GIVEAWAY: Mission Workshop Vandal Backpack

The bag you carry says almost as much about you as what you put in it, so you had better choose carefully. Mission Workshop is one of the best places to start. You already know about the Shed Messenger Bag and the Rambler Cargo Backpack and now you’re going to learn about the Vandal Backpack. We’d explain the weatherproofing, the durability, and the enormous size of the pockets on this bag, but videos are so much more fun.

Now that you know it’s capable of carrying all of your important necessities (anyone know the conversion rate of potatoes to additional beer?) you’re probably chomping at the bit to get one. Since the word giveaway is in the title (and as it has become customary here at Cool Material) you probably think you can win one. And you’d be right. Mission Workshop hooked us up with one of their 4,000 cu. in. / 15 Gallon $239 Vandal Backpacks in black. Here’s how you win:

THE GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed
Congrats to Joel Boone – winner of our Mission Vandal backpack giveaway!

Joel put together a pretty fantastic graphic showing what he’d store in the Mission Vandal. Well played Joel, well played.

Leave a comment on our Facebook page telling us everything you think you could fit into the Vandal Backpack. You have roughly the amount of space a bag of groceries, 12er of Tecate, and bag of potatoes takes up. Use it wisely. The most creative answer wins.

We’ll pick a winner 9/17. Good Luck.


  • RebelLumberjack

    Do you want the comments on the CM wall or on a certain post about this giveaway?

  • Tim Jacobsen

    Either will work Rebel. Good luck

  • shawn hemingson

    well if i had one I’d put in it:

    a case of beer,
    a pound or two of potatoes,
    6 steaks,
    one dozen ear of corn,
    an onion,
    some garlic,
    a bag of cheese,
    rolls and butter,
    then id jump on my bike Cruz over to my friends place and have a cookout!

  • E

    Im starting to believe that all your giveaways are a hoax…

  • arrrt

    me want this thank you

  • meeyeehere

    I left a message on Facebook,you should have seen me,such wit,such grace.I would leave another one here but then you would get confused and send me two awesome Vandal backpacks and then I would feel like I made the baby Jesus cry so I can not tell you what I would carry since I left that comment on Facebook.I CAN tell you that I left out that I would carry a boomerang.
    Oh well, hope that doesn’t keep me from getting to be on the Gilligans Island 75th reunion or whatever this contest is for

  • Ferdinand A.

    I’m a government employee and I’m also a weekend repairman. I go to relatives or friends place to help do some house renovation or maintenance works. I carry my tools and stuff on a backpack as I usually travel around the community on my motorbike. I’m currently using a backpack almost the size of the Vandal Backpack (15” x 21” x 6”) so I have an idea what this bag can “normally” carry. But considering that the “transformer” Vandal Backpack has a cargo compartment expandable up to 15” x 21” x 12” and external pockets then I guess I can load more.

    Main cargo compartment (from bottom to top):

    • Electric drill
    • Electric grinder
    • Medium sized pipe wrench
    • A box of assorted screw drivers and pliers
    • A bow of assorted chisels
    • Cable/wire stripper
    • Plane
    • Claw hammer
    • Cross cut saw and hack saw (to be placed upright on one of the sides)
    • Spirit level (to be placed upright on the other side)
    • 2 c-clamps
    • A few feet of extension wires
    • A raincoat (big enough to protect me and the backpack against the rain)
    • Enough space for two or three 6-packs of beers but my friends usually takes care of these at the end of the days work.

    • Assorted grinding and cutting wheels
    • Assorted boring bits
    • Tape measure
    • Goggles
    • Gloves

    You might say that the total weight of the cargo will strain my back. Well I’m quite sure that the straps of the Vandal Backpack can be adjusted to make the bottom of the bag rest on the seat of my bike. This is what I do with my current backpack. Also, considering that the Vandal Backpack is weatherproof, I only need to bring a jacket just for myself without worrying about wetting my electrical tools when it rains.

  • Mike

    Man, I just want it. I’ll figure out what to do with it later …

  • Jung An

    I want it!!!!!!

  • Scott

    This bag is sooooo hot. I love it! I so need something like this in my life!

  • BSUB


  • Vaughan Pederson

    So, who won the backpack?

  • Brandon LaLonde

    Yeah, really; this is integrity at stake here. Who won?

  • Tim Jacobsen

    Contest closed and post updated. Congrats to Joel Boone.