GIVEAWAY: Braun cruZer Pack (CLOSED)

Keeping our facial hair game in check is just one part of our daily routine. We always want our appearance to be as clean and crisp as the sound beating through our headphones. Even if you’re going for that “just got out of bed” look, it takes some styling to achieve it. With this gift pack from Braun, you can obtain that perfect 5 o’clock shadow, the right length on your buzz cut and have a new pair of cans to put atop your cranium when you’re done.

GIVEAWAY Closed – Congrats Cody R.

We’re giving away the Braun cruZer Pack which includes the Braun cruZer Face, the Braun cruZer Beard & Head, a pair of Urbanears Plattan Headphones and a thumb drive. Here’s how you enter to win it all:

To Enter:

1. Think of your favorite bearded musician.

2. Yes, seriously.

3. Leave your pick in a comment on this post.

We’ll pick a random winner on 4/27. Good luck!


  • Cody Davis

    Probably Zac Brown right now.

  • Ryan

    Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio.

  • Mark Shoe

    John Lennon was pretty epic with a beard

  • Chris Love

    Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

  • Daniel

    Kram (Mark Maher) from Spiderbait.

  • Candi Man

    Me! I’m a 350lb bald guy with a 3 inch beard. I play guitar, violin, sax and the cello. I’ve played in every sh!+ hole and amazing vemue in miami. I fill in whenever and wherever needed. Many of those times while I still work as a bouncer! While I’ve had the opportunity to permanently be with several AMAZING AND FAMOUS musical families, I just love the music… So while I enjoy my self imposed wanderings, brokedom does still affect my daily life! Which is why I should be chosen. For my utter love of the art and my need to tame the only hair I have left! You never know, my ugly mug yet perfectly trimmed face might be my lart hope!

  • Kris Malmoe

    Anthony Ray (Sir Mix-A-Lot) he made Baby Got Back(I Like Big Butts).

  • Patrick

    Ray Lamontagne –

  • J-bot

    william fitzsimmons, all the way. have you seen that masterpiece of a beard?!

  • Jesse Bowamn

    James Hetfield

  • Daniel

    Rick Ross!

  • Dan Clark

    Richie Havens

  • A. Kim

    Josh Groban

  • Tj Randolph

    Waylan Jennings

  • Chris


  • Harry


  • mike p

    City and Colour aka Dallas Green.
    Go Canada!

  • Tony Eversole

    Adam Levine

  • Matt D

    Kenny Rogers!

  • Mateo

    Gotta be the Black Keys or Charlie Daniels

  • Schmidty

    The guys of ZZ Top.

  • Sam Williams

    Justin Vernon!

  • Hoe Wah Kiat

    Kärtsy Hatakka of Waltari!

  • Joel

    Serj Tankian is awesome!

  • Jason DeMayo

    Paul McCartney

  • Rob

    Dan Auerbach

  • Eugen F

    ZZ Top are good but right now Dave Grohl is killing music industry! So i go with Dave!

  • Tommy V


  • alex

    Kerry King. Master of the beard.

  • Tony

    Bon Iver

  • Thomas

    Matisyahu, for sure

  • Al Mitchell

    Eric Clapton

  • Troy

    Eric Clapton

  • James

    Dr. Teeth. Electric Mayhem.

  • Yiong

    russel brand xD

  • Paul

    Scott Ian from Anthrax and his ridiculous raccoon beard.

  • Erica

    Samuel Beam

  • rich

    J Dilla

  • Eric

    Josh Garrels, it’s not always there but the man can play

  • john

    Will Oldham AKA Bonnie “Prince” Billy

  • Varun Amatya

    Angus Stone of Angus and Julia Stone

  • John

    ZZ Top.

  • Riley

    Dallas Green

  • Ryan!

    bob marley’s beard was legend

  • James

    Leon Russell

  • Alejandro


  • siriusianin

    Serj Tankian

  • Michael

    Jimmy Paige

  • Danny V.

    Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

  • Mike

    Samuel Beam – Iron and Wine