GIVEAWAY: 2 $150 Element Case Gift Certificates

As we’ve all probably discovered on more than one occasion, cellphones and tablets aren’t immune to gravity. They do everything they’re supposed to and some things they’re not (if you gave your iDevice a get out of jail free card) amazingly, but until someone figures out a way to make the Panasonic Toughbook equivalent of a cellphone (we’re thinking titanium and carbon fiber) we’re going to need a case. It’s not just fall damage either because cases also protect from scratches, dents and dings. The problem always ends up boiling down to a sacrifice between security and beauty. The safe bet used to mean beating your phone with an ugly stick in the name of protection, but that’s not the case with Element Case. Constructed from either ultra-high impact resistant TPU polymer or CNC aluminum and available in more colors and styles than a rainbow, each rugged device condom prevents you from having to resort to plan b (that Startac you’ve had buried in your closet for years) – without making your phone look like it was designed by a Cubist.

Contest Closed! Congrats to Greg and Sam

Along with the folks at Element, we want you to practice safe sexting (and emailing, Angry Birding, etc.). Two lucky readers are going to win $150 gift certificates for anything from Element Case.

To Enter: Head over to Element and pick out the case you would get if you won, and then tell us what it is in the comments below.

We’ll pick two winners 7/19. Good luck!


  • Micah Smith

    I would like to get the Vapor Pro 4 White Edition. I like the original look that Apple used on the original iPods.

  • Hector

    Vapor 4 blue

  • Kuang

    ION 4 – Black/ Carbon-Kevlar- Black case

  • Garit Heaton

    ION 4 – Khaki w/ Carbon-Kevlar Back
    because it looks amazing and i think, goes best with a white iphone.

  • jay

    I have wanted a Vapor since the Vapors first came out. So, a Vapor 4, in some color.

  • James

    Vapor Pro Black Ops iPhone Case

  • Thomas

    The ION 4 – Black w/Carbon-Kevlar Back; sweet!

  • david

    ION 4 Tactical iPhone Case
    its the best one for me as i always drop my phone

  • Brooke Egger

    Frost with blood red… My brain bleeds from the cintinuous jabber of my lifeline I call a phone. Significance is relation and relation to device is happiness.

  • William

    Between work and my clumsiness I think the ION 4 – Black w/Carbon-Kevlar Back would be most appropriate.

  • Dan Z

    Vapor Pro Black Ops iPhone Case
    looks too good to turn down

  • David Lintner

    I want the Vapor Pro Black Ops iPhone Case. It’s sexy, well designed, and can take the punishment.

  • vinicius

    vapor 4 extreme materials! such a nice piece of aluminum!

  • Joe

    Formula 4 – Black w/Carbon Back is really slick, but it doesn’t cost a full 150, I’d use the remainder of the cash to knock down most of the Joule iPad Stand’s price.

  • Michael Grookett

    It would have to be the vapor pro black ops

  • Jason Graves

    The iON 4 black with carbon Kevlar back. Maybe a couple others just to trade out once and a while. Great product. I’m actually in the market for one right now. Running around with a naked iPhone right now in our gravity stricken world is a dangerous thing to do!

  • sanchoel

    Element Case Vapor 4 – Extreme Metals Frost
    Safty first!

  • Ioannis

    A Vapor Pro Black Ops iPhone Case for me please! :)

  • Josh Gourdie

    Why not, the Vapor Pro Black Ops is pretty cool. I guess whenever I get an iPhone, it will be well protected.

  • Surge

    The Vapor Pro Chroma iPhone 4 case in black looks very sleek and would look even sleeker in on my phone!

  • Steve

    I’m digging the Vapor Black Ops. It’s rugged, has army stripes and all black except the hint of orange on the edge. Nice.

  • Jed

    Definitely the Vapor 4 White Edition. That case looks legit

  • Devon

    ION i keep on droping my phone

  • Chase

    Black vapor pro chroma. Suede backing looks slick.

  • Bruce

    I’ve been wanting one of these since the Pre-Order days! I’d get the Element Case Vapor 4 – Graphite/Graphite 😀

  • Kev

    Vapor Pro Chroma iPhone Case – Orange :) is just awesome.

  • Jason

    The Vapor Pro Black Ops for sure!

  • Lance Agena

    Vapor 4 Case – Black/Silver

  • Ryan

    Vapor Pro Black Ops iPhone Case because it complements my awesomeness

  • Chad M

    Vapor 4 White Edition iPhone Case. As bada$$ as Cool Material!

  • Rebecca

    Vapor Pro Venom Limited Edition iPhone4 Case. Because it’s sexy

  • Steven

    The Vapor Pro White Edition is what separates the sissys from the men

  • Sarah

    I’d get the Formula 3 for my iPhone. That’s a slick case!

  • marcus

    I would bet the ON 4 – Black w/Carbon-Kevlar Back !

  • Gabriel Smith

    I would get a Ion iPhone 3G/3GS Case & and transit zipper case. thanxs

  • Karen Gonyea

    Vapor 4 – Black / Silver :)

  • Alex Hoffman

    Definitely the vapor pro choma in black. Sleek and sexy

  • Mike M

    I recently purchased an Ipad 2 and a wireless bluetooth keyboard but typing with the ipad laying flat is more annoying than the media coverage of the royal wedding. A stand would be awesome

  • Ryan

    I would get the ‘Black Ops’ case for the iPhone 4, looks awesome!

  • Todd

    I’d wait untill they made cases for the iPhone5. Then get that.

  • http://none Momomo

    Vapor Pro Chroma Black is SIIIICK! I would get that for sure! I wish I had the money to afford that.

  • john t ran

    I would definitely get a Vapor 4 in white

  • Cody

    I would get the Joule Chroma iPad Stand in Black. It looks sick as hell!

  • Jimmy

    Vapor 4 or the vapor pro…
    They look amazing!

  • Jonathan

    I’d rock the Formula 3 case. Compliments of Coolmaterial, of course!

  • Steve

    Vapor 4 pro in black and yellow most definetly. please!!

  • Erik

    Vapro Pro Black Ops. Something that will hold up to my job and look better than an otter!

  • Dan Isaac

    Vapor Pro Black Ops iPhone Case Looks great, great protection and light weight. what more can you ask for?

  • Lorenzo

    Vapor Pro Black Ops iPhone Case of course…It seems wonderful

  • BeerBellyJoe

    The Formula 4 – Black w/Carbon Back from Element Case defines Sleek and Sexy. With its beautiful stealth lines and Real Carbon Fiber, It would be the last case I would have to own for my iphone 4.