GIVEAWAY: Grooming Lounge Light Horn Shaving Set

In light of the fact that Movember and Mustache March are both long since forgotten, it’s time to clean up that nasty follicular buildup on your face you used to be able to get away with calling a mustache – which means shaving.

The problem with shaving is that it’s boring, tedious, and doesn’t involve any cool gear. Cans of shaving cream and disposable razors just don’t cut it when compared to this setup from Grooming Lounge.

This three piece U.K. made (so you know it’s good) shaving set includes a wood handled razor (uses Mach 3 blades so you’ll never throw it out), a “super” badger brush (apparently normal badger wasn’t good enough), and a polished chrome stand (so you can get your bathroom bling on).

Normally, this set would run you a cool $290, but we can see into the future so we’re going to give it to you for what will be left on your face when you’re done using it – nothing. That’s right – free. All you have to do is follow a few steps as simple as shaving:

Contest Closed – Congrats EK

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Check out Grooming Lounge for a great selection of fine men’s grooming products.

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  • Josh Dreyer

    Nice. Now I won’t have to go to work scruffy and nicked!

  • mafia socks

    ooh! loves! would totally love to give this to my man for a pressie!

  • Rich

    This wood be nice to replace my old brush with.

  • Robert

    I love shaving with a brush, and I’d like to graduate from the cheap plastic bristle one I use now. Hope I win this one!

  • Marla

    Already on the list. Would like to win this for my boyfriend. He shaves his head and face. This would be great!

  • Dennis

    I like these a lot :)

  • VrySnky

    Been thinking about getting one for a little bit now; it would effin rock to win one instead of buying…free stuff is always better!

  • Joseph

    If there was ever a set worthy of deforesting a bear-faced man (as much of a shame as that would be), this set would be it.

  • bm


  • Elliott Kipper

    Oh damn, I’ve been wanting one of these. I’m already on the list.

  • Grant

    Nice. I need a decent shaving set.

  • Sheehan

    Looks great

  • Sergio R

    I’m on the list. Good gift for my face.

  • Pedro

    This looks awesome.

  • Dave C.

    It’s important to look good, and to look good looking good. This would be the set to do the job.

  • Mike Sheeran

    That’s a pretty sharp looking shave set.

  • monroe

    its my birthday! i need to look swagger tonight!

  • Adam

    My wife keeps telling me to shave. This would help.

  • Schmidty

    Count me in please. Subscribed.

  • Dan

    I have a cheap $20 version of this set I put together myself, being a college student unable to afford the $290…winning one would be awesome though

  • Tim Jacobsen

    Contest Closed! Congrats to ek.white35@…. Email is on it’s way.

  • Ethan

    hooray i won!