When we first heard the name AIAIAI we were expecting something along the lines of Speedy Gonzales or Old MacDonald. What we ended up with was another technology company that could just as easily have been a place to get Sunday brunch. But we digress. AIAIAI is an industrial design collective (we don’t know what that means either) with access to around 200 young creative minds.

Eventually (we assume there was a lot of Red Bull involved) that leads to the creation of awesome industrial design inspired products like audio equipment (headphones, earbuds, headsets) and laptop gear. Products like the Tracks Headphones and the A-Stand – products that would be just as at home in your home office/man cave/living room as they would be in a DJ rig. But don’t just take our word for it, why don’t you try out the Tracks Headphones and the A-Stand yourself for free. You want $150 (roughly $75 each after the conversion) worth of free gear from AIAIAI and Cool Material? Here’s how you win:

THE GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed. Congrats to Kevin M. and Quest47484748

Cool Material and AIAIAI are giving away one pair of Tracks Headphones in Black ($75) and one Laptop Stand in Black ($75).

To enter, simply sign-up for the Cool Material newsletter below. We’ll choose a 2 winners on Friday 8/6.

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  • Cole

    Ergonomic, economical and stylish, send that laptop riser my direction!

  • Richard Lee

    awesome and just fills my needs and will elp hands

  • Schmidty

    Cool stuff! I’m subscribed.

  • Tjeng-Bo Lie

    Already signed up for the newsletter…

  • arrrt

    me want this

  • Joseph Skidmore

    subscribed to the newsletter, now can i have the headphones, please…

  • Thomas Meehan


  • Adam

    I like how it’s a vintage-present day mash-up on tech. accessories.

  • Sam Lehman

    I want in on this, the headphones are so simplistic and the A-Stand would be perfect for my laptop.

  • chris

    great giveaway from CM!!

  • Youssef


  • Mike

    That laptop stand looks like it could come in pretty handy. And who doesn’t need another pair of headphones :)

  • Re

    Those headphones are so cool.

  • Phill

    AIAIAI those headphones are hot.

  • Irfan

    a comment :)

  • Jennifer Rutsky

    Very cool laptop stand, would use it constantly.

  • Ok

    A comment :) the headphones look especially slick

  • Kamil

    looks cool like coolmaterial :)

  • Robert Turner Story


  • Michelle Allison Nguyen

    These AIAIAI are def making me say AI, AI, AI. I can’t wear for the hearing experience. -M.A.N. @ Always Thinkin, UK

  • jon

    sweet set of headwear

  • jjsanx

    Very very cool(material)

  • David

    I never win any of these contests.

  • Chris

    this is awesome

  • greg

    I need those headphones!

  • John

    Definitely would be extremely lucky to win a contest like this. My laptop currently constantly slides off of laptop stand and it’s a nightmare. A steady computer and some sharp headphones are two things I can definitely get behind. AIAIAI is a killer brand.

  • Pedro

    Those would look cool on my desk.

  • Joey Marquez

    would love to win

  • joey m

    would love to win

  • Chris


  • bennyzeee

    Ai, ai, ai, so much love in just one day!

  • JTR

    slick headphones could use a good new pair

  • http://n/a patrick byrne

    count me in & thx for the opportunity! neat ideas.

  • Bradley Brache


  • Kip

    I’m all signed up, hook me up!

  • Chi Tou

    Gimme them headphones

  • skonski

    i dont think anyone wins these, id like to see a notification if i lost at least.

  • Chi Tou

    In need of new headphones, my current headphones sucks and the laptop stand looks great.

  • anna

    already subscribed!

  • KGP

    would make the coolest b-day gift for my husband! hope I win!

  • Michael

    Another great giveaway guys. I’d love to have these.

  • http://COOOOLLLMaterial Luis

    Awesome, thanks for continuing to hook us all up. Cool Material Rocks!

  • Ken Hawkins

    Gotta get me them tracks!

  • bryan

    liking the headphones

  • ShmoeJoe

    Time to look into AIAIAI a little more.

  • troublebaker

    Me, Me, Me!! In need of headphones big time!

  • Kyle S.

    Already on the list.

  • DREW

    Pretty slick-looking headphones.

  • Cody

    Sign me up!

  • A-dub

    Want those ‘phones!!!!