GIVEAWAY: Blue Claw Weekender, Utility Bag & iPad Sleeve [Closed]

If you’re still sporting that beat up gym duffle as your weekender or vacation bag, it’s time to grow up. For sophisticated and stylish options that can withstand a lifetime of getting crammed in overhead bins and thrown in your trunk, Blue Claw Co. is always a smart choice. Their handmade bags and cases are crafted with a passion for solid, well-made American goods that will add a bit of style to your journeys. Whether you’re looking to take   a quick trip down the shore, carry your paperwork to the office or even add a bit of aesthetically pleasing protection to your iPad, Blue Claw has got you covered. Plus right now, they can cover all those areas for you for free.

GIVEAWAY CLosed – Congrats Oleg S.

The guys over at Blue Claw Co. have hooked us up with an awesome giveaway. One lucky winner will get an Ezeiza Weekender, a Schiphol Utility Bag and an O’Hare iPad Sleeve (a total value of $735) all in their choice of colors.

How To Enter:

1. Like Blue Claw Co. on Facebook here

2. Sign up for their newsletter below:

One winner will be selected on 10/9/2012. Good luck and don’t forget to check out Blue Claw Co. to check out all the awesome bags they offer.


  • Yan Neng

    hoping to win 😀

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    Iwant 😀

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    *drool* those are awesome…

  • Ian Collins

    Sweet bags, totally in.

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    Sweet looking bags!

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    Very, very nice.

  • Allison Lange

    love that weekender

  • Eric Glover

    I really like the tan Ezeiza Weekender!

  • schmidty

    nice bags

  • Terry Tan Zheng Ping

    Love the weekender! Looks like it’ll survive many roads.

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    They are all great!

  • Scott

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  • Alexander De Luna

    I NEED!!

  • Dirk

    Totally my time to win.

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  • Devon J Liles

    very cool stuff

  • Cody

    Love it!

  • Charlie R Schott

    I could put my stuff In there

  • Matthew Ross

    125 combinations of subdued color goodness. I’d take all 3 in navy blue!

  • KC Kappen

    I’d love to own this bag.

  • tweetyscute

    Completed both.

  • Dmytro

    Wants it

  • Charlie Roussin

    these bags look awesome

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    Do want

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    I need this collection in my life!

  • Eric Valdes

    This would certainly come in handy for my upcoming business trips to the UK. First flight out on 10/17 hook me up!!!

  • kilinkis

    very nice

  • Ashley Kennedy

    Did both, fingers crossed, this would be a stellar gift for my boyfriend :)

  • Andy Anderson

    3rd times a charm.

  • Michael AC Huck

    Odds be forever in my favor.

  • Duncan Doty

    Winning this would give me a great excuse to buy an iPad

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    I created a facebook for this giveaway !

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    I hope, I still have a chance… Very cool giveaway!

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    my jack spade briefcase is giving out i need a new one!

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    Papa needs some lovin’

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    daddy like!

  • John Robin

    This would be perfect for my 5 weekend travel spree!