GIVEAWAY: Nooka Strip Belts

The belt is as necessary as it is antiquated. You can’t very well not hold your pants up, so you’re stuck with a bit of a conundrum. Either you go with the standard prong and hole closure and deal with a fit that’s only concerned with how big you are in inches, or you go with an o-ring/d-ring closure that will fit you like a glove but isn’t all that secure a fit. Either way, you end up with something in a boring color that doesn’t fit you anywhere near as well as it should. Turns out there’s another option – the Nooka Strip. Made of a highly durable and flexible material called Elastollan, the Nooka Strip ratchets closed for a perfect, comfortable fit.


Contest Closed! Congrats to:

Due to the nature of the material it’s made out of, the Nooka Strip is available in a variety of colors. We have 10 Nooka Strips ($75 each) available in a variety of colors. You can win one of them quite easily by leaving a comment below. Or you can head over to Facebook, “Like” Cool Material and leave a comment there. Or you can do both to double your chances of winning.

Important:  Include your size with your comment. If you win we’ll want to send one that fits.  Options – A (30.5-36.5″)  or  B (35.5-40.5″)

We’ll choose a winner on Friday 4/15 . Good Luck!


  • Justin

    I dig the Nooka! Size A baby

  • Gabriel

    I love nooka!!! I’m size A

  • Todd Stern

    Option A Black or grey. Thanks!!!


    wow! cool! i love nooka belts too! i wan it! hehehe…


    ooops! i wan optionB if i won! hahahah… please please please?

  • Daily Slif

    Sweet! Would love to have more color in my life 😀 Size A pls!

  • Dana H

    I did it all for the Nooka, so you can take this Hooka and shove it up your _ _ _? Size B thanks.

  • Jonathan Guerrero

    Those are all amazing. Especially the orange blue and red. Option A

  • Ashish

    Cool as always …. option A ..

  • Carl Lusty-Wallis

    Always looking for a good belt. (A)

  • Eli Bishop

    Sweet! I’ll take a B!!!!

  • Will


  • Wes

    Nooka, nooka, nooka…size B please

  • Jdogg

    Totally awesome stuff guys! Love the color options :-) Option A please…

  • Jeff

    Awesome, Totally Awesome! Option B Please!

  • Roy

    This is maybe the best belt I’ve seen in…. ever. Option B, please.

  • Arseface01

    blach blah blah. Option A

  • Mark

    I want one. Option B. Please!

  • Jeff

    Let’s go for white!

  • Daniel

    I’m sick of all these dress belts I have. Need on that kicks ass 24/7. (hint: Nooka Strip Belt)
    B is the size too.

  • tballast

    Sweet Belts. A

  • Roman

    Belt me with size A, please :)

  • Dash

    Dig the seatbelt aesthetic! (Option A – black, please!)

  • Chris

    Need a stylish belt
    size A please

  • Austin Teer

    Nooka is awesome

  • Jose

    I want one so bad. I love Nooka! I own a watch and a wallet by them. Help me complete the look, make my dreams come true with any size A. Im not picky for color, any will do.

  • Cody

    I refuse to conform so..No Comment :). Option A?!?

  • tom

    These are so cool…feel free to send one in Option A (hopefully the sizing is accurate!!!

  • Nate

    Sweet. Option A

  • Kris

    So, I feel like these Belts (option a especially :P) are super interesting! I also want to know how you end up picking a winner? anyways, I just found your site, but I love all of the nifty paraphernalia I can find on here!

  • Hadrien

    I need one !
    Size A please

  • Denny

    I could really use an option A to wear as a belt/ use to strangle alligators.

  • G T

    Please give this teacher an “A”! thanks for this opportunity.

  • Lorenzo

    I love it !!!!!! Size B please

  • giorgio

    i’m telling you to send me a size B, that’s the fact.

  • sara

    sweeeet, the design on this belt is supa stylin’. (Option A!)

  • Jesper

    Belt please.

  • Eric Seberg

    belt, belt, belt, black in B

  • Ashley K

    How awesome!

  • Ashley K

    I also liked Cool Material on facebook!

  • James R

    real cool… b black for me… :)

  • Tom Federico


    hehe, cool belt just in time for summer!

  • Zach Sobiech

    SWEET that is awesome! A please

  • Josh Gourdie

    I have never seen a belt like this, very neat!

  • Wayne Nichol

    Really cool alternative to the old school belt.Also I’m an in-between size and don’t want to lose my pants.Size A would be awesome.

  • john j. rodz

    i would loved to be spanked by this belt size B

  • Brad L

    Nooka as a company is on top of the game, and these belts have been so “thick” an accessory its hard to live without ’em!

  • Ricky Soltis

    Love the belts! Perfect for a fresh look in spring…option A please!

  • Frankesaurus

    Just the niftiest (Option A)

  • Nitya

    If i win this then i would give this as a birthday gift to my husband.