GIVEAWAY: Karvt Wood Apple Skins

Men have been covering things in wood for as long as we can remember. Cars, walls, gadgets, it doesn’t matter. As men we have an almost inexplicable love of wood and it’s not going to end any time soon. We don’t have a problem with that and neither do the people at Karvt. Karvt makes 100% real wood skins for every Apple device under the sun. Peel the backing off of the professional grade 3M adhesive and stick it onto your fruit of choice. Since they start at only $15, you can still afford one – even though you blew most of your stash on that shiny new “toy.” But why pay $15 or more for something that we want to give you for free?

GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed!

Congrats to:
PaulieD – iPhone 4
Daniel – iPhone 4
Tony – iPhone 4
Austin Teer – iPhone 3G
JQ – iPhone 3G
Monica – iPad
Peter Ciambrone – iPad
Joshua – Macbook 17
Brett – Macbook 13
Kyle – Macbook 13
Dr.Phil – Macbook 13
Evan – Macbook 15

We have Karvt skins for the iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPad, and different sized Macbooks. If you want to win, leave a comment below telling us why you should win. Make sure to tell us what device you want to cover in wood. If you have a Macbook – mention the size.

We’ll choose winners 11/19. Good Luck.

Make sure to stop by Karvt and check out their full line of skins.


  • Matthew Thomas

    or i could cover my iphone 4, That’s naked too.. I t is like a naked Mac orgy around my house

  • Gan

    Obviously I need to cover my 13.3″macbook with wood to cover up my insecurities when sitting next to the new aluminum body MBP jerks.

  • gepo

    we should all get one, just for the simple reason that wood and metal go so well together.
    And my iphone4 looks kind of out of place at the wood shop beside the other tools.

  • Bojan

    Win, win, win. Mac

  • robert

    These are very cool. I would use this on my iPhone 4 to further make everyone hate me.

  • JQ

    I would love to wake up with my IPHONE 3 with similar issues every morning.

  • Tom Federico

    huh huh………wood

    huh huh…….13 inch…wood (macbook)

    I umm like wood, huh huh, wood on my iPhone 4, huh huh

    Cause Im like…..mature and stuff…..wood

  • kevine norris

    I’m on a quest to be 100% gangster. While I am succesful, my iPhone 3 has not been so lucky. What could be more G than a wood grain phone? That’s right…nothing.

  • Chae

    So that I can be pimpin since pimpin’s been pimpin and match the wood grain wheel on my caddy

  • Rich Gonzalez

    Flat out these are the sickest cases an I’m the sickest kid.

  • Tjeng-Bo Lie

    Like other people have mentioned, I should win the iPhone 4 skin because all my 100s of iPhone 3G skins/cases won’t work on my iPhone 4 any longer…

  • Slntpsych1

    I have an iPhone 4, and I should win because i haven’t bought a bumper yet and i have to deal with the deathgrip.

  • Justin

    I should win because I am a ginger.

  • Justin

    Iphone 4.

  • Tim Jacobsen

    Please be sure to mention in your comment what Apple device you own. We’ll be using this info when selecting winners. Thanks

  • Eric Benjamin

    I’ve been drooling over these for some time now! I absolutely love the darker wood tones, and wish I could try one on before I had to buy one for my iPhone 4.

  • Jeph

    I should win (the iPhone 4 or the MacBook cases) because I work with a ginger and I haven’t attempted to kill him or tell him he has no soul.

  • Leonard Janssen

    iPhone 4 user! Gotta love some wooden style among so much technology, it gives a super nice and elegant touch to these marvelous devices… Winner of life to showcase it to the world 😉

  • Jeff

    How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?

    More if his iphone 4 was covered in wood.

  • Mayur Kamat


    I would like this because when wife is mood, i can say “i got wood”

  • Mark

    I live in Nebraska, and we’ve got nothing like that here. How good would you feel knowing that you helped culturize a simple boy from Nebraska?! Not to mention the macbook covers are pretty sweet

  • alan

    i think i should win because it’s green, hip, and hopefully get me laid.

