GIVEAWAY: Areaware 2B Radio

We know what you’re thinking right now. Radio? Didn’t video kill that? $350? Ridiculous! We might agree with you too – if this wasn’t an Areaware. Something about the minimalistically designed, technologically advanced Areaware 2B radio (probably the three vacuum tubes and mp3 compatibility) puts it squarely on our list of must-haves (right below Hendricks: the person and the gin).

We know times are tough. You should be spending your hard earned greenbacks on things like paying off debt and eating. If you were going to spend money on a radio, the Areaware 2B would be the way to go. But we get it, and so does Areaware. Which is why they sent us one to give away to a reader. Want it? Keep reading.

THE GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed! Congrats to Megan Finnegan.

Leave a comment on our Facebook page telling us where you’re going to display the Areaware 2B if you win. On the desk in your living room? Toilet in your private office? The more specific you are the better your chances of winning.

We’ll pick a winner 8/28. Good Luck.


  • sam wild

    On my desk at work for all to wonder

  • Daniel

    I would put the radio next to my record player on my boat, a skiff, which is in the Dutch port of Rotterdam right down from the Alpine circus which lies just due north of the royal palm tree garden next to the church of later day atheists, adjacent to the swashbuckler society of France. I would remove the outer casing of the device and replace with a Plexiglas constructed frame so I could display the vacuum tubes inside to amaze and impress my friends.

  • Eduardo

    mmm you guys should allow the comments to enter the contest, facebook suck big time… and i really could use that fancy radio 😀

  • Linda Lockhart

    In my foyer there is a huge oil painting of a cyclamen (flower). Beside the painting is a wing-back chair and side table with only a modern white glass lamp. The table begs a worthy addition to the lamp. The Areaware 2B radio would find its nich here.

  • Eric Bergquist

    I would def. put ze masterpiece-radio at Longitud: E E 20º 57′ 35.57″, Latitud: N N 64º 45′ 3.2″ – For everyone 2 C & listen to(while munchin´..) :)

  • mjdad

    Stunning in it’s simplicity.

  • kelvin

    I will put it in my kitchen where everybody will ask about it and I can enjoy it while having dinner!

  • Fraser

    The desk in my room, really need some audio in here. 😀

  • arrrt

    in my bedboard

  • Santiago

    well im taking a graphic design class in highschool and there is a lot of freedom to decorate our workspace, so i might put it there to blow people away 😛

  • Erik

    I think i will make a video of the radio and expose the radio on you-tube.
    So i don’t have to miss the beauty of this radio while i am travelling.
    I can watch it anytime anywhere on my laptop.

  • Andrew

    I want to put it on the top shelf of my cubical right next to the laser range finder and miscellaneous laser burned optics.

  • Jenny hebert

    In my home office

  • Sam

    Man that would look nice on my entertainment center!

  • jane jakins

    areaware 2b radio

  • Scott

    This is soo hot, is there a place where I can hear a demo?

  • Jason C

    desk in living room

  • ken

    katrina got my good radio. i’m foot-dragging along to some crappy walmart p.o.s. please send help!

  • Talex

    Even as a child, I can remember there always being a radio playing in my house. I had a good one in my kitchen that I could listen to all day long, but it inadvertently got ruined by salt water spray (my husband took it fishing…) so I really feel that I desperately need a new one.

    Wish me luck.

  • BSUB

    Gotta bump in the dorm!

  • Andrew

    I would prominently display the radio in my storefront window. A note would be affixed to the bottom thanking coolmaterial for the sweet tunes throughout the store.

  • racjaa menti

    I will put it right in the middle of the mantel above the fireplace. Where else would you put such a marvelous device

  • sergio

    im going to put ti in my room next to my bed on top of the big black caunter top

  • Jefferie

    1st place on the patio table in my cool and relaxing backyard with the wind blowing slowly and softly, and having breakfast with my hubby and little pug.
    Then I would bring it in to my lovely kitchen table with a bowl full of my beautiful flowers from my yard and listen while I clean-up and enjoy my good luck and the beauty of such a wonder radio, not to mention the quality sound of sweet music.

  • Andrew

    Next to a LASER, Seriously, Need I say More?

  • Alex Montana

    Since working from home, I have a lot of ‘down time’ between calls and I would love to add this to my ‘war-room’ as I lovingly call my office space. With the areaware 2b radio I could enjoy that time between calls while working, and then afterwards, enjoy the sweet sounds all day! I love this radio! It’s so kewl looking and would make a perfect addition to the room I spend the most time in!

  • Ross MacWillson

    this will b displayed in everyroom and every spare space because im going to take pictures of it and print them lifesize and put 1 in everyroom and in the dogs kennel so im constantly reminded of how utterly amazing cool material is and forfilling my dreams of owning such a magnificient radio