GIVEAWAY: Ferrari by Logic3 Cavallino T350 Headphones [Closed]

Don’t forget to enter. The giveaway ends Monday.

For performance, luxury, and style, you can’t do much better than Ferrari. This doesn’t just go for your ride, but your headphones as well. These T350 noise-cancelling headphones ($399) are inspired by the car’s careful craftsmanship, beautiful leather, and honed surfaces. The luxury headphones are decked out in the finest quality leather with a lightweight metal housing to exude a feeling of strength and elegance that you won’t find elsewhere. If you want to get your hands (ears) on a pair, here’s how you could win a pair:

Giveaway Closed – Congrats @LESMICK

Step 1. Follow Cool Material on Twitter:

Step 2. Follow Ferrari by Logic3 on Twitter:

Step 3. Leave a comment below that includes your Twitter user name

We’ll pick one winner at random on 7/1/13. Good luck! Sorry, this one’s only for Twitter users.


  • Trust

    Toby First

  • Jon Black

    @creationnever They look so fresh

  • @sparco98

    @sparco98 wants some of that noise cancelled action

  • @philoponeria

    @philoponeria would love some awesome headphones.

  • Karl Wieser

    @karlw these are really cool, would be a sweet pair to win

  • seareigns

    Yes, please. @wheatandbirch

  • J. Jones

    @childofthemoon is longing for new new headphones

  • Galen Giese

    @GieseGalen I would totally love a pair of those headphones! :)

  • TH4

    @TomHowell4 yeew

  • JJontry

    @jonathanjontry LOve the

  • @Hum_Chee


  • ryanems132

    @ryanems132 Sweet headphones. A nice addition to my studio!

  • @CldBlooded


  • Spencer

    @wsrussell7 I need new headphones

  • paavo jussila

    @paavotweet love these nice headphones

  • Skippy

    @skippysqueaz Those are beauties

  • Hayden Ankor

    These are as fine as a 458! I’d like! @haydenankor

  • Ravi Teja N

    @raviadams ftw!

  • Hemant Sibal


  • D


  • Bubba

    @bubba89 Those things are sexy lookin’

  • Bryan Lu

    @streetsurfer789 i sure do hope i win! 😀

  • Scott Lindsey

    @scottlindsey would rock those things!

  • Bryan Lu


  • Jonny Wavves

    @wavvyvibes – I would wear the sh*t out of these crazy bastards. So fresh.

  • Jeremy Dixon

    My twitter name is @HTMTheGame followed all instructions above. Good luck to all. Would LOVE to win these!

  • Brandon Baxter

    great design and wonderful craftsmanship! @brandon_bxtr

  • MIke Malone

    @MikeMalone76 would too like to win the headphones

  • Rene Savalle

    @rsisu likes.

  • @AyooLawal


  • Max

    @msh1229 needs some awesome headphones for traveling around Europe!

  • Johannes Krogh


  • Chris Ferguson

    @CFerguson77 needs these to match his new Ferrari….Hot Wheels car!

  • Andrew Naples

    @arnaples those looks sick

  • khood

    kmh@pedsdoclex. Hope I win

  • Kevin D


  • mark douglas

    @_mark_douglas_ would love these headphones!

  • petebell

    @petebell how’s the mileage on these headphones?

  • Paul Ladd

    @paulwladd I just hope they get to play awesome music wherever they call home…

  • Thai Tran

    @tranthai2711 those things look amazing !! I want one :))

  • Parth patel

    @zedefpure aweso

  • Zak

    @Zakkistan these are a beaut, hope I win

  • Vaughn

    Well it’s worth a shot these contests are so hard to win @jklolpop

  • nhumphre

    @nhumphreys3 let those ponies rideee

  • bryan


  • Gfjfgjvjggjvvjhtf


  • Luke Watson

    @awokenlust want.

  • Evan

    I would definitely be using these if @ThaFallOfReach wins. Pick me please?

  • Mr. Daydreamer

    @chixnbling nice headsets

  • Moorlach