installations, which consist of large group of nude people in urban landscapes. This one was to be on the George Washington Bridge in New York City. I was in college and my friend and I were going to go, but couldn’t deal with the 5 AM wake-up time. That was 12 years ago. I still have the little bookmark-sized recruiting ad (with a bunch of nudes on it) as a divider in my wallet.

  • Michelle A Nguyen

    I have a really big wallet. I keep a pair of dinosaur panties in them. No joke.

  • Claire

    I have a couple of cards that were given to me that say “something you have just said or did offended the woman giving you this chemically threated card…your penis will fall off in 45 seconds”. I have not had the oppertunity to use one…yet.

  • anonymous

    I am surprised no one has mentioned their florescent condom or some such nonsense. Considering some peeps prob’ly been carrying the same one for years that would be pretty weird and useless.

  • Austin

    5 euros

  • Zach

    a certificate that verifies that whoever owns the walled has a specialization in awesomeness, thank you college professors!

  • dan

    I keep a raffle ticket that says “keep this coupon.” I’ve always been too afraid to throw it away.

  • Stratos

    someone else’s gym membership card

  • Jeriel

    A library card.
    Pfft! I know right?!

  • Jeffrey James

    I could really use a place to store all these Canadian nickels.

  • John

    A credit card shaped piece of metal with a hole in it… don’t remember where I got it…. I think it’s some kind of bottle opener… or perhaps a way to pick locks… I always forget its in there until I pass through a metal detector…

  • Bernard

    A donor codicil wich you can’t read anymore because the inkt is worn off, pretty usefull hehe..

  • Michael

    I keep a length of dental floss in my wallet. I’ve been told I could get water stuck in my teeth because I tend to use it after eating just about anything.

  • Meilani Ostolaza

    i keep cab listings and cop business cards as well as a bail bondsman’s card just in case. but the weirdest things i have are a blue bead that i got in the girl scouts that signifies “1st year” and its just a memento and also i keep some id cards they sell at chuck.e cheese for 25 cents that have a picture and on the side it says “outer space explorer” or “movie star” of my friends.

  • jeff

    I found a very small dead turtle and put it in a wallet i stopped using the same day. Needless to say I disposed of the wallet when I found it in my desk two weeks later :(

  • Camila F.

    Call me crazy but I carry my first baby tooth on my wallet. Someone (I can’t remember who) said that I would bring me good luck. :)

  • Ivy

    The weirdest thing I keep in my wallet is a bill (aka dong) from Vietnam. I just love saying “wanna see my dong?”

  • Alfredo

    The weirdest thing that has ever been in my wallet was a little piece of what seemed to be a metal, carved in the shape of a shark that turned out to be made of polonium, a very radioactive metal.

  • michael

    Posted this but don’t see it now, why?

    I keep a lenght of dental floss in my walet. Almost seems as if I can get water stuck in my teeth so I always have some handy for after meals.

  • michael

    Oh NOW I see it!! Must be something wrong with my pc otherwise I never would have posted again. My bad.

  • Robert Diaz

    I need those wall decals! My WALLS ARE COMPLETELY BLANK, MAN! No art work! No paint! NOTHING! I need something with style and personality, and I think these are it. Also, I’ve actually lost my wallet, so winning this would help with some of the damage that comes with paying for a new driver’s license and the hassle of getting a new debit card. PLEASE give this to me! I deserve it!

  • Robert Diaz

    Now that I’m done begging, probably the weirdest thing I kept in my wallet was a bottle cap that I got when my friend Julia and I went out to this place called Pops. We traded flavors of soda, and I collected some of the bottle caps to remember the experience.

  • Michael

    the wierdest thing i keep in my wallet is the land o’ lakes woman with a the butter box she holds cut so that when you roll the bottom up, her knees show from behind the butter box resembling her tatas!

  • Kim

    A fridge magnet depicting the CowParade cow done all in crayons.

  • Tim Jacobsen

    Contest Closed! Congrats to:

    Carl – Wallet
    Anne Banks – Wallet
    Bobbi Fowler – Wallet
    Rob Weiner – Wallet + T Shirt + Wall Decals

    Thanks for participating.