GIVEAWAY: 2 TOKYObay DIY Watch Kits (Last Chance)

The laws that govern man are important, but there are a lot of things more important than driving 55mph, not drinking in public and curfew. Man laws like – always having a one urinal buffer, DIYing it if possible, never making eye contact and only ordering coffee in ‘Merican sizes aren’t the laws that govern us, they’re the laws that bind us as men. Being on time for your appointments isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the manly thing to do – if for no reason other than the fact that the beer will all be gone otherwise. In light of that, owning a quality timepiece is important. Now, you don’t even have to pay someone else to build it for you because you can DIY your own watch using this TOKYObay DIY Watch Kit. The 18 quality tools in the kit let you LEGO your own unique watch, but also let you repair and maintain any watches you may have lying around.

Contest Closed! Congrats to David (Surgicaltech….@….com) and Bob Eberhardt

We want to make sure you stay current with all your man laws. Since we can’t verify your adherence to coffee and urinal etiquette, we’re going to giveaway two of the previously mentioned TOKYObay DIY Watch Kits ($210 each) to different readers. All you have to do is….

1.  Go check out TOKYObay’s website to see their full line of watches
2.  Come up with a man law of your own and post it on the Cool Material Facebook Page or as a comment below.

We’ll pick two winners 6/24. Good Luck!


  • phil

    Never forget any of your girlfriends’ birthdays.

  • Munir

    Man Law 34: the only acceptable wrist accessory is one that tells time.

  • BB

    Thou shalt maintain a masculine and stolid demeanor at all times, but on occasion this rule may be broken when one isn’t clever enough and must stoop to pleading because I realllllllllly want such a cool kit. Pleaaaase?

  • Hot Chip

    Man Law #1

    Never forget: No woman has loved you longer than your mother.

    What a coincidence: I live in Illinois, but I was just in Half Moon Bay near Santa Cruz last week and I first saw Tokyo Bay watches for sale there! Definitely dapper timepieces.


  • Tim Jacobsen

    Contest Closed! Congrats to David (Surgicaltech….@….com) and Bob Eberhardt

  • Bigboy

    Whatever man wear a rubber!!!

  • louis fernandez

    man law top 10- if your a fathe or uncle or have to give a gift to a friends child, under 10 BB gun, 10-15 crowbow or bow and arrows, over 15 first 22 rifle
    only a man can give a man gift