GIVEAWAY: Nooka Strip Belts

The belt is as necessary as it is antiquated. You can’t very well not hold your pants up, so you’re stuck with a bit of a conundrum. Either you go with the standard prong and hole closure and deal with a fit that’s only concerned with how big you are in inches, or you go with an o-ring/d-ring closure that will fit you like a glove but isn’t all that secure a fit. Either way, you end up with something in a boring color that doesn’t fit you anywhere near as well as it should. Turns out there’s another option – the Nooka Strip. Made of a highly durable and flexible material called Elastollan, the Nooka Strip ratchets closed for a perfect, comfortable fit.


Contest Closed! Congrats to:

Due to the nature of the material it’s made out of, the Nooka Strip is available in a variety of colors. We have 10 Nooka Strips ($75 each) available in a variety of colors. You can win one of them quite easily by leaving a comment below. Or you can head over to Facebook, “Like” Cool Material and leave a comment there. Or you can do both to double your chances of winning.

Important:  Include your size with your comment. If you win we’ll want to send one that fits.  Options – A (30.5-36.5″)  or  B (35.5-40.5″)

We’ll choose a winner on Friday 4/15 . Good Luck!


  • Nitya

    Sorry.. my forgot to mention. My husband size will be A

  • Miranda Rose Nielsen

    THESE ARE INCREDIBLE! I’ve never had a belt I liked but these look AMAZING. It’s adorable and totally fashion forward. Great job! :) (A)

  • Hemant

    Would be nice to win such a nice belt.
    Size –A

  • Perla Caldera

    Oh! I’m digging the name…I’m a mathlete, so I greatly enjoyed the infinity!! C:

    The belts look really awesome, too! I mean, we seriously all have had problems with belts in the past, right? I hope this is truly a step up from the average!! C:

  • Willy

    i want nooka belt size A orange.

  • ang susanto

    nooka strip is very cool. size A red.

  • Gonzo Raymond

    Big Gonz needs an option B …which is also known as Man’s Size, (in Black please). I mean, when you think about it, would you rather have your product advertised on a little sign, or on a BILLBOARD?!?

    …Oh, and thanks!

  • Roberta

    Sooooooooooo cool! Size A please!

  • Bobby

    Very nice. Size A

  • Martyn

    Nice – Size A please!!

  • Paul Smy

    The belt looks really cool and I could do with one that actually fits… Size A – Red or Orange.Cheers

  • Jessica

    Sweet!!!! Size b please!!!!!

  • Prinal

    Wanna one.. Plz pick me ..
    SizeA Red / Orange Color

  • brian

    very cool! A, please

  • Fabian

    those belts are amazing they will go great with my O’clock watch, a black or a gray will be perfect. Size A please.

  • emilyn

    thank you universe for helping me win this cool belt.

  • emilyn

    thank you universe for helping me win this cool belt.

    size A thank you.

  • Emily

    Love! size a

  • rajesh

    Wow.. i got lucky this time.. Congrats to other winners too.

  • Amelia

    Size A! These look really cool :)

  • Tony

    :-( I want one!!!!

  • Daniel

    Size A fool! ha this ish is so dope!

  • MatRom

    I love nooka & Cool Material