GIVEAWAY: Hard Graft Phone Fold Wallet

If you’re not a guy that carries a murse on a regular basis, your “every day carry” (EDC from now on) – the wallet, keys, iPhone 3 and 4 (because you haven’t ported everything yet), knife, and lighter – has your pants ready to explode in more ways than one. If only there was a product that held everything you needed in your EDC so you would stop forgetting things at the bar.

The Hard Graft Phone Fold Wallet is the answer to all of your prayers. With a bi-fold design composed of wool felt and vegetable tanned leather (we hear that’s the good kind) it solves all the problems you knew you had (too much stuff) and some you didn’t (ruining your jeans).

Even though it’s currently sold-out, Cool Material and Hard Graft have teamed up to put this $75 wallet in your pocket – for free. As long as you play by these rules:

GIVEAWAY. Contest Closed – Congrats to Kyle

Cool Material and Hard Graft are giving away one Phone Fold Wallet to a lucky reader. To enter, simply sign-up for the Cool Material newsletter below. We’ll choose a winner on Friday 7/2.

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Check out Hard Graft to see the full collection of fine lifestyle accessories.


  • modernzebra


  • Pat

    Very nice wallet, I bet it’d look even better in my pocket!

  • Sweetpete

    I can go for one of those…

  • DJ

    Looks nice. Wonder if you can use it in your back pocket with a phone.

    Already on the subscription mailing list.

  • Josh

    I would love to win this Hard Graft wallet, already on the list.

  • Bruce

    Oh, you’re reaching here.

  • bill

    Sick wallet need a new one bad.

  • David L

    This is a great excuse for my to get the new iPhone 4. With it I’ll be able to buy the phone and not worry about dropping it and cracking the glass panels on both sides of the phone! Also, it holds money without bulking up my pants!

  • bennyzeee

    Yes, that is a Hard Graft Phone Fold Wallet in my pocket.

    And yes, I am also happy to see you.

  • ryan

    winner winner, chicken dinner!

  • Jack


  • skonski

    good stuff

  • Johannes Utvåg

    Epic wallet!

  • wbb229


  • taylor c

    WHY WORRY WHEN YOU CAN PANIC!!!!>>>><<<>>>><<???????

  • Rob

    Nice! Beats the hell out of my current wallet.

  • Matt

    Costanza could have used this wallet.

  • derrick

    my wallet broke on me today.

  • Newman

    On the list already, but want that wallet!

  • blacksheepmafia

    This is sweet!!

  • Eduardo

    oh its really nie, want it!!!

  • milkandknives

    A very nice wallet. It’s one of the sleeker iphone carrying cases I’ve seen.

  • Natan M

    ¡it’s so pretty! and if I win, my lack of luck on winning at cool material will end :p

  • Baba Yates

    yes i won.. now i just have to buy an iphone

  • Fraser

    I’m on the list already! 😀

  • D


  • Rafael

    Very cool, when it will be in stock at the website?

  • Scott

    already on the list!

  • Andrew

    I’m on the list already cause this site rocks

  • http://CoolStuff Adrian

    it would be cool to have.

  • Elliott Kipper

    Totally already on that list. Wallet me.

  • Pete

    Where should I send my shipping info?

  • Eric

    These guys make great looking stuff. I’m on the list already, and new wallet would be swell!


  • Kyle

    I need this to make my coworkers jealous.

  • Lance

    Sharp. Low-key enough to carry around and nice piece to carry everything you dont want to loose.

  • modi123

    very sharp!

  • dangerdanjd

    Fan C

  • Eric Benjamin

    HardGraft makes the most amazing products! unfortunately they’re too popular for their own good and everything I really want is sold out!!

  • Bao

    Yeah yeah

  • AT

    This would be very nice to have.

  • Andrew F

    Simply beautiful. Sign me up.

  • rowen

    iphone wallet? Not a bad idea!

  • axpi

    really cool wallet!!!

  • terry

    i like this very much

  • kenton

    looks cool, I could use it

  • Tjeng-Bo Lie

    I thought I’ve entered this before, but I don’t see my comment here.

  • Rick

    I like that sucker a lot, thank you!

  • Wing

    The best wallet ever see!!

  • Rich

    nice wallet

  • Ed

    Could definitely use one of these!