GIVEAWAY: Two Pairs of Capital Sunglasses (Closed)

Summer is winding down, but thanks in part to all this awesome global warming we’ve got going on, you can still hit the beach for a little while longer. If your day in the sun wardrobe includes a pair of knockoff shades you got at a mall kiosk, it’s time to upgrade. Capital is the kind of brand you should turn to in these times of need. The independent frame manufacturer carefully churns out pairs of well-made, stylish sunglasses. From handmade wooden frames to bioplastic shades made from plants, the California based company will deliver you some eye protectors you can rock proudly. Plus, right now, you’ve got a shot to do so for free.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED – Congrats James B. and Dean Q.

We’ve got a pair of Bonnie & Clyde’s in Walnut ($115) and a pair of Bonnie & Clyde’s in Tortoise Acetate  ($125) up for grabs. Here’s how you could win one of the pairs:

1. Follow Cool Material on Twitter here

2. Tweet this message “I want @CoolMaterial and @CapitalEyewear to hook me up with new sunglasses

We’ll pick two winners on 8/15/12. One entry per person.

*If you don’t use Twitter, you can leave a comment on this post and be entered.


  • Hoopensnooper

    Get on my face, walnut glasses!

  • DNITCH24

    These sunglasses would be perfect to get me through football season!

  • Fehdurani

    wood is good!

  • Eric

    They look nice! Enter me!

  • Mike Newman


  • Miguel Eduardo Vizcarra

    i would love a pair! Please and thank you.

  • mary ann sibert

    Pretty please with kisses on it…………

  • jobongos

    enter enter enter .. want em uh huh

  • G. Rennels

    hook me up….these are tight!!!

  • Guillaume Ramé

    They are sooooo hot! Cross fingers all the way! :-)

  • Zachary Hansen

    I’d love to have these. If I win I’ll do a cool photoshoot of them for you guys.

  • Edvard

    Comment for these really cool glasses :)

  • Matt Starlight

    I want these sunglasses!

  • FordhamBeckwith

    I would so love for Cool Material & Capital Eyewear to hook me up with a pair of these. I’d look soooo good in them. 8¬{D

  • Cameron

    I want a pair!

  • MarkcusCyr

    Can i win this awesome shades? <3

  • Rita Mouta


  • Dr. Aaron

    I wouldn’t mind a pair!

  • Sam

    Well done gentlemen!

  • Cristi Silaghi

    It’s a must have!

  • Seb

    Yes please CM!

  • Marcvr

    Bonnie & Clyde`s FTW !!!!1!

  • Graham

    George Washington had wooden teeth…I want wooden sunglasses.

  • Joseph Vigue

    Would love to have a pair of wooden shades

  • malcolmxavier4

    a pair of these glasses would be awesome!

  • Ryan Waite

    I need some sunglasses…

  • Ian Munnelly

    Those look awesome! Sign me up.

  • Lee Chee Chau

    Please let me win the Bonnie & Clyde’s in Walnut so I can be the coolest looking guy in Asia!

  • Ian SkinnyPimp Royle

    If you pick me ill give you the biggest booger.

  • Ȝbdullah H. Abol Ȝtta

    Yo’ cool material imma let you finish, but Ray ban had the best giveaway competition eva…Just sayin’

  • Angeliz Meow Torres

    Hook me up with these! they’re awesome! 😀

  • A. Dhillon

    Hook me up with a pair.

  • filkool

    I like it i want it , i want to win it

  • Brandon Krantz

    I want @CoolMaterial and @CapitalEyewear to hook me up with new sunglasses!!

  • Christopher Hill


  • Jose Louro

    I want! Please enter me.

  • Brian Thomas

    That’s what I’m talking about…

  • Fran

    Please & Thank you!

  • Rebecca West

    I want CoolMaterial and CapitalEyewear to hook me up with new sunglasses

  • R. Montang

    Theses sunglasses–>cool factor
    I’m in need of these sunglasses

  • Ryan Soltis

    These would go great with my WeWood watch I picked up courtesy of you guys! Thanks for all the great recommendations, keep em coming!

  • Haley Culpepper

    Holy smokes, win these or not …
    I’m getting a pair

  • Chadwick Trotter

    i need those!!!

  • Drew M.

    hook me up guys!

  • Jay

    Those are sick…Hook it up Cool Material!

  • k. kern

    I would greatly enjoy some free rad shades. Thanks.

  • amara

    love these!! HOT!

  • Joseph Hargrove


  • elistarlight

    yeah! hook me up!! i’d love to rock a pair! 😀

  • J. Matsuura

    I want these shades!!!