GIVEAWAY: FrozenBalls Ice Sphere Maker (Closed)

Drop a couple of ice cubes into a warm drink and they’ll quickly water down your beverage into a glass of tasteless liquid. We like our drinks tasty but cold. To achieve that, we turn to something as awesome as the FrozenBalls ice sphere maker. Using thermal mass, the aluminum ice sculptor will serve up a large solid sphere of ice in less than a minute. You can get all experimental too and make some with coffee and other liquids for different looks and tastes to to add to your drink. Basically, you serve up a few cocktails at your next party complete with these ice spheres and your guests will be insanely jealous. So, want to make them jealous without laying down the cash? Here’s how you can win a FrozenBalls Ice Sphere Maker ($550):


GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed!  Congrats to Chip K.

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We’ll pick a winner on 9/4/12. If you’re already on the list, leave a comment below and we’ll verify that you’re on it. Sorry, this giveaway is open to North America residents only.

Don’t forget to check out FrozenBalls shop to get your own kick-ass ice sphere maker!


  • Jim

    Super CooL!

  • WinnerWinnerChickenDinner

    I gotta get one of these!

  • Johnny Dove

    holy frozen balls batman!

  • LowBLow

    Looks sweet!!

  • Peter

    I am tired of chiseling these by hand…

  • sded

    Scotch, on the balls

  • Cody

    Having ice in your drink? Cool. Having ice in your drink in Afghanistan? Cooler. Having a way to make kick ass ice spheres and scare the locals with my sorcery? Priceless. But only if I win, otherwise it’s bloody expensive

  • bbIII

    I want this nooooowwwwwww, super cool

  • Jost

    That thing is just awesome!

  • brian


  • btrain

    i’ll have a scotch, on the (ice) balls

  • ssonofthemongoose

    That would make a savage core for a snowball, winter is comming!

  • Nate Leroy

    Fuck blue balls, hooray frozen balls!

  • Woodtwigg

    I hope I get picked!

  • Impaler

    I guess I can finally tell the ladies… My balls will melt in your mouth!

  • Jo Kyo Alicia Gauna

    I want frozen balls now.

  • Andre

    I’ve got an old family recipe for frozen balls!

  • Les


  • luke james

    pick me please

  • luke james

    i need watery balls. pick me

  • Jtatro

    I want to have the biggest frozen balls of them all!!

  • Chris McCullough

    Awesome. I want it!

  • Jonathan Pirro

    Would love to get this and use it for drinks at Burning Man next year. This would be glorious. :)

  • mwerner

    Love me some scotch!!

  • T. DeJournett

    too cool

  • Joseph Fredrickson

    I am a whiskey fanatic. I currently make ice balls with sweat, elbow grease and an ice pick. This would make me a very happy whiskey snob!

  • Nick Kennedy

    I’ve been wanting one of these for YEARS!

  • Kenny L.

    Uh, so this is my comment. However, whenever I try to sign up for the newsletter it tries to tell me my email address(es) aren’t real. failmaterial. Please still enter me!

  • Matthew Longworth

    I would love this!! Please pick me, I am sick of watery scotch!!

  • VivaChas

    Cold Balls in my Cocktail is just what we need in the Texas Hill Country where HOT takes on a whole new meaning! – Oh Joy! – Gotta Have it!!! ~:0) VivaChas!

  • KevinRu

    I would certainly put it to use at my new college (UCSB)!

  • chris hunt

    That thing is cool.Parents would love it.

  • Destum

    Am I the only one thinking beer pong with ice balls would be awesome?

  • Dj Bonkers

    look’s so cool! I Want one!!! :)

  • 2point0

    I wanna dip my balls in it!
    Wait, that can’t be right…

  • The Juan

    Blue balls. please.
    I need them blue.

  • stevizl


  • patrick

    i’m getting married in 17 days, and this would be the best wedding present. ever. please pick me.

  • Mark MM

    margarita on the ball

  • Andrew

    I want it!

  • Chris


  • jonathan

    I’m getting married tomorrow.
    That shouldn’t persuade you one way or the other!
    I just have really enjoyed everything this site has to offer.

  • Eric D

    I need it! My life will not be complete without

  • Ogretown

    I vant von!

  • cooldude

    Some frozen balls that I’d definitely like to have!

  • eoin


  • rolltidehank

    Scotch. Scotch. Scotch. I love scotch.

  • terner

    completely unnecessary, but very cool

  • Kevin


  • Butt_Love

    Big Frozen Balls!!!!