GIVEAWAY: Güs Vertical Wallet

If you haven’t been keeping up with current news, it’s about time for you to send that Fossil wallet your mom bought you in high school back to where you got it – 1980. You’re a man of respectable taste, a fan of cool material, and a connoisseur. Why, as this man, are you carrying around so much baggage?

Consider the Güs Vertical Wallet your mandatory manhood check. Lose the preferred cards, the receipts, and the player’s card for the Bellagio. The grocery store is just selling your information. You can’t return a half consumed bottle of Mad Dog 40/40, and you spend all your time in Vegas at Spearmint Rhino anyways. It’s time to lose some of that extra weight your ass has been carrying around. With 6 card slots and 2 interior pockets this wallet has room for all the stuff you need and none for the stuff you don’t.

Keep the $155 where it belongs – in your pocket – because we’re giving away one Güs Vertical Wallet in black to someone willing to exercise their mouse hand.

THE GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed – Congrats Adam!

Simply leave a comment below to be entered to win. Earn extra points by leaving a comment on our Facebook page as well. We’ll choose one lucky winner on Friday 6/4.  Good luck.

Check out the gus website to see their full selection of unique & modern accessories for Men.


  • jugdish

    hit me with the wallet

  • mike

    no wonder they’re giving this wallet away, there are wormholes in the front…I’ll take it anyway…

  • Andrew

    Nice wallet.

  • Scott

    $155……Damn, I would like to win that sexy wallet and get $155 to fill it up!

  • Brian

    Could I please get that wallet??? I’d really appreciate it…

  • Drewbu

    That wallet costs more than I could put inside of it. Fingers crossed!

  • Gilbert Loyon

    make it mine!!

  • Amy

    I don’t see what’s the hype about this wallet. Send it over so i can check it out!

  • Jerad

    My wallet just left the room out of jealousy.

  • Israel Rodriguez

    I Love Lamp……………and wallets to

  • Joseph

    sleek design. is this costanza approved?

  • Jack C.
  • Garret

    I had a brother named Gus – he stole my wallet…that was a sad day. Ever since then (1984) I have no place to put my money. I am sad.

  • Lloyd Hasty

    I don’t normally carry a wallet, but this one rocks, I would use it every day.

  • shiza

    I got my wallet stolen this past weekend at Seattle’s Folklife fest this past weekend. It was a pretty good event — more my gf’s taste than mine — but getting a new wallet would help offset the +/- that, at present, is in the Fest’s favor.

  • Daniel

    Slim, streamlined and the anti-filing cabinet. Would love to snag that wallet.

  • Jon

    If I win, I’d need 2 wallets so I can be in perfect balance when I sit. It’s like feng shui for my butt.

  • Spewf

    I just turned 21. A new wallet would be awesome since mine has puke all over it.

  • Elchin

    My wallet has 3 holes and no money.

  • herogeek

    I could use a new wallet 😀

  • derrick

    i need that! i was going to make a duct tape wallet. :(

  • austin

    i have a fossil wallet that i got in college. i am now graduated and unemployed. it would be nice if i could have a nice wallet to keep empty in my pocket

  • Charlie

    Just found the site; love the wallet. sure beats the heck out of the falling apart one my wife got me when we got married; way too many years ago!

  • GTB

    I went in to get my X-Ray…somebody takes my wallet. Is that the operation here?

  • rob murray

    I’ve used the same wallet since 1999. Hook a brotha up!

  • micah

    Ha, that’s so funny – b/c I’m totally still rocking a fossil wallet that my grandparents bought me 10+ years ago…

  • Christopher Gomez

    Nice wallet, hope i win lol

  • Kyle

    This will make my pockets look better!

  • Sven

    Sexy wallet

  • Gustavo

    Well, next time i am robed and want to do it with style!

  • Paul Arterburn

    Need protection for my cash money!

  • Zach

    Great looking and mad dog free, sign me up!

  • Gunnar Carlson

    I love the vertical wallet style in general & this one looks great!

  • Kamil

    count me as well.

  • ASBird


  • Tjeng-Bo Lie

    I need another wallet!

  • bobsnewcar

    wow! sharp! really need!

  • Ken

    Wallets are for suckers!

  • Mike

    thats some sexy leather, id put some cash in that for sure.

  • JP

    I need a new wallet. My current wallet…is a binder paperclip…ghetto a$$ moneyclip.



  • pdiddy

    interesting look

  • Cesar Camacho

    one please!

  • Andy

    If I win the wallet I will tell all my friends where they can get one just like it. It is almost like free advertising (except it cost you guys one wallet to get it). Such a deal!

  • Austin

    I would like that.

  • ssan

    Count me in!

  • Pete

    I need this!

  • Maurice Avery

    I really really need one of these.

  • Nelson

    awesome wallet

  • David Crouch

    no mames, I am going to look so cool with that wallet against my ass