GIVEAWAY: FrozenBalls Ice Sphere Maker (Closed)

Drop a couple of ice cubes into a warm drink and they’ll quickly water down your beverage into a glass of tasteless liquid. We like our drinks tasty but cold. To achieve that, we turn to something as awesome as the FrozenBalls ice sphere maker. Using thermal mass, the aluminum ice sculptor will serve up a large solid sphere of ice in less than a minute. You can get all experimental too and make some with coffee and other liquids for different looks and tastes to to add to your drink. Basically, you serve up a few cocktails at your next party complete with these ice spheres and your guests will be insanely jealous. So, want to make them jealous without laying down the cash? Here’s how you can win a FrozenBalls Ice Sphere Maker ($550):


GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed!  Congrats to Chip K.

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We’ll pick a winner on 9/4/12. If you’re already on the list, leave a comment below and we’ll verify that you’re on it. Sorry, this giveaway is open to North America residents only.

Don’t forget to check out FrozenBalls shop to get your own kick-ass ice sphere maker!


  • Sean Nakamoto

    I believe I am on the list, this would be so bad ass to have!

  • Zach Stachowiak


  • Raj

    This is balls to the walls aweosme

  • Lucas

    I love scotch, scotchy scotch scotch, all day long, down into my belly.

  • Stang4

    Do want!

  • Lukio

    Yo quiero ganar

  • Jason

    You can never go wrong with frozen balls

  • Giampaolo Guglielmo Sapienza

    Would love this, I need a cold drink beit a cola, Iced tea or a good Vodka, Tequila, or the Captain…

  • JOHNNy


  • JDS

    oh yea

  • rynryn

    My mother in law is already worried i’m obsessed with balls…this baby on the counter might push her over the edge.

  • Ryan Abuan

    Is it too late? Hopefully not. This merits being part of my old fashioned.

  • MWP


  • Andrew

    Pick me!

  • Jennifer Mannikko

    my husband soooooo wants this.

  • Steve523

    Cool Balls!

  • cpcherry

    Perfect item to make friends jealous

  • Jack Miller

    this would be so awesome for my dorm! PICK ME!!!

  • cdub2t02

    I seriously need to win the upcoming snowball fights with the bullies across the street. This would be a definitive advantage.

  • Chris Hern

    I need to make my frends jealous with frozen balls.

  • Scott

    I need this NOW.

  • Eddie

    Woohoo I won drinks for everyone, I’ll make the ice. That would be my reaction if I won.

  • rockanon

    this is a remarkable invention.

  • Mark

    Ice balls!

  • Ian

    Frozen balls are the perfect cure for Schweddy Balls!

  • Katie

    I love balls!

  • greatscot

    Oooh very, forgive the pun, cool!

  • Kimmi B

    Better late then never.

  • Jimmy Smith

    I want this.

  • Cody

    I need balls!!!!!

  • AMS

    I’m a first year law student who just got diagnosed with a wheat allergy. No more beer for me. Just schotchy scotch scotch for this man. Winning this bad boy would be the balls. Also I will submit a topless photo of my redhead cheerleader girlfriend for the weekend roundup. Deal?

  • liam

    yes please

  • Z1batmang

    $500 for an icemaker? What a country

  • pheroo

    One of the many reasons why I stay with Cool Material and not any other websites.

  • Sean

    This would absolutely assist the aromatics release appropriately from my 16 yr Lagavulin as I drink away my fears of the impending birth of twins (after already having two boys). :/

  • Cade Walker


  • John Luttrell

    This thing is sweet

  • blade

    sooooo cooool

  • Guest

    i tried to add my email but it keeps saying enter valid email… I still wanna enter so heres my comment!!!! i’ll gladly sub to your email list when ever it lets me, i LOVE this website

  • Brian Wells

    i LOVE this website, so much awesome stuff here, and i Love scotch, scotchy scotchy scotch down in my belly (anchorman)

  • Jeff

    Dude that is awesome…I will have a lot of my bar business people see this when I win!

  • zigg

    thats awesome

  • Pedro Pablo Aguilar

    Hi. Someone poured warm water in my scotch, so I can’t drink, but I also can’t add regular ice. So I’ll just be sitting here waiting, warm watery scotch in-hand.

  • elvampiro

    i had my first drink with a sphere ball a year ago and have been searching for a ice ball maker since. please pick me!

  • brian

    I need this thing to keep my hotdogs cold!

  • Josh

    Anything that will give my lady a reason to drink scotch.

  • DjRags

    Awesome stuff. Getting married next year but would be a great start to the bar.

  • Brandon Cardarelli

    i want one…….

  • Erick Wakkuri

    Me love you long time

  • Leon

    Cool device, wouldn’t mind getting one 😉