GIVEAWAY: 2 Kisai Denshoku LED Watches

In case you were too busy with TPS reports to get the memo, you can now Shop Cool Material. The closely curated collection of generally awesome stuff includes almost everything that a man needs to get through every day situations stylishly – at prices that won’t break anyone’s bank. Speaking of not breaking the bank, we have another giveaway in honor of the store launch. This time, two Kisai Denshoku watches. The silver aluminum watch is powered by LEDs and presents time in a way that’s equal parts Cylon or Knight Rider. The LEDs pulsate three times: first for hours, then tens of minutes and finally minutes. It’s also electronic and made in Japan so you know it’s going to be decent quality and last nearly forever. Interested? Of course you are. Here’s how you win:

GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed!

Congrats to Futch and Juan Villasenor

Head to the Cool Material Shop and get the lay of the land. When you’re done ogling the awesomeness, come back here and leave a comment telling us what your favorite item is. Complete these two simple steps and you could win one of two $284 Kisai Denshoku LED Watches.

We’ll pick two winners 04/28. Good Luck!


  • Kevin W

    the pico pen looks both cool and functional

  • Karl Besser

    I really like the Whipping Post Picker’s Wallet. I’m not a musician but it’s always good to have a pic on you at all times.

  • Alexandra W.

    I love the Booq Mamba Catch Bag.

  • Joy Q

    Those Eskuche Headphones in Silver ROCKS! I need to order those for myself soon.

  • Johnny

    The Guitar Pick Punch is an awesome gift for a player. I gave one to my brother for x-mas and it turned out to be his favorite gift of all.
    It is very sturdy and ingenious.

  • Juan

    I’ll take the I’m CEO Bitch business card case. Great for my next board meeting.

  • TBone

    The armed revolver notebook is F’N Rad! I would loke to break it out in my next sales meeeting.

  • Scott

    The Music Baloon looks pretty cool.

  • Jonas

    Without a doubt the whiskey stones are great. I’d say the firehose belt but that would make me a perv.

  • theslats

    I would be all over the cast iron bottle opener.

  • Manali Desai

    Well, I love the Ninja Magnets! Who hasn’t thought of becoming a Cool Ninja when they were younger?! Their supersonic speed and their tricks fascinate everyone… The Ninja Magnets just remind me of how my cousins and I would run around all over the place, pretending to be Ninjas, when we were younger! I would love to have those at home to remind me of all that!

  • tom lorenzini

    This is one of the coolest sites EVER!!!! I bought some stuff the other day for my new son-in-law (the business card holder and collar stays)…so cool!!!!

  • Nick Steele

    Bacon hot sauce sounds interesting!

  • carl

    Everything is awesome……………

  • greg

    that fire hose belt is kick ass!

  • John T.

    Too many to choose but I’m going with the Marshall headphones, they look awesome and must sound great being Marshall and all.

  • Richard

    HOBO KNIFE!!! This recession’s been really hard on me…..

  • MikeSimpson

    Klipsch Lightspeaker is one of the most innovative products I have seen. I am a big fan of something so cool you don’t even realize you’re right under the speaker. Plus it is LED so it is low energy consumption. I am trying to integrate speakers into an object with led lights outlining the system. We will see what I can do…

  • Kenton

    I’m a fan of all of it, but those notebooks are one of kind (besides there’s 3 varities.) Those are attention grabbers.

  • TuxSax

    So many cool things to decide!
    I’ve just sent a lotto today, so if I win the cash I’ll buy the whole shop, but if I had to pick only one, that would be the whiskey stones, or the bicycle chain bottle opener, in that order

  • Ben

    Torn between the Deer Head shot glasses and the Guitar Pick Punch.

  • Leandro Ekman

    The coolest item, no questions ask are the Cool Material Pocket Notebooks – 3pk

  • randy power

    I loooooove the slim drive. I just bought an HP slate 500 and I’m looking for small accessories like this one!! Wooooohoooo!!

