GIVEAWAY: 3 Pairs of Thinksound Wood Headphones

To us, green is the color of the money we get to keep in our wallet or an herbal “supplement,” not some environmental notion created by lobbyists to dissuade us from bombing around in a 60s era fastback. But we’re also more than happy to entertain the idea of not destroying our planet with products we need anyway – like headphones. Thinksound is the ultimate realization of the belief that responsible, eco-friendly manufacturing didn’t have to mean crappy design aesthetic and shitty sound. Each pair of their earphones combines industry standard aspects (every from at least 8mm drivers to high end acoustics to passive noise isolation to ear hooks) with something unexpected (wood) to create a product you’d buy even if it wasn’t green. We’re going to brighten the horizon even more by keeping the green in your wallet and giving you green headphones.


We have three pairs of excellent Thinksound headphones to give away: one pair of TS01 Sport in Silver cherry ($75 value), one pair of TS02+ in Black Chocolate ($80 value), and one pair of Rain in Silver Cherry ($100 value). Want to pop some wood into your ears? Head over to the Cool Material Facebook page and leave us a comment about the first thing you’re going to play when you hook them up to your media device of choice. It can be an artist, album or specific song. We’ll choose a winner 05/06. Good Luck!


  • Ryan Johnson

    Passion Pit: Little Secrets
    As well as the vintage synth stuff created with the iPad Korg iMS-20 app.

  • Pratyush

    I would listen Smoke Without Fire first.

  • Sammi

    Radiohead – King of Limbs

  • Lisa

    Lowrider – War

  • Archana

    I will listen Pink floyd

  • Lakshimpathy

    Lady Gaga.. Bad Romance would be my first song to listen.. Infact this is the song i listen most actually :)

  • Nitya

    Somebody to Love by Queen..

  • mario

    kings and queens by 30 seconds to mars!

  • Bryan B.

    “Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City” – Bobby Bland

  • Trish

    Will listen to The Rutles. :)

  • Graham

    California Waiting – Kings Of leon :)

  • William

    Digital Underground – Same Song

  • Benji

    “your love” – The Outfield

  • Oanna

    The Cardigans – Erase Rewind :)

  • Kyle

    Hmm… I would definitely have to crank out some of Fleet Foxes new album, Helplessness Blues (which is a truly great LP).

  • Ed Lavalette

    First spin… The new Beastie Boys album…

  • Chris R.

    Sinatra at the Sands Live. I’ll be back home after a 10 month journey through Asia and middle east, and throwing that album beatsany other treatment for jet lag. Doesn’t hurt that Count Basie on keys, and Quincy Jones conducting the full band.

  • joseph

    There’s only one band who could be played first and that’s Boston.

  • Antonio Santoyo

    I will play “No One by Alicia Keys”… one of my favorite songs! XD

  • Gizmo

    Trombone Shorty & Orleans Ave – St James Infirmary (Live)

  • Brendan

    Never Gonna Change–Drive-by Truckers

  • Brian M

    Eye of the Tiger. (Survivor)

  • Chad

    Hey guys. I’m awaiting the arrival of the new “Against Me!” CD titled “Total Clarity.” Any of these headphones would be an amazing compliment to listen to their new CD! Thanks for considering me.

  • greg

    “Let’s just kiss and say goodbye”, quite possibly the best baritone ever, and will make the bass kick on those headphones.

  • Leah

    The Black Keys – Everlasting Light xxx

  • Dami101

    Mee waaantt oneeeeee 😀

  • Matt

    sick and tired (of guided relaxation) by boregore. I need a good pair of headphones for dubstep at work

  • steve m.

    Without a doubt Blank Generation by Richard Hell and The Voidoids…

  • Tyler

    Im gunna play some THRILLERRR – M.j.

  • Vaughan Pederson

    When I log onto this site, a virus “Exploit Blackhole Exploit Kit” attacks my computer, why?

  • Dan

    Bass down low by the cateracs

  • Jeremy

    LCD Soundsystem: “Dance Yrself Clean”

  • Niels

    Definately Tron Cat by Tyler, the creator.

  • enciamet

    Apologies to the Queen Mary album, Wolf Parade!

  • Mark Parry

    Burn My Shadow by UNKLE featuring Ian Astbury

  • Danny

    Stevie Ray Vaughan Riviera Paradise!

  • Jtran

    Club tracks by Areiaremixes

  • Hello

    so who won????

  • Sammi

    I’ll be listening to King of Limbs – if any album demands good headphones, it’s that one

  • Tim Jacobsen

    Winners were posted on Facebook. Congrats to David Bradley, Ryan Carpenter and Nathan Dantzler!/coolmaterial/posts/216543455041337

    Thanks for participating.