GIVEAWAY: Deskology Modern Desk Accessories

Man judges himself on two criteria: his “list” (you know you have one) and his work. Both of which can and/or should (depending on your perspective) be performed in an office (home or otherwise). You need a place to work – and write your list – that is chock full of everyday office supplies. Pens, paper, Post-Its, business cards, etc. are all mandatory for any office. Just because you have to have them doesn’t mean they can’t be displayed prominently. The Deskology Modern Desk Accessories set will allow you to do just that – without clashing with the Apple aesthetic you’re going for. The all aluminum set includes an Inbox (fits letter/A4 paper, and bills), Pencil Cup (3″x3″x4″), Doodad Cup (4″x4″x2″), and a Business Card Holder (duh). Want one of the $189 sets for free? Get writing.

THE GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed

Congrats to David Winters – Winner of the Deskology Modern Desk Accessories

If you knew they would see it, what would you write on a Post-It to your favorite celebrity? We figure you can fit about 100 words on a Post-It, so you only get 100 words to work with. Write it in a comment below and you could win the $189 Deskology Modern Desk Accessories set. Think of it like a love letter, just shorter.

We’ll pick a winner 10/1. Good Luck.

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  • Matt

    yes please.

  • Irfan

    Dear “My Favourite Celebrity” – YOU’RE AWESOME!!!

  • Brad

    Dear Mr Jobs– This is a reminder to not hold your iPhone the wrong way. Don’t forget. Kthxbai!

  • Danilo

    Megan Fox,
    I loved yesterday too.
    Call me.


  • medicman

    “Just this one time”, if its not me the jerk behind me will. please, please.

  • Rob O.

    Dear George Clooney,

    I’m sure you’re far too cool & stoic to respond to a fan’s man-crush, but nevertheless – and in a completely non-sexual way – I love you, man.


  • Chi Tou

    My man, G. W. Bush your my most favourite hated celebrity whom I could think of. With this post I would like to say that you’re the reason why the world is F*CKED UP right now.

  • Daniel Cantu

    Dear Jesus,
    Hang in there man!!

  • Ayoshe

    Hi, how are you?
    Yep, love your work. No, really, its great.
    As for the rest? Yes, you know what I’m talking about, so do the paps. Stop. Just stop. Best for all of us.

  • Ben

    Hey Freckles,

    Keep your head up… you have been through much worse (Herbie: Fully Loaded). Maybe this time it will stick. Cya in October Red.

    PS. I left a mini nightlight in your pill box.


  • Lena Park

    Love it..!!
    Can I please have it..??

  • Jennifer R

    David (Beckham) –
    I’m in love with you. Leave your uber skinny fake ass wife for me. I’ll kick soccer balls with you for all of eternity.

  • Michael

    Will – We talked about this. One more time streaking through the quad and I’m going to KFC w/o u. – Your Roomate

  • Brent

    those would love lovely on my desk.

  • Andrew

    Here’s my comment.

  • Cherish

    Um, yeah. Tom cruise? Hm, how do I put this…? Your losing your touch dude. I mean Knight and Day. Need I say more?? I love you man, so either take a serious role or just chill for couple decades…- Love, Your adorable little critic.

  • KobeSierraLeone


    You totally need to get back with Booth on the show. Really can’t take the tension anymore.

    Take it easy!

  • Marcus

    Mr ex-President Bush,
    If I was hanging from a ledge, and all I needed to be saved was one fuck, and you had a pocket full of fucks, would you give a fuck?

  • Diana

    Dear David Caruso,
    If I told you that I loved your puns…
    … Would it be a crime of love?
    – Sincerely,

  • Evan V.

    Dear Steve Jobs,
    Make stuff cheaper, I mean it’s not like those thousands working at Foxconn are getting any benefits. Where’s all the money going? A storage supply of Livers?

  • aRMAND

    Dear Hoff

    you rock, sorry you can dance


  • NorCal Alex

    Dear Francis For Coppola,

    Either trim your beard or your eyebrows; it’s the 21st century, and one or the other has to change.

    P.S.keep making the movies you want to make. It gives me hope.

  • David Winters

    Dear Mark Zuckerberg,
    I thought you were really good in Zombieland and facebook is pretty neat too. Can you spot me $100k?

  • joe

    That would go perfectly with my robolamp.

