When we first heard the name AIAIAI we were expecting something along the lines of Speedy Gonzales or Old MacDonald. What we ended up with was another technology company that could just as easily have been a place to get Sunday brunch. But we digress. AIAIAI is an industrial design collective (we don’t know what that means either) with access to around 200 young creative minds.

Eventually (we assume there was a lot of Red Bull involved) that leads to the creation of awesome industrial design inspired products like audio equipment (headphones, earbuds, headsets) and laptop gear. Products like the Tracks Headphones and the A-Stand – products that would be just as at home in your home office/man cave/living room as they would be in a DJ rig. But don’t just take our word for it, why don’t you try out the Tracks Headphones and the A-Stand yourself for free. You want $150 (roughly $75 each after the conversion) worth of free gear from AIAIAI and Cool Material? Here’s how you win:

THE GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed. Congrats to Kevin M. and Quest47484748

Cool Material and AIAIAI are giving away one pair of Tracks Headphones in Black ($75) and one Laptop Stand in Black ($75).

To enter, simply sign-up for the Cool Material newsletter below. We’ll choose a 2 winners on Friday 8/6.

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  • Natan M

    I hope i can finally win, I love the stand! :)

  • Baba Yates

    coool cool.

  • anica

    that stuff looks HELLA cool!

  • Chris

    Awesome looking headphones.

  • Catt

    I HAVE THAT MACBOOK! And I need a stand!

    And those headphones are pretty dang hip.

  • Marcos

    They look pretty cool. I could use them.

  • Carnage

    I could really use both.

  • Chad

    Looks sweet guys!

  • John

    Great design speaks for itself.

  • Merlin

    Its so easy why wouldn’t you want in!

  • David

    sweet! count me in!

  • Ceasar

    Cool Design, Stylistic Look,Cant Wait 2 Try Em Out If I Win

  • shaw

    Need these I do..(in yoda’s voice)

  • Mohan

    laptop stand?

  • jesse

    love their stuff…..

  • Trevefresh2

    sexy ass stand!

  • Xboxbydegrees

    I already subscribe!

    I would love to win this contest!

  • DMM

    That stand would really help my laptop not overheat as I record/produce music while listening with those headphones! Thanks for your consideration

  • MaCayn

    I wanna win!

  • travismc

    I could really use the laptop stand and headphones. My legs are burning from my laptop and these damned earbuds keep falling out.

  • Patrick

    Gotta like a giveaway!

  • Oliver


  • Chris W


  • monroe

    slick & retro!

  • Josiah

    THe headphones look solid. Would love a pair.

  • quest47484748

    Don’t need but really want this cool stuff. It would make me one happy camper.

  • tom

    this is pretty baller homie

  • Jeffrey James

    You’ve got the look.

  • santiago

    ither one would be awesome, but my headphones just broke and im too broke to buy another pair D:

  • Ken

    These are cool, & ’em

  • ssan

    I’m in!

  • Sam


  • Michael Reese

    Hmm … less IS more!

  • Phil

    Sweet looking headphones!

  • Michael Richmond

    I’ll take ’em

  • Tim Jacobsen

    Contest Closed. Congrats to Kevin M. (headphones) and Quest47484748 (laptop stand). We’ll be in touch. Stay tuned for more fantastic giveaways.