GIVEAWAY: Phosphor E-Ink Watch

With all the hype about the iPad, the JooJoo, and the Slate, the revolutionary technology the Kindle is built on kind of got lost in the shuffle. E-Ink is great for reading books, but it’s analog technology in a digital world – mostly because porn looks really bad in black and white.

But the high-contrast, easily changeable display the E-Ink provides is perfect for things you read (not ogle) – like numbers. The Phosphor E-Ink Watch is a great practical application of a technology that should have ended right around the time Nirvana did. The watch does pure digital display, analog hours and digital minutes, calendar, and alarm but the coolest part about the watch is the ability to flip-flop from a black on white to white on black with the simple touch of a button (this time it’s the one in the upper right and not the play button).

At $195.00 this watch isn’t going to break the bank, but we know times are tough so we want to give you one for the low, low price of nothing.

THE GIVE-AWAY – Contest Closed
Congrats MJ Healy

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Check out Phosphor watches to see the full collection of digital and E Ink watches.

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  • Sisom

    One of the coolest “digital” watches I’ve seen.

  • Larsen R

    do you have the time?

  • Robert Story

    What time is it?

  • Thomas

    This would be great. Then I could at least pretend I had an ebook reader on my wrist

  • Frederick H. Pritikin


  • Jay

    Love it! Please please please…..

  • Sammie


  • Daniel Miller-Medzon

    I would love a new watch, mine broke a month ago. Please and thank you :)

  • Bogdan

    This one looks very cool.

  • Geoff

    cool watch

  • boseph

    ym comminty

  • jay

    nice watch!!

  • Kyle

    Thanks to the recession I’m unable to afford anything nice for my son for his upcoming birthday. This would totally blow his mind and save what little dignity I have left. Please help!

  • Jason

    Sweet watch

  • Peter w

    Please. Let me win

  • Marcia

    I really want this watch not only because it looks so cool but it will help me sound super smart by allowing me to use the word “ergonomic” often and correctly

  • Thomas

    Nice watch! Very stylish, yet a clean, simplistic look.

  • Larry

    Me too!

  • Fraser

    That is one heck of a sweet watch!

  • Gan

    That watch would look wicked when paired with my boat shoes :-)

  • kelvin

    Real nice,would like to win!

  • Arnold Kelly

    Please verify me. I’m already on the list and would LOVE to have a watch like this!

  • Josh

    Cool watch been interested since the tech started getting used in watches

  • mj

    I was going to leave a comment but have instead decided to vote for Kyle, 5/1 comment if his comment is valid and not a scam.

  • Nan L

    I’m already on the list and I Love this watch! Hope to win- thanks!

  • Calan T.

    OH! Amazing watch! Modern, yet streamline. Love it.

  • ssan

    cool watch. i’m in!

  • Joel

    The watch is the cat’s pajamas. I want one.

  • Hana

    Nice watch! Can I have one please?

  • Adam

    Send directly to me. I am the winner!

  • Joseph Skidmore

    Now that is a very nice watch and I do need a new one so…

  • SagaB

    That is a cool watch!

  • Peter N.

    Ooh, shiny! 😀

  • justin

    hey ma, watch this!

  • Ryan Gustafsen

    cool watch, hope i win 😀

  • Matthew Thomas

    Please! I need this to boost my status from cool to awesome!

  • Sam Abbott

    On the list. Love the site and am always on the lookout for a cool watch

  • Chris Chowdhury

    nope. i’m gonna win

  • Irfan

    neeeeeed it :)
    please :)

  • Josh

    That’s a sweet looking watch.

  • Rick Downer

    One of these days I’m gonna win one of these, I just know it. I sure hope it’s this watch that I win :-)

  • Jay

    Hey…Hook me up w/ that watch!!!

  • Victor

    It is slick and black, just the way I like it. I have my fingers crossed.

  • David


  • Huw

    I need to be on time and looking stylish, plz help with that. Thank you

  • Rob

    Sweet! I collect watches but don’t have a job now. What a perfect solution.

  • marko

    do want!

  • Xboxbydegrees

    cool watch. I already subscribe

  • aversa4

    I already subscribe but would love to win that watch!

  • Vicki Wurgler

    I am a subscriber