  • Chaplain Dunbar

    Mr. President,

    Your job has too really suck. I guess your second guessing that move now, huh? Anyway, while we may not see eye-to-eye on all things, you are my president. So I’ll keep you and my country in my prayers that we succeed in all things. Keep your head up! Get back at me…


  • jason k

    Dear Arnold,

    As one of your “loyal” subjects, i feel that contests like this are the perfect way for the state of California to save money. Since i was moved to the new office, i have been waiting 6 months for my 30 day purchase order of desk accessories. I’ll admit these are a pricey alternative to the 12.95 set from office depot that i ordered, but winning them from a contest makes them free, i’ll save quite a bit. Now if only other state workers could find ways to save like this…..maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess you helped put us in.


    Joe Stateworker

  • Max at Cash Back Stores

    It looks so cool, not bad

  • Patrick

    When I said you’ve worked hard, you’ve made a name for yourself, now it’s time to enjoy yourself and go crazy…I didn’t mean it literally!

  • Mark

    thats a sexy office kit

  • Nate

    If my work is never finished, and my list never diminished, then I am always growing, as my work keeps on flowing.

  • Jeremy

    Yo Elmo-

    You can leave me voicemails about Katy Perry’s rack *anytime*, bro. Keep ’em coming.

  • Zach C

    Dear Brett Favre,

    Why did you come back to play another season? I added you to my fantasy football roster and you have really let me down. Please try to step it up in the coming weeks.

    Thanks and break a leg!

    P.S. Don’t do that literally…

    –Your fantasy owner.

  • Ferdinand A.

    Dear Santa,

    Start making a list of nice kids for this coming Christmas. Just don’t forget to check it twice to make sure that my name is in there. What I want is a Deskology Modern Desk Accessories.



    P.S. In case you’re wondering where to get the Deskology Modern Desk Accessories, Cool Material is giving away one for free. Just follow the link below. Please kiss Rudolph for me. a comment.

  • ReS

    Dear Celebrities,

    Sorry for everything.


  • William

    Al Gore-Let’s cut through the bovine residue: realize you and I cannot change the earth. Let it go!

  • Stacy

    Dear Jennifer Anniston,

  • Stacy

    Dear Jennifer Anniston,
    Stop making romantic comedies.
    Love, Everyone

    Pass this on to Katherine Heigl

  • Kyle

    Dear Steve McQueen’s Ghost,
    Please haunt me and give me lessons on how to be cool.

  • Tom

    Dear My Wife (who’s a celebrity as a mother of twins):

    You’re awesome and I love you for everything you do.

  • Steve

    I believe this is a zoning issue

  • Ryan

    Stop turning a blind eye towards cultural differences and start finding a solution to end all social segregation.

  • Andy


    You rock.

  • David C

    Mr. Denis Waitley,
    Your works in print and audio have been a great inspiration to me. You have a unique way of presenting that I, an aspiring public speaker, hope to achieve myself one day. Being able to present information in a way that appeals to young and old in that dry, yet witty delivery technique, is why people learn from you and go on to improve their lives in ways they couldn’t have imagined before. If there was anything I could be envious of you for is your relationship with Jim Rohn. Thank you and God bless.
    Dave C

  • Austin

    I want that swanky swag

  • Sally

    Dear Steve (Mr Jobs), I have a small favour to ask. You made made me a beautiful aluminum styled MacBook Pro. Now I need some lovely desktop accessories to accompany it. Pretty please could you call the team at Cool Material and ask them to make me the winner. They’ll be glad to hear from you! I’m sure they’ll even throw in some freebies for yourself. Thanks so much, I owe you. Sally

  • John Kane

    Dear Ms. Watson,
    Firstly, I must congratulate you on your new furniture for your lounge, it looks fabulous and contrasts with your hair wonderfully! Also, the black camisole you just bought is quite appealing and your choice of photoframes quite elegant too. It is with great relish I look forward to seeing you next Friday [although you may not see me…].
    With love, admiration, and slight obsession…
    Yours most sincerely,

    NB *this letter is entirely fictional. I have never stalked anyone, and am yet to develop any type of obsessive behavioural problems.. cheers!

  • Micah Smith

    I use to work at staples and they never carried anything like this. I now work as an IT manager for an Architectural firm and I still don’t have anything like this. I really do need to give up the staples style desk accessories and pick this up, now that I’ve got a real job.

  • Conor Brown

    I’d leave this to Justin Bieber:

    “Less Suck. More Good.”

  • taylor c

    go ahead and pick up a bottle of beaujoulais and we will make dinner tonight, the pasta that you like. darling i will make love to you until your skin falls off like a snake that is changing into its new life. Oh my dear, how i long for your silky blonde hair and illustrious aged skin..MMMMMMM addd onnaaaaaaaaa

  • robert

    looks like some good stuff for a man office