  • Travis O

    The carbon fiber iPad arm for the car is pure genius! Why do all the rich people have the good ideas?

  • Ryan Dedios

    Love those Ninja Magnets…

  • Sebastian
  • wheremykeysat

    The KEY SUSPENSION CLIP!!! If I’d only known something like this existed earlier I wouldn’t be sittin outside of my apartment looking for my keys !$”@%&$ WHERE ARE YOU…

  • Hrinky

    Have to say, the TDK Life on Record Sound Cube has me reaching for my credit card….awesome!

  • Randy Benkowich

    The pick punch is fantastic. I actually bought one from the site as I play bass and my daughters are learning guitar. They now also have one for jazz picks too, I may even buy it. But I could really use a watch as my last one died about 5 years ago.

  • Nick Nehila

    Definitely the whiskey stones! Description is so right, “whiskey doesn’t have to be poured down your throat at a rapid pace… ” Enjoy!

  • Tara

    The hobo knife is awesome. If they were cheaper, I’d buy a bunch and hand them out to homeless people on the streets

  • leonard cannon

    I really kind of like the “William-Sonoma Smoker Box”!!

  • Steve

    It has to be the cast iron bottle opener. When else has there been a guaranteed way to get into a bottle, even if the cap won’t budge, you’re getting in.

  • Chris

    the card speaker is my favorite

  • Frank Hirtz

    Too many great things to pick a favorite. The “Big Book of Breasts 3D” is inviting, but I probably would be unhappy with the divorce settlement.

    Keep up the great work. I love the site and visit it often for gift ideas.

  • Gregg

    the whiskey stones are a must

  • Fred Schiller

    In my younger days I collected watches. A lot of watches. The only problem is that due to the high acid content in my skin most inferior metals discolor and corrode. That means I’ve had to raise my sights and only collect higher quality watches. I’ve been wearing the same Bulova for a long time. I’ve only been on the Cool Material mailing list for a couple of weeks but I’ve already fallen in love with the Automatic Maratac Pilot Watch. It’s beautiful. No bells or whistles are required. I’m a big fan of sci-fi so I also really dig the Kisai Denshoku. If the choice was available I would definitely try to get my hands on the black model, but either would make my heart skip a beat. Hmmm…my heart continues to skip beats. I should give my doctor a call. Thanks for holding this great contest. All the best–Fred Schiller

  • Trent

    Key Suspension Clip is cool

  • Justin

    It has to be the bacon hot sauce. You have your hot sauce, which is great by itself, but then you bitch slap it by adding the candy of all meats, bacon. So, in essence, it should be called the “sweet” hot sauce!

  • Ross

    The Rechargeable Card Speakers are awesome! Can totally see using them for tailgating and bbqs!

  • Shotgun

    The guns stuff is awesome love the pistol imprint. Also the camo wallet revolver imprint is amaxing


    I have to say, even as a female, the 3D boob book has to be the best addition to your site… Ok, maybe not the most practical, but fantastic for what it is. Go get those boobie goggles, boys!

  • Scott

    I love the hobo knife, only because it’s something I could see my self using randomly.
    I camp/hike/wander outdoors on a pretty frequent basis and I sometimes take MRE’s or other simple foods, and i bet a hobo knife would be one of those things that are just nifty in those situations.
    But who knows until you try, right?

  • Kyle Grendell

    I’d totally scoop up that stanley flask! It just oozes old school alcoholism awesomeness!

  • Andrew


  • Amy Smith

    LOVE the “I’m the CEO… bitch” card case!

  • Kim R

    So much to choose from! I’d go the Float Magazine Rack but a close second would be the Lawnstriper. Heaven!

  • yeshly snipes

    The CXXVI Steel Bottle Opener Necklace is sick!

  • Andrew

    All of it!!! but if i had to pick one it would be the whisky rocks!!!! Who doesn’t like whisky on the rocks!!!!

  • Larry Weaver

    the instant guitar pick maker is so cool.