GIVEAWAY: Range Rover Wire Wheel Art

GIVEAWAY: Range Rover Wire Wheel Art


Look up from your computer, iPad or phone for a second. What’s decorating your walls? A cool print from a dude on Etsy? Did you go a little more “functional” and frame a vinyl? Maybe the lady friend picked up something from Crate and Barrel or Room and Board? While those are probably all awesome in their own right, none of them is really all that unique. When you’re decorating your space (we’re thinking office, man cave, personal quiet time spot), you need to think about things like: are you the only one with it, will it make all your friends jealous and is it a reason to bring people home? London based artist Benedict Radcliffe and Land Rover are here to help. Working in collaboration with the iconic automotive brand, Radcliffe designed an exclusive, steel, one-off wireframe representation of the Range Rover Evoque. We could stare at it for hours – but you can hang a piece of this drool-worthy Range Rover on your wall.

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Congrats to Patrick Gallagher

Thanks to the good folks at Brooklyn Brothers, we’re giving away one of the wheels from Radcliffe’s wireframe Evoque. Constructed of steel and painted a bright neon-pink, this is one piece of art that will look perfect wherever you display it. Fill out this short survey (be honest!) and you will be entered to win one of the unique, original, damn-near-priceless wheels from the wireframe Evoque.

We’ll choose a winner 3/18 and the wheel will be shipped to you directly from the exhibition in Geneva. Keep reading for more info about the Geneva exhibition and the world renowned artist Benedict Radcliffe.


Learn more about the Range Rover Evoque and Bendict Radcliffe’s installation at

On the surface, 31 year old Benedict Radcliffe is a guy just like any other. He shares a common love of engineering and machines, an appreciation of branding and logos and that dangerous DIY spirit. While most of us might be content to fix something to its original state, Radcliffe is constantly re-imagining in new contexts, materials and colors. This led him to a degree from the Mackintosh School of Art in Glasgow and eventually to collaborations with Puma, Red Bull and the collaboration you’re looking at now – Land Rover. This piece – created specifically to coincide with the Geneva Motor Show – was designed to display the interior and exterior features of the Range Rover Evoque in a way that allowed people to interact with it. Ultimately, this led to the creation of steel 3D wireframe wheels and seats suspended within a 3D wireframe box, creating a life size steel wireframe representation of the car.

See more image and video at

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think of this wire frame wheel?

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