GIVEAWAY: 2 $150 Element Case Gift Certificates

As we’ve all probably discovered on more than one occasion, cellphones and tablets aren’t immune to gravity. They do everything they’re supposed to and some things they’re not (if you gave your iDevice a get out of jail free card) amazingly, but until someone figures out a way to make the Panasonic Toughbook equivalent of a cellphone (we’re thinking titanium and carbon fiber) we’re going to need a case. It’s not just fall damage either because cases also protect from scratches, dents and dings. The problem always ends up boiling down to a sacrifice between security and beauty. The safe bet used to mean beating your phone with an ugly stick in the name of protection, but that’s not the case with Element Case. Constructed from either ultra-high impact resistant TPU polymer or CNC aluminum and available in more colors and styles than a rainbow, each rugged device condom prevents you from having to resort to plan b (that Startac you’ve had buried in your closet for years) – without making your phone look like it was designed by a Cubist.

Contest Closed! Congrats to Greg and Sam

Along with the folks at Element, we want you to practice safe sexting (and emailing, Angry Birding, etc.). Two lucky readers are going to win $150 gift certificates for anything from Element Case.

To Enter: Head over to Element and pick out the case you would get if you won, and then tell us what it is in the comments below.

We’ll pick two winners 7/19. Good luck!


  • Mark

    Vapor 4 Case – Black/Orange

  • Jeffrey James

    Man, that Vapor Pro “Black Ops” case is pretty boss. That thing would be sweet to own.

  • Chuck

    Vapor 4 White Edition !!! soooo sexy on a black iphone…

  • Fernando Castro

    I would get the Element Case Vapor 4 – Silver/Silver for Iphone 4, looks great.

  • Berian Lowe

    I’d love the Black ION 4 with the Carbon Kevlar Back.
    It would look ace with my Starfleet Uniform and Communicator app!

    Trek yo’ self befo’ you wreck yo’ self!

  • Omar

    Element Case Vapor Pro Black Ops… Bad ass case!

  • Shauna

    Definitely the Vapor Pro Venom Limited Edition. If I win, I’ll buy an iPhone 4 just to put inside it!!

  • jacklope

    Formula iPhone 3G/3GS Case cause it looks just SO bad ass!

  • John Stockman

    The Formula 3 is so cool I may just have to keep my iPhone 3GS AFTER the iPhone 5 comes out this fall!!!

  • Jeff

    Ion 4 Black w/Carbon-Kevlar back.

  • greg

    vapor 4 black/silver

  • Mysfyt

    Formula 3 for the 3GS – oh yes, very nice.

  • Shawn

    Joule Chroma iPad Stand – Orange

  • Christian

    Tactical Line FO SHO!

  • dmm

    I’d like a case for a non-iDevice. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that’s there at the moment.

  • Bob

    prefer Vapor Pro Black Ops iPhone Case for iPhone 4 and the Formula iPhone 3G/3GS Case for iPhone 3

  • Eric

    The Vapor Pro Black Ops is awesome, that’s the one I want.

  • Ariz

    Element Case Vapor Pro Black Ops

  • rich

    Vapor Pro Black Ops iPhone 4 Case

  • Noah

    Vapor Pro Chroma iPhone Case – Red – Epic! I may buy one even if I don’t win.

  • troy

    Vapor pro black ops and ion kevlar black. i have been looking for a site like this.
    will be great for international travel and work and for my other equip.

  • kelvin

    I like the vapor pro black ops iphone 4

  • Jason

    Vapor 4 Chroma Black!

  • Johann

    Vapor Pro “Black Ops” Limited Edition Kit would definitely be Cool Material on my SOCOM provided iPhone 4 … i’ve been looking for a stronger case since my last Otter Box failed to save my last phone!

  • Jay

    The Formula 3 is pretty sick!!!!

  • Sam

    I would definitely get the Vapor Pro Chroma iPhone Case in black. It looks amazing and super sexy while also protecting one of the most amazing pieces of technology ever!

  • Andrew

    Element Case Vapor 4 in Chroma Red


    ION 4 – Black w/Carbon-Kevlar Back

    These guys are putting out some killer designs, nice work!


  • Robinhudrich

    Element Case Vapor 4
    Red/Black is my fav by far I love them all but that one has my heart!!

  • Steviebmtl

    Vapor 4 – Black/Black

  • Chris

    ION 4 – Black w/Carbon-Kevlar Back totally fits the bill. That bill being i need a gift for a new iphone user. These cases are sick, and I would totally be the man if I won this puppy.

  • Robert

    Vapor Pro Chroma iPhone Case – Black
    Because less is more.

  • S Skaggs

    Element Case Vapor Pro Black Ops. It’s not that I want it, I need it! This iPhone 4 loves to fall from my hand…

  • Justin serioux

    I would love the ION 4 – Black/ Carbon-Kevlar- Black case. With all the trouble My phone gets in I need the Kevlar.

  • Willie

    ION 4 – Khaki w/ Carbon-Kevlar Back
    in case I get in a gun fight

  • WKS

    Vapor Pro iPhone Case – Silver

  • Jonathan Lentz

    Vapor 4 Black Ops case!

  • Patrick Stevens

    I’m not even a gamer but it’s got to be the Black Ops!!! Sweet!

  • Abe

    ION 4 – Black w/Carbon-Kevlar Back.

    Besides the fact that it looks badass, its protection is unrivaled.

  • Bryan Balkenbush

    I want the vapor pro black ops iphone 4 case!!!!!

  • daniel

    Vapor Pro Venom Limited Edition

  • Jordan

    Vapor Pro White Edition; It’s beautiful! and personally I think it would look great on my phone :)

  • jay

    Element Case Vapor 4 – Black/Blood Red

  • John Bearwdood

    Vapor Pro Chroma iPhone Case – Orange!

  • Chris Morris

    Vapor Pro Black Ops iPhone Case!!! FTW!!! Sexting, Black Ops Style!

  • Cody Moore

    Vapor 4 Black ops case! I work at an experimental armor facility for the government, and that would fit right in:)

  • Adam Perez

    Vapor 4 black or graphite

  • Alan

    I would definitely go for the Vapor Pro Black Ops Limited Edition case. It’s just tacti-cool!

  • sophia

    vapor pro chroma blue. looks awesome

  • jk

    Vapor 4 Case – Black/Aqua Blue