GIVEAWAY: EOS Green Gauge Watch

If we were to ask you what time it was right now, where would you look? Computer? iPhone? Dashboard? iPad? Blackberry? The clock on the building nearest to you? How far down on that list is a watch? Technology makes boring meetings, dinners and car rides fantastically awesome. However, it also makes classically excellent things like watches seem like more of an afterthought than anything else. That changes now with this EOS Green Gauge Watch. Anodized black stainless steel with a double layer dial and a perforated leather strap meets vintage race car gauges to make one helluva time piece. One helluva $195 watch that you can have for free.

Contest Closed! Congrats to Ryan Hamman

Cool Material and the fine folks at Shop Adorn want to hook you up with this $195 EOS Green Gauge Watch for free. How do you become the lucky winner?

To enter: Head over to the Cool Material Facebook page and answer this question: “Would you rather only be able to drink one type of beer in unlimited quantities, or drink unlimited types of beer, but you can only ever have one per day? What beer would you drink?” Assume that beer is free and you still get hangovers.

We’ll pick one winner on 7/15. Good Luck.

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  • Jerry tatro

    Unlimited variety is the spice of life or in this case the hop of life. Out of all the craft beers dogfishead is the sweet nectar I crave the most.

  • patrick moran

    I would rather drink one type of beer with unlimited quanities and that beer would be Bass Ale.

  • phillip stacy

    German wheat beer

  • Joe Spatafora

    one a day of unlimited types would be my path

    fingers crossed

  • Lorenzo

    I prefer one beer per day but the marvellous one: GUINNESS.

  • Leisa kropog

    Ok- I’d hold my one beer a day and drink them all on Saturday so I could have unlimited flavors- Is that against the rules? There are too many good ones to just pick one-

  • cathy miller / rewcath

    One beer a day is plenty for me so I would the choose the variety, as my mama said Variety is the spice of life.

  • Fringella Tobias

    I would take one .It would be Carona.

  • Angela J

    one a day, I like variety

  • Joyce Margo

    I prefer one per day.

  • Loree Shell

    Gotta be Bud Select

  • Peter G

    I prefer one beer per day but Sam Adams is the one.

  • Tom

    One beer, Coors Light

  • bob vinton


  • beth shepherd

    no beer

  • Jeff Davis

    There are so many good brews – I would be content to try a different beer every day.

  • keegan

    the full arsenal and sip slowly

  • Karen Gonyea

    Labatts :)

  • Karen Gonyea

    LIKE on FB :)

  • http://coolmaterial Nick

    I’m into beer drinking games so I guess I would take the unlimited option. Bud Light would be my beer of choice.

  • Hunter20

    root beer

  • http://coolmaterial Missy

    Unlimited types so it would be a different kind eveyday. SWEET!

  • Claudia D

    I would want to be able to drink unlimited types of beer yet one per day because I do like variety. I like something more heavy in the winter and something lighter in the summer. I love trying the pumpkin ales in the fall especially the ones from Sam Adams!

  • Sam

    Why this competition is for only facebook account holder? Coolmaterial didn’t have such rule before. I don’t have facebook account and i feel it shouldn’t be mandatory so everyone have fair chance of winning.

  • Charles Opperman

    Unlimited beer per day and that would be Iron City Lite; made in Pittsburgh, PA. the City of Champions.

  • Diane Baum

    Unlimited types and one per day…variety is the key to life and beer is fattening.
    Diane Baum

  • maggie ballard

    i would like to have one beer but different varities. i love corona in the summer and blvd wheat in the winter.

  • Happi Shopr

    I would like to have unlimited types of beer once a day

  • Randy Arstein

    One typr unlimited quantities….Anchor Steam!

  • Timothy Sternberg

    Unlimited variety is the spice of life or in this case the hop of life.

  • reithebartender

    what a sweet good looking green lantern watch !!!! 😀