GIVEAWAY: Ingersoll Bison N 34 from TouchOfModern (Closed)

Any time you sign up for a daily email, you usually regret it about a month later. They become self-approved spam. There are a few exceptions however, ones where, upon seeing the name in your inbox, you actually get eager with anticipation. For us, the most exciting of those comes from TouchOfModern. The site sends out daily deals on awesome design products from around the world. Not just excess inventory junk from retailers, but actual stuff we want. The prices are always killer (sometimes up to 70% off) and they’ve got an eye for smart, stylish design and products we want to spend our hard-earned (debatable) money on.

GIVEAWAY Closed – Congrats Matt D.

TouchOfModern was cool enough to give us this sweet Ingersoll Bison N 34 watch ($580 retail/$380 on TouchOfModern) to give away! The black piece of wrist candy is sleek and loaded with metrics along with an eye-catching red protruding button. It’s just what you’d expect from the folks over at TouchOfModern.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Join TouchOfModern here.

2. Like their Facebook page here.

A winner will be chosen on 8/23/12.



  • Matt

    Awesome! Thanks!

  • Kendric

    Done and Done – i’m trying to win … finally

  • Don van der Zaan

    hopefully i’m lucky! what a cool watch :)

    fingers crossed!

  • Trademarc

    If I had to win only one time, it would be for this watch. Already considering to buy it.

  • Jill Almacha

    I love the design. I’d wear this. Definitely wanna have one.

  • Dexter

    Put me in coach! Thanks!

  • Arno

    I want it !!!!!!!!!

  • Dean Quick

    Count me in!

  • Blake Alexander Hammerton

    Done and done. I’m already a member, and ALMOST bought an Ingersoll a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I’ll win this and won’t have to!

  • Xyl0n

    Love the look of it!!!

  • Chad Greenfield

    Hook me up!

  • Kevin Mulligan

    done love the watch

  • Peter W. Horton Jr

    I want the watch!

  • Patrick Kansa

    Done and done.

  • keegan

    Sweet baby Jesus i want this watch.

  • yopichoi

    Done :)
    Hope the contest is international!

  • Andrew Liu


  • Scott Rooke


  • Jose Escobar


  • Ripp

    Check and Check

  • Ryan

    Who wouldn’t want this awesome watch?

  • HelloNurse

    Done. A beautiful watch.

  • G. A

    Here’s to luck!

  • Amanda O

    Great giveaway! I followed the above steps to enter!

  • Alexandre Borges

    USA only?

  • oldkid

    I did everything to enter but I cannot find the entry for this watch, anyone?

  • Ron Morrow

    Joined/liked and actually really like :)

    That watch is bad arse, as I am sure you/they already know lol. A lot of other cool items on the TouchOfModern site!


  • pyromed1

    I don’t think I even deserve such a nice timepiece. But it’s your decision. Thanks.

  • hunter


  • tweetyscute


  • TopherLaValla

    This would look great in my watch valet

  • XanthViper


  • Kevbot


  • Eric Vassy

    nice nice stuff

  • Rob J

    That watch is awesome!

  • Matthew C.

    Liked and joined. Very cool piece.

  • Decor

    Didn’t knew TouchOfModern. Handy site! Great watch btw 😉

  • Mel

    I’d rather just buy one. All those hoops I’d have to jump through.. just for a CHANCE to win? Pfft.

  • Heather Gilmore


  • PatricioBustos

    I want one!

  • Brendan Shanley

    Done. Looks like a great site!

  • Chris

    As a “watch snob” this is a watch I’d be proud to own

  • TJ

    Get it on! No choice but to get it on!

  • ChuckWro

    Looks cool, joined and liked :)

  • Eldar Alicehajic

    nice watch 😉

  • Gary Hor

    Done! I’m crossing my fingers on this one! Sleek and sophisticated, that’s how I would describe this beautiful piece of wrist art.

  • Dennis

    What if I already joined ToMo before this giveaway?

  • Chas Sinklier

    Nice watch – think they’ve moved on to sunglasses though – – – their site is great – lots of Modern Design ~:0) VivaChas!

  • Randy_Torres

    Signed up for ToMo a while ago Liked on Face Book, hope that’s enough!