GIVEAWAY: Kisai Denshoku Watch

There are a lot of things you’re forced to do simply to please someone else. Off the top of our head: weddings, funerals, terrific lady day, hospital trips, and family vacations. Each one of those potentially miserable experiences has something in common – you will be counting the minutes until it’s over. So wear a watch because phones are disrespectful. The Kisai Denshoku Watch is the perfect watch for the man who values form over function. The fact of the matter is, this watch looks awesome but it’s just as much Tetris as it is time keeping device. If you need to know precisely how many seconds you have left to freedom, this isn’t you watch. If you just want a sweet black aluminum watch with animated orange LED blocks (that fall just like Tetris blocks) – then this is the watch for you. If you’ve got an email address, this $202 watch can be yours for free.

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Cool Material and Tokyoflash are giving away one Kisai Denshoku watch to a lucky reader. To enter, simply sign-up for the Cool Material newsletter below. We’ll choose a winner on Friday 10/15.

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  • Marie C

    This watch is too cool. It will look great with my green hair.

  • Jim L

    Nice watch – I hope I win!

  • Kamil

    great giveaway :)) hope I get it

  • tonyreilly1

    I love it, it’s mine

  • Joshua

    That’s a nice watch!

  • Scott

    These different ways to read time watches are so hot!

  • Jeffrey James

    This watch is pretty freakin’ sweet.

  • Santiago

    I really NEED it!!!

  • Enrique

    Let me have the watch!!!!!! pls pls pls….. pretty pls! :)

  • Kyle

    Would love to get that watch

  • John H Tu

    the perfect geek watch. I want one.

  • Zack

    This would round out my futuristic cyber ninja costume perfectly!

  • Bojan

    I’m on the list, yay

  • Christopher

    my statement would be effortlessly made in this bad boy

  • Rob

    I can wear it on my face and pretend I’m on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  • Schmidty

    Nice watch! I’m one of your current email subscribers and …I’m in!

  • Zach C

    Awesome! Would love to win this. I am already a subscriber. :)

  • Gan

    Watch looks sick! Reading the time would be a mindfuck everytime!

  • …tom…

    Count me in. Box it up and ship it to me please..!!


  • ReS

    Woah, nice.

  • Jon

    Very cool! I’m looking forward to rocking it!

  • Cris Richman

    I’m subscribed.Great watch. Would be nice,I only have a 10 dollar watch and it looks stupid.

  • Elliott Kipper

    I’m already on the list, and that watch is fresh to death.

  • tony

    i want it

  • John

    love that watch!

  • JustinE

    Yes please.

  • Santiago

    i need this. please!

  • Dom W

    I’m not going to lie, this watch is insanely cool… I need it.

  • jonathan rainone

    O-Mazing watch!

  • TJ laFever

    Insert clever comment here_________.

  • Jim Pickard

    That watch is better looking than my girlfriend’s tits – hard to do, hard to do!

  • Stephen Young

    This watch is too beautiful not to own. I’ve gotta have one. Give it to me, I’ll love it forever!

  • Powered by Ehonda

    yesssireee… i’m on this one!

  • Marc

    I have always wanted a Tokyoflash watch!

  • Bruce

    Okay, this is from the right planet.

  • sharon

    I so hope these things don’t break. Want one for my ankle.

  • Thomas

    Love it!

  • MattRomig

    Oh man, I want this so bad. I’ve been looking for a new watch!!!

  • Andrew


  • Andrew

    i really want it, it looks awesome

  • SouthPawBrown

    I’m a watch fiend!

  • JayDiggs

    Already subscribed and I need a watch.

  • Fraser

    Been subscribed for a long time, love the site! Who knows, maybe it will love me back sometime!

  • Erik

    That is so cool I think I peed a little.

  • Jay

    Hook me up w/ that watch! Im always running late!

  • Victor

    I can use it with my costume. More lights, the better.

  • John

    That’s a very cool watch! I would really like to have one.

  • Rad

    Form over function indeed! but cool nonetheless.

  • Collin

    A wrist space heater. Yes.

  • Xenia

    It s amazing a friend of mine have it and i want it too please!!!!