GIVEAWAY: 2 Pairs Eskuche 45 DJ Headphones (CLOSED)

You just spent $300 on a new phone. You loaded it up with music and movies. Then, in an attempt to rock out, you plugged in the headphones that came with it, clicked play and realized they sucked. Who knows, maybe you didn’t even get that far because the headphones were too uncomfortable to leave in for more than 10 seconds. You need real headphones, and Eskuche has the perfect pair–the 45 DJs. Designed as DJ/studio monitors, these cans keep your music clear…even if you decide to turn it up to eleven. 40mm drivers, aluminum ear cups and rotatable ear cups round out the package on the pair of headphones we think is pretty close to perfect.

Giveaway Closed – Congrats Isaac S. and Rocio U.

If you decided to purchase the Eskuche 45 DJ Headphones in black or silver you’d be dropping $129, and it would be money well spent. Thanks to the people at Eskuche, two of you don’t have to spend a dime. One pair of Eskuche 45 DJ Headphones in black and one pair in silver will be randomly given to two people who do the following:

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2. Leave a comment on this post on Facebook.
3. Wait patiently. We’ll pick two winners 1/13.


  • hunter


  • Richard Lee

    looks interesting

  • sie

    win win wanna win this so bad !!!!

  • Michael Reese

    I can’t think of a nicer gift to give me – and share with someone else..

  • http://n/a moos moos

    so nice, giving it away twice!

  • Jeremy

    You have inspred lottery dreams! I am picturing all the places that I will be able to jam with a pair of those bad boys! And best of all… No share-sies! A pair for the better half!

  • Eli

    EXACTLY WHAT I’VE BEEN WANTING! YESSS, I’m so glad I finally found this website!

  • Maurice Caleb Avery

    It would be awesome to get that silver one. Not that I’d turn down either headset, but I really love the mid 1970’s high end high Fi retro vibe the silver one sweats like a gorilla in a parka in a sauna! With a campfire. Hot.
    Soooooooooo…….. Cool!

  • Maurice Caleb Avery

    Oh! Forgot to say that if I win you be my friend long time!

  • Aaron

    have you guys picked a winner yet? and how do you contact them?

  • AJ

    Ahhh……..nothing like quality that matches the digital age of music!