GIVEAWAY: 2 TOKYObay DIY Watch Kits (Last Chance)

The laws that govern man are important, but there are a lot of things more important than driving 55mph, not drinking in public and curfew. Man laws like – always having a one urinal buffer, DIYing it if possible, never making eye contact and only ordering coffee in ‘Merican sizes aren’t the laws that govern us, they’re the laws that bind us as men. Being on time for your appointments isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the manly thing to do – if for no reason other than the fact that the beer will all be gone otherwise. In light of that, owning a quality timepiece is important. Now, you don’t even have to pay someone else to build it for you because you can DIY your own watch using this TOKYObay DIY Watch Kit. The 18 quality tools in the kit let you LEGO your own unique watch, but also let you repair and maintain any watches you may have lying around.

Contest Closed! Congrats to David (Surgicaltech….@….com) and Bob Eberhardt

We want to make sure you stay current with all your man laws. Since we can’t verify your adherence to coffee and urinal etiquette, we’re going to giveaway two of the previously mentioned TOKYObay DIY Watch Kits ($210 each) to different readers. All you have to do is….

1.  Go check out TOKYObay’s website to see their full line of watches
2.  Come up with a man law of your own and post it on the Cool Material Facebook Page or as a comment below.

We’ll pick two winners 6/24. Good Luck!


  • David B

    Must always have a plan for the zombie apocalypse

  • Alessandro

    Don’t use any kind of weapons. Real men use fists.

  • Jeremy

    If you are wearing Crocs you must also hold a white flag because you have clearly given up on life!

  • Barnyard

    Man Law:

    Never burn bridges, you never know when you’re gonna need something from someone.

  • Esteban G

    To master time, all a man needs is a watch and purpose.

  • Ben

    A man shall never move his feet when a bug or small animal skitters across the floor.

  • Dylan

    Man Law:

    Only choose your car when either:

    a) It is too far to bike

    b) Your bicycle is out of commission.

    Man does that Tokyobay Speed watch look nice.

  • Austin

    I think The Duke said it best. “I won’t be wronged, I won’t be insulted, and I won’t be laid a hand on. I don’t do these things to other people and I expect the same from them.”

  • Kaz

    Man Law: During football season, never ever should you give up control of the remote.

  • Kaz

    Man Law: Burt Reynolds is a demigod, all men should aspire to reach his coolness

  • McSchmitty21

    Those TOKYObay watches are nice, and you get to say you put it together yourself. If making your own isn’t manly I dont know what is!

  • Alfredo Ortiz

    “Style is the hallmark of a temperament stamped upon the material at hand.”

  • Armand

    Man law: Watch, wallet, keys, glasses (sun and/or corrective), cell phone. The only accessory items a man should have. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets are out. (the only exception is a wedding ring, no way around that one)

  • Fred Schiller

    Men love to tinker and you can’t have a good time without a good watch.

  • Jeff

    Man shall always finish his beer.

  • Dave

    If you are interested in dating your buddy’s ex/sister, you are required to ask permission first and your friend is required to grant it. Many a war could have been avoided if….

  • Eduardo Montoya

    “It if looks like you want to eat it, you should wear it…”

  • Fabian Guerrero

    Bro’s before hoes…

  • louis fernandez

    man rule – when you find a great something i.e.shorts, topsiders, sunglasses, a watch. it doesnt matter what it is but you find it, or it finds you.You say to yourself i love this “thing” (knife, belt, shirt, whatever)
    GO BUY ANOTHER, 2 if you can afford it. I learned my lesson along time ago with a pair of tennis shorts, i searched for years and never found a replacement.
    whatever it is it may bet scratched, worn, or lost and when you can whip out the bck up you will be one happy[ecially when its 10 years old and they dont make them anymore, at worst in 20 years you have a retro collectable.

  • Adam

    Don’t piss on the electric fence.

  • evan baker

    when it comes to woman you can be happy or you can be right

  • Greg

    A man does not use a suitcase that has wheels, EVER.

  • Lance


    When ordering a pitcher of your favorite beverage – when the pitcher is served – instead of including empty glasses -with a full pitcher – you should receive full glasses with a full pitcher –


  • odawno58

    Man does not live by time alone.

  • Jonathan Lentz

    Real dogs weigh over 60 lbs. Small yappy things are food for real dogs.

  • JB

    Time and money cannot be kept, so make sure and waste it!

  • Mack

    Dad only taught me one life lesson growing up, and it’s a rule I live by to this day:

    “If you can SEE ’em, and if you can FEEL ’em…then they’re real enough for me”

  • scott tillett

    Try to fix it yourself. If it’s still broken, it’s a manufacturer defect.

  • Keaton

    Any shorts that extend past the knee are no longer considered shorts, but capris.

  • Tom

    Thou shalt not spill.

  • Tommy Cola

    Man cannot live on head alone.

  • scott wilson

    Man law: Never, ever, trust a man who doesn’t like the three stooges, or a woman who does…….

  • Hunter20

    Man Law 34: Trust Few but respect many

  • Justin

    Man Law: Go Big or Stay Home because America has the best doctor to daredevil ratio of any nation, wounds heal, glory never dies and chicks dig scars.

  • Dave Bradley

    Man law: the volume of one’s motorcycle and/or height of one’s vehicle is inversely proportional to the size of one’s manhood.

  • Steeeeeve

    Man Law: Never trust a man with a ponytail.

  • patrick

    At least once a man should pilot an airplane and jump out of one.

  • VanillaThunderV

    Man Law: Whilst standing at a urinal the acceptable topics of conversation are limited to; sports, drink specials and available amorous woman.

  • camofreak

    assert your male dominance, by taking out anything that stands in your way, man law…..

  • Stewart L

    Man Law: Men should not have straws in their drinks.

  • Willie

    Man Law: A man never wears jeans to a strip club.

  • Daniel

    If you refuse a beer handed to you, you must wear a dress to the next party you attend.

  • Behram

    Man Law: Never look surprised.

  • gepo

    man law #3: always ready, like a boyscout

  • Liam

    Man law: Good steak does not require condiments.

  • Jay

    Man Law: Who cares if you think w/ more than just one head…chances are, you’re at least 50% right!!

  • lebo

    LAW 1: If it aint broke, go ahead and fix it anyway

  • Gary Etheridge

    When getting dressed in changing or locker rooms men should always put their under pants on first. There is no need to flaunt your feathers, that should be left to Peacocks in park. Prolonged and unnecessary exposure of southern regions will only result in potential moon landings and trouble….

  • greg

    When you belch you must blow

  • Tyrone

    A man should never complain about the type or brand of the free beer being offered from a friend’s refrigerator….