GIVEAWAY: Hlaska Caliper Briefcase

Bags fall somewhere between shoes and jeans in the minds of most men. You probably own far more than you could ever hope to wear – definitely more than you could ever need – but that doesn’t stop you from constantly adding to the collection. Even though we tell our kids (or will someday) that we don’t play favorites, we do. There’s always one bag, one pair of shoes, one pair of jeans that’s the go-to in a pinch. Our newest favorite bag is the Hlaska Caliper Briefcase because it’s Teflon coated acrylic with a nylon liner and Italian leather details. Capable of storing a 15″ laptop (in an internal sleeve pocket) and countless important briefs, it means business… casually.

THE GIVEAWAY:Contest Closed – Congrats to Steeeeeve

We have one large Hlaska Caliper Briefcase that we would like to put in the hands of a special individual. Leave a comment below about the types of things you’re going to store in it (notes, laptops, briefs, etc.) and the most creative comment wins the $225 briefcase for free thanks to Hlaska and Cool Material. We’ll choose a winner June 3. Good Luck!

Check out Hlaska now to see their sweet collection of briefcases, wallets, clothing and other accessories for Men. You’ll be glad you did.


  • http://N/A Zach

    Dude laptop, papers and shit. Will a 30 rack fit in it? Either way I want it

  • CybaDelic

    The laptop, and of course, the legal briefs (literally).

  • James Browning

    If you’ve seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas then you will know that once you get locked into a serious collection, and you’ve pushed it pretty much as far as you can, you need something nice to store it all in. That’s what i’d put in there anyway.

  • Stephan

    The new swag I’ll have once I get this thing.

  • Roger Castillo

    Let’s be honest here, I don’t have anything important to put into such a kickass briefcase. But, I could use it to carry around my bills and any other important documents that I usually leave at home and end up paying late. So in actuality this briefcase can make me a more organized person and while doing this making me more wealthy because I won’t pay so many late charge.
    Come on guys!!! Change my life and make me rich!!!

  • Red

    I would put my work laptop in there, 2 notebooks, 4 folders, 4 pens, my charger and an ethernet cable, some sunflower seeds, and a book.

  • Red

    i would all the hopes and dreams of a downtrodden people in that briefcase. Then i would take it with on my adventures around the world. And each day, person by person, i would make those dreams a reality. You see, to you it may just be a very cool, hip little briefcase, but to me, it’s a world changing container of possibilities.

    That is all.

  • jay

    This looks perfect for my macbook pro, and my other EDC items like knife, flashilght, bandana, etc….

  • Ben Checketts

    David Bowie’s collection of crystal balls from the movie Labyrinth in order to seduce a young Jennifer Connelly and some big league chew.

  • Bryan

    I want this. It would be great for holding the machete that I won a while back.

  • Bill

    A copy of the Anarchist’s Cookbook, because the best way to bring down a system is from the inside.

  • Rajah Stills

    This is SO stylish and cool!

  • Zane Richter

    This would suite an budding architect like myself!! whipping out drawings from this case sure will instil some uber confidence in the client and should surely let me rein free of all design limitations they once thought they would imply, resulting in architecture that will hopefully match the sleek classiness this case implies!!

    I would carry a noteslate, Lamy fountain pen, faber castell pencil, note book, Opinel no.10 and a 4Sevens flashlight!

    This is a veryyyy coool briefcase!!

  • David Winters

    I don’t normally carry a briefcase, but when I do its a Hlaska Caliper and I fill it with hundred dollar bills and hot pockets.

  • jason

    i would carry my girlfriend’s purse, but now secretively and with style. :(

  • Katsu

    I’d travel back in time with it

  • RQ

    I’m not going to put anything inside so that I’ll have all the space in it to bag the overflowing looks of envy and compliments of style.

  • Steve

    a knife, a zippo lighter, and my chapstick. back up sweater and book will also be included :)

  • Joshua

    My 15 inch laptop needs a home.

  • Ryan

    Graduating from college on Thursday so will be in need of a good briefcase as I enter the job market. Would carry all the usual stuff for work (hopefully) + my EDC.

  • Stewart

    Porn. Lots and lots of porn.

  • Chacca

    I totally thought you guys had meant boxer briefs and got confused.

