GIVEAWAY: Two Pairs of Phiaton PS 210 BTC Wireless Earphones [CLOSED]

All your awesome tracks can get ruined in a jiffy when a babies screaming on the bus or there’s a jackhammer going on your block. A pair of quality noise-cancelling earphones are a luxury not every music fan has invested in. If you’re in the market for a solid pair, check out some of the features on these Phiaton wireless numbers. First off, they block out up to 95% of ambient background noise to improve your listening experience. They feature Bluetooth 3.0 technology, Everyplay-x which allows you to continue listening to music even after your battery has died and a half in-ear fit for better comfort. With the in-line controls, you can flip through tracks without having to walk over to your iPhone or other device like a sucker. Best of all, right now you got crack at winning yourself a pair.

GIVEAWAY Closed – Congrats George A. and Jorge

To get entered to win your pair of Phiaton PS 210BTC Wireless Earphones (valued at $159/each), simply:

1. Click below to like Cool Material on Facebook (you may have already done this)

2. Leave a comment on this page below.

We’ll pick two winners at random on 9/24/12. Good luck!

Check out Phiaton for other great headphones.


  • Daniel Jenkins

    In my will I would leave these to my grandchildren with a letter stating that I won them from CoolMaterial and forever they must past them down. Until eventually they take them in to a pawn shop. Years from now they will take them in ask how much they are worth and the price will be mind boggling. My family will be rich for years all thanks to being selected to win this.

  • Daniel Jenkins

    I would enjoy these.

  • Irene

    these are super fly and i would treat them so gooooodd :)

  • louwie

    pick me please :)

  • Zach

    These are pretty sick. always been looking for some wireless headphones

  • Tom Hughes

    Yes, I want these

  • mwerner

    These things are incredible, I need a pair

  • Gabe Alexander

    please please please I NEED

  • mlodyulek

    Send one this way

  • Eric Chung

    Pretty sweet!

  • SandiDandi

    Help what’s been my triage life get back to the music!

  • kenner

    Give them to me. Twice!

  • Brad Ward

    fantastic! i was looking for a good replacement for my skullcandy- this may be the perfect opportunity 😀

  • Conor Morris

    i want some of those headphones

  • Osama Rahman


  • linefeed

    Sweet-looking buds. And BT3.0 should work great!

  • Joseph

    Yes please

  • David

    Nice, I want them!

  • michael

    These are awesome!!!

  • Steven Nice

    These look flippin sweet

  • Geoffroy Guilbault

    Want it!

  • Jamie Lipiner

    these look awesome!

  • Abe


  • Joe

    I can haz headphonez?

  • Daniel Flores

    what a great product for the gym

  • JHP

    I need an upgrade in ear buds.

  • Benjamin Billon

    Unluckily I’m not on Facebook. I never heard of Phiaton before today, I’ll sleep smarter tonight!

  • Karl Petersson

    when relaxing after a nice meal and the kids are high on a sugar rush and starting to throw my laptop over the room as a frisbee this is what I need to shut out the world and get some much needed chill-out time.

  • Mark


  • Jay

    These are perfect!

  • Alex Lyssy

    Awesome cant wait to see how well these work

  • Castiel

    must have em!

  • Jerry Zhao

    I’d love a pair

  • RVJ

    Yes please.

  • Martin

    oooooh pick me!!!

  • Sean Neppl

    ooh these would be cool to own

  • Jack

    Would be an excellent upgrade from Apple junkers…

  • Benjamin Schöne

    May I have please? ;P

  • Rafael A. Medina

    I want one of these.

  • WJH

    need these

  • EdSki

    OH WOW, these look very cool!!

  • Allison Lange


  • Powerup93


  • Joshua Gener

    Too dope!

  • J

    lets get em!!

  • Chris Redd


  • Robert Hendriksen

    The stuff on these web pages are wickedly cool.

  • Julian

    lives up to your website name

  • Nick Haskin

    I would love a pair of these!

  • Ryan

    Looking awesome