GIVEAWAY: Blank Label Custom Shirts

When it comes to shirts, there’s custom made and then there’s everything else. The off-the-rack stuff you’re used to from the days when Macy*s was still Marshall Field’s doesn’t hold a candle to a shirt designed specifically for all your little nooks and crannies. Maybe your slightly smaller than an XL, but not quite a large. Or maybe you’re a smedium. Regardless, Blank Label can make you the perfect shirt. Want purple gingham check throughout? Done. Red Buffalo Plaid collar and cuffs on your purple gingham check? Not a good idea, but they’ll do that too if it’s what you really want. Whatever you can imagine (cuffs, collar, button, pockets) can be customized by Blank Label for you.

The Giveaway

We’re giving away two (yes, TWO) $100 gift certificates to Blank Label. To enter, visit Blank Label right now and check out their shirts. Then leave a comment below telling us your favorite fabric choice.  To double your chances of winning comment on this post on our Facebook wall too (yes you should do both). We’ll pick two winners 3/1. Good luck!

Contest closed.

Contest closed! Congrats to Jamie Maing and Keith. Thanks for participating.


  • Lasse Sørensen

    That “Dark Out” is pretty rad.

  • Von Spirit

    Checkmate ftw!

  • Tim

    I’m thinking shark tail

  • steven

    vacation land looks sick

  • Jeremy

    Love the Gotham

  • marcel

    I prefer Campsite!

  • Mark

    Wow….the PICNIC fabric really takes me back!


  • BSUB

    I think its kind of a throw up between the Halloween and Campsite. And since it is a $100 gift card i wouldn’t feel bad gettin both.

  • Cory

    Shark tail just sounds sweet but I would have to go with the Gotham! Just gives you a slight feeling that you might be as bad ass as batman.

  • Dallas

    It’s a toss-up between Novel Road and Dark Out for me, but I think my favorite is Dark Out.

  • John

    I’d tell you what color I liked, but you’ve probably never heard of it. It’s too underground.

    (That means I like hipster by the way)

  • Robert

    Blue Moon!

  • Dan

    I am more of a Vacation Land kind of guy, and the Slim Dusty also gets my blood flowing. Different, yet the same.

  • Daniel

    The Gordon Gekko because it will keep me from camouflaging in with all the hipsters at the local watering hole and at least I’d look successful.

  • izzy

    Mad Hatter.

  • carl

    Mad hatter

  • Taylor

    “Slim Dusty” is where it’s at!

  • Omar E

    Jacob List is really nice!

  • Anders

    Hipster, easily!

  • Matt

    i’d say it has to be popular v2!

  • Bryan P

    Mad Hatter is dope

  • AdamBez

    Vacation Land is really nice.

  • Cathy Furniss

    Gotham is my fav for my hubby.

  • Capnjoe

    I guess Gotham to go with my new batman forever batmobile. Even tho I really like novel road.

  • William

    I like the Dark Out with complete contrast cuffs, collar and placket in The Classic.

  • justin

    I like the Black Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jon L

    Watch the Gap!

  • James L.

    Vacation Land is majestic!

  • Ryan O

    Vacation Land and Hipster are both great, but I say Gotham takes the cake. It’s truly sick.

  • Brandon

    Halloween one looks sic

  • Bryan

    Slim Dusty is the way to go!

  • Braulio

    The Royal Oxford is my favorite. The Dark Knight is for guidos.

  • Luke

    Blue moon!

  • Hunter20

    blue moon

  • Lauren

    I <3 Gotham, I have ta make one for my Hubby :)

  • Nessa

    Dark Knight & Gotham… irony? :)

  • Nessa

    Redo – Halloween for sure. Followed by Gotham.

  • stevew323

    roasted chesnut…

  • taylor

    mad hatter! lively and delicious

  • Thomas


  • Scott Yu

    I like the preppy poplin…

  • Patrick

    Vacation Land is pretty sweet

  • mikey


  • RebelLumberjack

    I am quite partial to ‘Gotham’ myself

  • Tyler

    Vacation land definitely!

  • Connor M

    Mad Hatter with some french cuffs,I’ll have to find cufflinks to go with it though.

  • Calvin

    I like Vacation Land!

  • Andrew

    Gordon Gekko

  • Anita

    Vacation Land!!

  • djelking

    dark knight!