    1. Club sandwich
    2. Two garbage bags
    3. A ball of string
    4. Duct Tape
    5. Bottle of water
    6. Tarp
    7. Extra socks and tie
    8. Knife

    Everything you need to survive a night anywhere and everywhere – be it stuck in an elevator or a night in the woods.

  • john

    iPad, textbooks, leuchtturm

  • MIKE

    I’m in physician assistant school and I would be carrying a laptop, assorted school stuff, stethoscope, ophthalmoscope, otoscope, reflex hammer, tuning fork, and other medical instruments. I really want this briefcase to make me the most stylish and professional PA student in the hospital.

  • rems

    Could need something like this for my classworks!

  • Geoff Vreeken

    A series of smaller and smaller nesting briefcases. In the tiniest, I shall keep a solitary Tic Tac.

  • DanV

    The Codes – of which I cannot elaborate and you cannot know. Just know that the codes will be carried in that briefcase. And possibly a bottle of whiskey for afterwards.

  • Bill

    My iPad and a midget,of course

  • Michael

    Cause It would make me look awesome!

  • Steven

    I would probably keep a refrigerator in this briefcase. Perhaps a microwave as well.

    Or maybe I’ll just keep papers for work.

  • James


  • Ernesto

    My mastercrafts need a worthy vehicle.

  • Tommy Butler

    The real question is: what wouldn’t I carry?

  • mrak

    I run an event here in Denver called the Spelling Bee(r) and I have an old beat up briefcase that I use to put my pro audio equipment so I would use this bag to store my 4 channel mixer and cables to my speakers instead of my old beat up briefcase.

  • ernesto

    1. My Portfolio with job applications(I need a job so if I can get that instead that would be awesome).
    2. A picture of the one that got away to remind how high the bar is set for all the other women I come across.
    3. Cuban Cigars. You cant celebrate getting the job because of your new hlaska briefcase any other way.

  • Conor

    I’d make it glow from the inside, and just have people always wonder…

  • R S

    Cool shit.

  • Pompom

    Oh, I’d just use it for the usual stuff; phlapers, phlens, fhllashlight, ihlPad, bhlusiness chlards, jhlunk mhlail, bhlooks, ehltc. I’d finally be able to add “hl” to everything though so people would assume I’m in the know, not as clueless as everyone else.

  • Matt P

    My IPAD encased in a Dodo case will surely fit, along with a picture of my wife and lastly of course, a container of awesomeness.

  • Kristopher Feavel

    This would be my new work briefcase housing my laptop and all other necessities!

  • Trent

    2 rolls of duct tape and 3 paper clips.

  • Hamilton

    Ah, that is quite a conundrum. The is clearly a briefcase of high quality and distinction, however it is far, far, far more casual than a traditional attache case. I believe this would become my emergency beach briefcase. In it I would store a white three piece seersucker suit similar to the one worn by Ricardo Montalban on Fantasy Island, a highball glass, a flask of gin, a flask of tonic, five instant cold packs, and a yellowed and dogeared copy of “Day of the Jackal”. That should be enough to get me through the first several hours of a beach emergency.

  • Joe Agrusa

    Tampons..Since it would look like I have a vagina, carrying around this man purse.

  • Oscar M.

    My macbook, pens, pencils, iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, lanyard, headphones, cell phone, candy, drawing pencils, sketchbook, money, keys, stone carving tools, stone, tape, glue… just to name a few.

  • Mack Lunn

    The souls of my mortal enemies

  • John

    First time on CM. My daughter would love this case.

  • Brian

    I’ve been looking for a place to stash my spare dingo pelts…

  • Daniel

    As a design student I would put all my weaponry in this briefcase for school:
    • Moleskine notebook and sketchbook
    • tracing paper
    • MacBook Pro
    • mouse
    • iPod + earbuds
    • X-acto knife(s)
    • portable harddrive
    • pencils and pens
    • ruler
    • and an apple for the teacher

  • PVT Guy

    I’ll rock all my Army gear in it to work. Camelbak, wet weather gear, GORETEX, and paper/pen (required part of uniform!).

  • Jacob

    I need it for my laptopn, moleskins, headphones, business folders, and fountain pen.