GIVEAWAY: Marine Layer Striped Tee

T-shirts are the go-to piece of clothing for any guy because we don’t have the time to get ripped like Butler in 300 so we can walk around shirtless. When it comes to T-shirts, you have a lot of options: skulls, portraits of badasses, and cool imagery but most are generally not work appropriate.

Marine Layer shirts are the happy medium because you could almost get away with wearing them to work. Each shirt is made of a custom blend of Pima Cotton and Micro Modal with no tag (no itch!) and a small amount of lycra in the collar so it keeps its shape (even if you don’t). They might not be flashy, shiny, or bedazzled but they will continue to fit right and look good long after those fads have died off.

Even at $35 a piece they’re a great quality, reasonably priced shirt. But this week, one (OF three) might be yours for the low, low price of $0 if you follow some simple rules:

The Giveaway
Contest Closed – Congrats Riley, Daniel and Andrew

Leave a comment below to be entered to win. Be sure to mention your t-shirt size and use a real email address so we can contact you if you win.

Check out Marine Layer to see their full selection of polos and t-shirts.


  • Rich

    xl for me. thanks

  • Kevin


  • John

    Oh man, wicked cool shirt. I’d probably fit into a medium alright!

  • Bruce

    excel, uh ex-L. XL

  • Jack DeJonge

    Can I supersize that?? Just kidding Large.

  • Alex

    Smedium, thanks

  • Dave

    An extra large would be fine.

  • Thomas S

    Large would be appreciated.

  • mark muckerheide

    best looking t shirt yet large

  • Chas

    I’m a size Marge. Who would have ever thought that they would have named a shirt size after the 27 year old that took my virginity in a campground bathroom bench near Kankakee, IL, but then again she was from Missouri (The Show Me State).

  • Kurtis Park

    I will promote this shirt well! So make it an extra large please!

  • Juan Carlos

    Immaa gettin ma “s” shirt!

  • neil

    I could use a new t-shirt, medium please. I have no nice t-shirts anymore. when my wife recently left me, she took most of my good clothes (for her boyfriend), my cat threw up a hairball on another, my dog chewed up one, my kid got sick on another. My favorite old t-shirt is burned beyond recognition (long story, but the turkey fryer fire didn’t do too much damage to the patio roof). My last decent t-shirt was used as a blanket for the baby I helped deliver on the subway a couple of weeks ago. Did I tell you I received my pink slip last Friday?

  • Geoff

    large for me

  • Phil

    I really like the shape of the neck, it would fit me nicely :)

    Medium please and thank you!

  • Raymond

    Small please!

  • Jocelyn

    I would love to rock this tshirt! Small is my size, and I’d look damn good wearing it.

  • Joseph Ramos

    t-shirts look great on me.
    Medium Please.

  • Chad M.

    That tshirt looks awesome, especially in an XL.

  • Andrew

    I am LARGE and in charge…loving cool material!

  • Vicki Wurgler

    nice t-shirt, I’d like an Xlarge

  • Jim Ford

    XXL for me. I’d love to win, but if I don’t please don’t give it to a loser with a retarded story as their entry. Thank you.

  • adam

    i’m a t-shirt guy. no question about it.

  • Abe

    Medium Size please.

  • Marc

    These Shirts are Sweeeet!!! Hook me up with XL Pluuuezzz!!

  • Avery

    Large would be awwweesomeee

  • sam

    small, fo sho. love this blog, btw.

  • Tjeng-Bo Lie

    I’d like a Small if I win…

  • Isaac Adler

    Medium would be great… you can never have too many tees

  • Stephanie Grant

    My hubby needs a size Large

  • Hao

    Would love to have a medium.

  • Greg

    Hey, local Bay Area guy would love to try one of your shirts. Live in the perfect demographical area in your own backyard – how is that for shameless self-promoting?!?!?! Yeah baby!

  • Aaron

    L – worked out now i don’t fit into all of my other shirts so i would love to have this one!

  • Matt

    Medium please

  • Jim DelGrosso


    …and I wear medium (he says with a naive gleam in his eye)

  • Mike

    reppin in the bean-pot east coast steez! hit me up with a med.

  • Nick Baum

    Large please!!

  • Osborn

    I would need a Small, and the t-shirt looks great!

  • David

    one adult Large please. thanks!

  • Pete

    Large for me please.

  • Lance Gonzalez

    Medium please.

  • Jonathan

    This looks cool

  • Amit

    Thanks for the one in Blue in M

  • Liam O’Brien

    A medium would be much appreciated my good sir.

  • Tjeng-Bo Lie

    Yay! Small, please…

  • Ken Hawkins

    Make it happen Cap’n… in a Large please.

  • Victor

    Red is my color. XL IT IS!!!