GIVEAWAY: 2 Kisai Denshoku LED Watches

In case you were too busy with TPS reports to get the memo, you can now Shop Cool Material. The closely curated collection of generally awesome stuff includes almost everything that a man needs to get through every day situations stylishly – at prices that won’t break anyone’s bank. Speaking of not breaking the bank, we have another giveaway in honor of the store launch. This time, two Kisai Denshoku watches. The silver aluminum watch is powered by LEDs and presents time in a way that’s equal parts Cylon or Knight Rider. The LEDs pulsate three times: first for hours, then tens of minutes and finally minutes. It’s also electronic and made in Japan so you know it’s going to be decent quality and last nearly forever. Interested? Of course you are. Here’s how you win:

GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed!

Congrats to Futch and Juan Villasenor

Head to the Cool Material Shop and get the lay of the land. When you’re done ogling the awesomeness, come back here and leave a comment telling us what your favorite item is. Complete these two simple steps and you could win one of two $284 Kisai Denshoku LED Watches.

We’ll pick two winners 04/28. Good Luck!


  • Paul

    I’m CEO Bitch card case. I’m no CEO, but my CEO is an actual bitch. So it works for me.

  • Abishek

    The Landmarks & Lions Smartphone Wallet looks so cool. I wish it could be mine!

  • Deepy

    Automatic Maratac Pilot Watch looks so dope. I want both these watches.

  • Fabian

    Love the beer glasses and the 3D breast book seemed pretty interesting haha. I hope I win this watch it is freaking awesome. 😀

  • Pearl

    Rechargeable card speaker looks pretty cool =]

  • Maxx M.

    I was surprised at how much I liked the Magazine holder (

    Then I saw and the irish in me loved them.

  • Chas Sinklier

    The Cool Material Shop has got the watches – hard to choose ~:0)

  • jason

    beer bottle glasses – Sol

  • Kevin E

    I LOVE the guitar pick punch!

  • Josh

    I love all the stuff. But I would definitely get the Ninja Magnets any day.
    May –
    – Just –
    Be –
    – That –
    -Day –
    – !!!!! –

  • Mack

    Oh good lord the inchworm is versatile and useful for so many reasons. I want!

  • jk

    corona beer bottle glasses

  • Kimo

    Pick Punch… Batmobile would be cool in the carport.

  • Lucas Myers

    My favorite is the guitar pick punch

  • Ryan Johnson

    The whiskey stones take it for me. Every great piece in life has a good story. This one requires it. Now if I only knew what time to start drinking…

  • Roberta

    I’m very unlucky: I can’t see anything because Google Chrome and Firefox could not find!!!
    Sigh sigh..
    I’ll try later!

  • Rachtha

    Bacon Hot Sauce. Wow.

  • Bjarni

    Inceworm,Key suspension Clip,and Rechargeble card speaker

  • Dave

    Dear Cool Material, After stumbling onto your website about 6 months ago I immediately purchased a book that seemed amazing then and even more so now that I’ve read it. The book “The Little Black Book of Violence” was purchased as a gift for a friend and we all now have purchased our own copies. Every man should read this and hand it on to their sons.

    Now the latest cool thing I’ve seen is one I can’t afford right now but would love to use everyday. It is the Sub G1 Three-wheeler Motorcycle.

    Enough said!


  • Mark

    I love the whiskey stones! Awesome idea !

  • Dennis

    I really like the watches on the website. Right now I would say that the Vestal Doppler Digital Watch would be my favorite….

  • Jennifer Rutsky

    I’m CEO….Bitch! Card Case is pretty cool, especially since I’m a CEO, not.

  • Josh Gourdie

    I’m diggin’ that hammered pewter flask, it would match my wedding ring, ha!

  • David

    My favorite item would be Eskuche 33 1/3 Headphones, especially in silver. I like the retro touch.

  • Rob

    I liked the whiskey stones, they were pretty neat :)

  • Nick

    My favorite item would be the beer bottle glasses. I’d pour them with better quality beer than is on the label… so rebellious!