GIVEAWAY: Braun cruZer Pack (CLOSED)

Keeping our facial hair game in check is just one part of our daily routine. We always want our appearance to be as clean and crisp as the sound beating through our headphones. Even if you’re going for that “just got out of bed” look, it takes some styling to achieve it. With this gift pack from Braun, you can obtain that perfect 5 o’clock shadow, the right length on your buzz cut and have a new pair of cans to put atop your cranium when you’re done.

GIVEAWAY Closed – Congrats Cody R.

We’re giving away the Braun cruZer Pack which includes the Braun cruZer Face, the Braun cruZer Beard & Head, a pair of Urbanears Plattan Headphones and a thumb drive. Here’s how you enter to win it all:

To Enter:

1. Think of your favorite bearded musician.

2. Yes, seriously.

3. Leave your pick in a comment on this post.

We’ll pick a random winner on 4/27. Good luck!


  • Thanh Nguyen

    Ray Lamontagne ! Definitely

  • zain

    Gonna have to go with The Beards, they are by far the most beardly of all bearded musicians!

  • Jimmy King

    ZZ TOP …obviously

  • David

    Scott Ian from Anthrax

  • Jason

    Avett Brothers

  • Mr. Bojangles


  • Grizz068

    The best beards come from ZZ Top, I mean who else can make a song about a pearl necklace and still sound cool.

  • Jean-Philippe

    Donavon Frankenreiter! He’s got a big a** moustache!

  • dhaddon

    Dave Grohl

  • kylegost

    Sam Beam of Iron & Wine. That man has the facial hair of Zeus himself.

  • Adam Gottlieb

    Billy Gibbons (ZZ MOTHER EFFIN TOP)

  • Navyphotog

    Ray Lamontagne

  • chad trotter

    Aaron Beam from red Fang… sickness

  • Nabil

    Eric Clapton

  • Larry

    Willie Nelson

  • Jesse


  • Chris

    John McCrea for Cake!

  • Hector

    Snoop Dogg

  • Vernon

    Eric Clapton

  • Eric Witham

    Jim Morrison during his L.A. Woman Days. Fat Boy signin’ the blues with a Monster Beard. Nice.

  • Alex

    John Frusciante. Obvi.

  • Alfredo

    Rick Ross

  • Bart

    Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys, the man is awesome.
    But every man with a beard is awesome!

  • Matt

    Dave Grohl

  • Debrezen

    Serj Tankian!

  • Andrew Sporrer

    Morgan O’Kane. earthy banjo pickin’s

  • Ryan Wiemer

    Zach Galifianakis

  • Anders Alexander

    It’s a deathbattle of Dan from the Black Keys and Paul McCartney in the wings days. I kinda would like to thing Dan would win…. maybe.

  • Minh Nguyen

    Marco – Nightwish, epic beard!!

  • Cole

    “Dimebag” Darrell Lance Abbott-’66-04 R.I.P of Pantera. No Question!

  • Duff

    zz top

  • Joey

    Lenny Kravitz for sure!

  • Von Milan

    Robert Pattinson!….oh yeah…..vampires can’t shave without a reflection. MATISYAHU ftw!

  • Collin Benson

    Killswitch Engage’s -Justin Foley, hands down one sick bearded beat master! #Epic Beard.

  • Jesse

    he doesn’t always have a beard, but when he does, its Homeboy Sandman.

  • Will

    Jim Morrison 1969

  • biagio

    Matthew Hayward. great guy.

  • Pete

    Dan Auerbach

  • Brian

    I have to say Jim James, of My Morning Jacket. That guy can grow a real grizzly front…

  • Eric D

    Sam Beam…king of folk with the epic beard to match

  • Eugene

    Billy Gibbons

  • Mauricio

    bret mckenzie

  • Cody Riddar

    This is THE coolest giveaway ever. I’m rocking the Urbanears right now, and they sound awesome. And my disposable razors are in the trash, replaced by the Cruzer Face.

    I did the stubble thing last year, so the cruzer beard and head is now how my 2 yo son is getting his haircut.

    Thanks Cool Material! The Cool Material notepad was a nice bonus!