GIVEAWAY: 3 Pairs of Phiaton PS 20 BT Bluetooth Earphones (CLOSED)

All headphones are not created equal. We know, we know, you just got that sweet pair of free headphones from that booth at *insert any social gathering here*, but there’s a problem with them that the cute girl forgot to mention. They suck. At the end of the day, yeah, they’re headphones, but they can’t produce quality highs or lows, there’s no bass, they get tangled easily and you’ll end up throwing them in the garbage inside a week. The Phiaton PS 20 BT Bluetooth Stereo Earphones are the polar opposite of those headphones in every way. With five separate dampers, Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity and a built-in mic, these Phiatons are everything you want and then some. The best part? We want to give you one of three pairs for free.

Contest Closed! Congrats to Clinton, XoT3K and Joseph

If you want one of the three pairs of the $150 Phiaton PS 20 BT Bluetooth Stereo Earphones we have to give away, all you need to do is one simple thing. Leave a comment below with the first thing you’re going to listen to with your new headphones. We’ll pick three winners at random on 11/15.


  • Steve

    Bill Burr podcast!

  • BoulderBill

    I’ll probably go straight to Damien Rice’s sole source of talent: Lisa Hannigan. Idiot should have never let her go.

  • Mike

    The new Black Keys album. Or at least the first single until it comes out.

  • john

    john legend

  • RJ

    Videos of Spec-Ops guys dropping the hammer on some Taliban pieces of shit.

  • Kevin

    Definitely the rainydayz remix of Radiohead’s rainbow.

  • Austin

    Matisyahu, for sure.

  • casey bertie

    Phantom 1 & 2 by Justice!!!!!!

  • Jason

    Minus The Bear – Highly Refined Pirates

  • Tom V


  • greg

    I’d fire up some podcasts. Some NPR, this week in tech, etc. I suck.

  • Axel

    My iPod.

  • Melissa E.

    My car is haunted – Royal bangs!

  • ryan

    Justin Bieber…er I mean 2pac, yea 2pac 😉

  • Ryan Wiemer

    I am going to play some good ol’ Johnny Cash. :)

  • Mike


  • patrick


  • Samy B


  • Rajiv Ravi

    Soul Asylum – Run away train

  • Gabriel_BB

    some Rammstein, the album Liebe ist fur Alle Da :)

  • Cristina_maria

    AC/DC – THE RAZOR’S EDGE album.

  • Sasa Pul

    Lamb of God – Wrath album
    ..for starters :)

  • Brent Reichenberger

    All the audio books I need to load on to my iPhone for my 12 hr/7 days a week shifts during December.

  • Katrina Tech

    i would listen to.. that skrillex remix of in for the kill..

  • Eddie Or

    I would listen to party music!

  • Matt from Willway Forge

    Foo Fighters, Everlong!

  • James

    Crazy Train

  • andrew jackson

    Tech N9ne from Strange music just came out with a new album called Strangeland and The Game came out with his new album The R.E.D. album, i’ll be listening to both those and then some like Wale, Five Finger Death Punch,and Theory of a deadman. all of which have come out this year. when i get back to the states those are just a few ill be listening to!

  • alexandra

    Gogol Bordello – sun is on my side (!!!)

  • Sasquatch

    Insomnia by Faithless … then I’d listen to it again!

  • Dave

    Jean-Michel Jarre’s ‘Waiting for Cousteau.’

  • Claude W

    Umphreys McGee – Death By Stereo

  • Felipes Torres

    B.B King!

  • karlaanne

    U2! wish it was the new big ultra-achtung baby, but alas :)

  • Rocky

    The drawing is the same day that Childish Gambino’s Camp drops, so I’ll be listening to that first

  • Hockeyboy

    I will be rockin’ to Jimmy Hendrix, Foxy Lady!

  • Chris

    Toby Mac

  • Munur

    The new Black Keys album

  • jtso23


  • Scott

    Tower of Power, Baby!


    Honestly the very first thing I’d listen to is my wife’s voice when I’m testing the call feature. THEN I’ll throw on Dead and Bloated by Stone Temple Pilots and cruse on down the road.

  • Vu Dung

    Love Poison – Empyrean Sky

  • Bill

    Creedance Clearwater Revival!

  • Matt

    “Dog Days are Over” by Florence and the Machine in celebration of leaving those damn Apple headphones at home.

  • Kerstin

    The Wombats – Tokyo

  • Jimmy Glenn

    Old Gregg – Do Ya Love Me song.

  • Kevin Watters

    The Mood by Kid Cudi!

  • Sidney C

    dcTalk – Jesus Freak

  • Daniel

    The Kooks – Junk of the Heart

  • Nico

    Definetly gonna have to listen to PUSCIFER’S NEW ALBUM: CONDITIONS OF MY PAROLE!