GIVEAWAY: Ferrari by Logic3 Cavallino T350 Headphones [Closed]

Don’t forget to enter. The giveaway ends Monday.

For performance, luxury, and style, you can’t do much better than Ferrari. This doesn’t just go for your ride, but your headphones as well. These T350 noise-cancelling headphones ($399) are inspired by the car’s careful craftsmanship, beautiful leather, and honed surfaces. The luxury headphones are decked out in the finest quality leather with a lightweight metal housing to exude a feeling of strength and elegance that you won’t find elsewhere. If you want to get your hands (ears) on a pair, here’s how you could win a pair:

Giveaway Closed – Congrats @LESMICK

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Step 3. Leave a comment below that includes your Twitter user name

We’ll pick one winner at random on 7/1/13. Good luck! Sorry, this one’s only for Twitter users.


  • Rich T

    I AM LOVING THESE CANS!!! @TheLandfill

  • Paul Morejon

    beautiful design! looking forward to hearing how they sound :)

  • Jeff Hood

    @jeff_so_hood lookin sharp. need these.

  • Jesse

    I’m not going to win but lets dilute the chances of everyone else!

  • Adam


  • Jack Kerrigan

    @jackkerrigan PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE may I have them?!

  • Stuart Schoenfeld

    My B-day is July 3rd. Would make a great present!

  • ohnototo

    nice cans


  • Carl Von Sexron

    @carlvonsexron ITS GONNA BE MAY

  • Ethan Nodwell

    PLEASE PICK ME @nodders94

  • josh blumberg

    @Bblurg LOOKS FRESH

  • Pat Boscarino


  • Angela Wong

    These headphones are going to pick up my walking pace by 500hp :)

    cheers, @noteworthystyle

  • Michael Sampson


  • David Doherty

    @David_Doherty_ fEARrari

  • MBGrammer

    Excellent! @Domer94

  • Harrison

    Would love to win! @harrisonfrisk

  • AZStevieGee

    Performance, luxury, style, what’s not to love! @AZStevieGee

  • Brandon


  • Anthony Jackson

    It’s like the lottery! If you are not in I guess you can’t win! @78motorco

  • wooble

    Nice xDDD @crontwittee

  • Bryan

    Ferrari-licious @kanyewestindian

  • Jay Sittler


  • Stephen

    I need these so I can be far more productive at work and so my wife can tune out the new baby at home.

  • stephenrifai


  • Ardis Bartle

    @ardisbartle what a cool set of headphones!

  • Jason

    @jtcarlisle Serious lust going on here, I need one

  • superdumb


  • Matthew Marks

    I got a need… a need for my ears to bleed ! @MattMarx88

  • CaptainArgyle

    How am I going to tune out “Real Housewives of New Jersey” without these bad boys? These are miracle headphones! @CaptainArgyle

  • BanzaiLang

    @BanzaiLang GL to all

  • Tommy

    @kkazi77 those cans are awesome!

  • JetSetJason

    You know @jetsetjason would love a pair of these for international affairs! Forza Ferrari! Forza Tifosi!

  • Gerardo Andres Madonia

    Ferrari headphones?!? I’m in! @_madhatter_

  • Matt MacDonald

    Gorgeous design and sleek look that can only be achieved by Ferrari! @MattMacSD

  • Jim Dobbs

    @JimDobbs1 ears have a need for speed with these @ferraribylogic3 headphones!

  • Abhimanyu

    @simplymanyu When awesomeness meets perfection meets excellence, this is what you get. These beasts are just worth owning for whatever it takes 😀

  • bross5


  • Riley

    These are amazing @ryebread833

  • Sam


  • Rodolfo

    Do the T350 come with a Ferrari? @chaakas

  • Rosson

    Heck yea! I want those headphones so I can pull off the weekend agenda in style! @therosson

  • dcareyouwithme


  • Qamber abbas

    @Qambii , Slick design !! love the Tech :)

  • Ryan Velasco

    Come to me

  • Lory Jijao

    @Bandi_Legal : excellent audio in a racy design, this gon be guud

  • Joe

    i want that @joemsca

  • Lam Wenjie


  • Long

    hope I’ll win! @omgitsLong

  • OrlandGabe

    These look amazing hope i win! @orlandgabe