  • samtimtom

    Hi-I should win. I mean really. I should. You cannot argue with that. I guess you could say that I shouldn’t win but what kind of argument is that? And, who likes to argue, right? So, in conclusion, I should win. Also, my wife just got an iPad an it was refurbished and she forgot to have it engraved so she feels kinda dumb about it and this would make her feel so much better and that is what husbands are for.

  • Al Simawang

    The wood Karvt skins would have to make it on my top ten list of things that make awesome things look more awesome. I should win because I could finally live my dream life of wearing only flannel and growing a thick bushy beard as I caress my wood covered 13 inch aluminum macbook and or iphone 4. Thank you and stay classy supreme and great people of Cool Material.

  • Dr.phil

    Do you know why I should win. Because I’m Doctor Phucking Phil.

    I also have a 13 inch macbook pro.

  • Matt

    I’m hoping to convert my 13in MacBook Pro into a cutting board for my iPad vegetable chopper ( a la Stephen Colbert’s salsa fresca). Or if I’m ever lost and cold and need some kindling I can always use my iPhone 4 cover to save my life!

  • sharon

    macbook 13

  • bruce

    Feel like I’d buy the box if I won the skin. Touch 2g, macbook 13, and then I’d play arvo paart.

  • Smokey99

    My iPhone 4 is naked without these… it’s cold and really needs this wood :o)

  • Rob

    Dude… Because.

  • Jen T.

    I want to win a new cover for my iphone 4 because my current incase one is cracked and the part that got cracked pokes my leg in my pocket. I’d much rather have nice solid wood in my pocket.

  • Eric Ulas

    Having a wooden shell would make my iphone Don Draper-like classy.

  • jtso23

    My current iphone 4 incase is cracked. The part that got cracked pokes my leg when in my pocket. I’d much rather have solid wood in my pants.

  • Jonathan

    I should win because if I don’t – I’ll go punch some trees.

  • amara

    Because wood is the new black :) iphone4

  • Kevin

    I want to make my MacBook Pro 15″ look awesome!

  • Me

    I would love to win cause i just got my iphone 4 and Karvt skins will work great for it

  • John Hordyk

    I deserve this because

    1. Chuck Norris wears John Hordyk pj’s
    2. I can turn pee into water again
    3. My last name sounds like Whore Dyke, and I rock it
    4. I bow only to the great George Thorogood, and only he
    deserves a skin as cool as this, more than I do.
    5. Because of the last point, I am a very modest man and
    the walnut chocolate skin on my 3GS will complement my modest style

  • Joe

    These are sweet. I’d love to cover my iPhone 4 with one!

  • Austin Teer

    If I win a cover for my Iphone 3gs, I’ll tell a ton of people about, and KARVT.

  • Playswith Squirrels

    I like to use my 13″ Macbook in the wilderness.

    I often get surrounded and subsequently ambushed by small woodland creatures.

    If I won a wood skin for my Macbook, this would no longer happen.

  • Jeff

    I deserve the Natural Cedar cover for my iPhone 4 because it would match the wood grain on my sweet 1980’s Pontiac Bonneville Woody Wagon.

  • BSUB

    DIBS! need one for my new iphone 4

  • Kenneth

    Need the Iphone 4 cover because i need a cover for my phone and this is one of the best looking ones i have ever seen!

  • Zina

    I would absolutely love a 13 inch Macbook Pro!! I want to look stylish!!! Everyone makes fun of my naked macbook : (

  • Jamie

    I’m broke in college and need a sexy cover for my 13 inch macbook pro. I spent all my money buying the laptop…need the accessories…!!!!!!

  • Matt


    My ex girlfriend threw my old case into the river. :( (hence “ex”)
    Thanks for understanding,


  • Matt

    My ex girlfriend threw my old case into the river. (hence “ex”)
    Thanks for understanding,

    iPhone 4

  • Daniel

    I should win because it would keep peoples eyes on the wood on my phone and off the wood in my pants… I need it for iphone 4

  • nate a

    wow those are snazzy. i dont think i deserve them anymore than any of these other people, but i figured i would get in there for a chance. i would like the iphone4 cover. thanks for the chance guys. cool stuff.