GIVEAWAY: 10 “Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned” Notebooks & $100 (CLOSED)

We have a lot of brilliant ideas when we’re stoned and if we don’t write them down they’ll go up in smoke. The best place to put those ideas is in a Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned Notebook.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED – Congrats Damian L.

We’re giving away 10 notebooks and a $100 gift card to Shop Cool Material.

To Enter:
Leave a comment below with your best intoxicated idea.

We’ll pick one winner on 3/20. Good luck and happy smoking!


  • Andre

    iPhone app that replaces your wallet.

  • Joe

    Doing snowangels in 2 feet of snow in the middle of the street in NYC during last year’s “Thundersnow”

  • Michael

    the beer tap at every bar table/booth only to discover this exists already – still my idea!

  • Pat E.

    Crawling up the driveway / stairs is much safer than walking after copious beers and a freezing rain storm.

  • Kyle G

    Stoplights man. Stoplights. I swear there’s a better way.

  • james

    a car that is painted a different colour on each side……conflicting witness statements…..

  • Stew

    Handerpants… but some bastard already beat me to it.

  • Naresh

    Bookmarking Coolmaterial and porn

  • cowgirl.caitie

    Buying 1983 van….. not realizing it didn’t have seats (all except the drivers seat). ‘Came up with’ the idea to use lawn furniture,you know the kind… with aluminum and green striped webbing, well I attached it to the floor with silver duct tape, (saftey first you know). Going around corners, stopping ….well just about everything caused people, furniture, and beer to go flying.
    Stopped by one of Americas finest men in blue….. got so flustered he ended up just telling me to leave because he couldnt figure out what kind of tickets to give me.

  • http://CoolMaterialNewletter Jack

    Trying to reheat a peanut butter, and jelly sandwich I had made earlier in the day in a 4 slice bread toaster.

  • Tyler

    Self-deprecating thoughts.

  • Jae

    Writing a romance novel featuring characters from The Holy Bible.

  • Eric Seberg

    My best idea was to sober up so I could get home.

  • Michael McKain

    Buy a forest. Adopt 8 midget babies every year (mixed race). Be the only non-midget around and raise them to think you’re their god.

  • Michael McKain

    Put a cap on the other side of the Peanut-butter jar so you can scrape the bottom out muccccch easier. I know…brilliant

  • hunter

    a epic comedy like project x

  • Eric Witham

    Taking poloroids of people’s naughty bits and putting them in a glass coaster and playing Match the Dirty Bits at a party with all our friends.

  • Danielle Witham

    Putting Brown Deli Mustard on Pizza bagels… IT’S SO GOOD!!!

  • Alex Blaine

    I write plays and I will probably write a lot more about angels and demons, vampires, blood, gore, horror. All to an awesome soundtrack of course.

  • Santosh Bhavani

    My best idea was intentionally microwaving my buddy’s cellphone.

  • Jeremy

    Being wasted, climbing 3 balconies only to enter the wrong apartment.

  • Jerry tatro

    I had a mind blowing idea to enter every single sweepstakes at cool material. With the hopes of actually winning something !!

  • Cody Crawford

    My Idea is to fill juice boxes like CapriSun’s with smoke and sell them. Then whenever you want a quick puff, pop in the straw, inhale, and welcome yourself to cloud 9.

  • Stevo

    “The government should make every $1 bill a $100 bill. That way everybody would be rich.”
    Sounded brilliant at the time…

  • Mike

    I figured that since I couldnt ride a skateboard well regular footed that I should try goofy. I was much worse.

  • chancecube

    Dinosaurs aren’t real

  • Rob S.

    I’m opening a restaurant and calling it “The Gym”. You’re welcome guys!!

  • Jerry

    Hollow out the center of a banana without peeling it and inject peanut butter.Its a self contained snack on the go.

  • alison

    Ceiling fans that rotate to the beat of music … hahaha, did I actually say that out loud? Humm I must be stoned!
    Cheers 😉

  • Darwin

    The ultimate smore

    2 smore poptarts
    2 peeps shaped like bunnies
    half of a Hersey’s Cookie n’ Cream bar


  • Jesse Herring

    why can’t someone make wood glue dissolver. they have dissolver for super glue?

  • Nicholas

    The best idea I had while stoned was to make a peanut butter, bacon and sliced banana sandwich. It is now one of my favorite lunch time indulgences.

  • Parker

    Going out to play for the Quidditch team on Campus…and Catching the Snitch

  • Anton

    Clearly, it was trying to climb as many roofs with my friend as possible within a day. It was in an old North-European city, so the views were worth it. We climbed in the windows, balconies to get there, ran from the guards quite, and in the end we met two very nice girls on one of them. They didn’t like us first but now, after five years, we’re kind of best friends (no love story here unfortunately).
    The best practical intoxicated idea was as simple as that: sparkling vodka. the ultimate ‘getting wasted’ drink. Yes, and we even kind of did that. Hilarious.

  • Noel

    Naked in the desert, no sunscreen. Twice.

  • Chris


  • Bryan

    My first best intoxicated idea was entering a stand-up comedy contest during a drunken college party which started my career in comedy.

    My second best idea was to talk by replacing the letter “T” with the letter “B”

  • lev

    potato. kidding. How awesome would that be if they made a pill that lets you use your brains maximum power!!!

  • chris

    I went to work. worst idea ever

  • marko

    so we invented desert bowling

  • Christian

    A turtle that has a can holder and can deliver tasty brews on command.

  • Moritz

    Make a Restaurant that only sales Cornflakes

  • JayCee

    Once when I was stoned I worked out the formula to the conundrum that is, ‘Why do you ‘piss yourself’ when you are laughing but ‘shit yourself’ when you are scared’. But I forgot it, if I had a notebook we would all be much wiser right now.

  • Frederic

    burn all my money and embark on a journey to alaska

  • Adam

    Deep fried PBJ sandwiches, or a bong built into the steering wheel of a car (only for seasoned smokers)

  • Laurence

    If I had this handy note pad I would be able to recall all those great ideas!

  • Tommy Butler

    A book about grilled cheese that is made out of grilled cheese. This might just be a sandwich.

  • Ivan

    Wake and bake in the morning cook some breakfast and continue to toke By time lunch comes around I’m completely out. Lightbulb invite as many of your friends to come with goodies and munchies so I don’t have go out and buy and I have a slamming time…… Well played sir.

  • Arica

    I wrote when I was high, on a piece of loose leaf: “Fantasy is a blessing and a curse; so amazing that we can dream up the most amazing things that could never exist in our reality, yet so sad that we are truly unable to experience them.”

    See now, if you gave me those books, I could state the obvious more often, in a nicely organized notebook.

  • Jimmy King

    Opening up a business in Amsterdam with some buddies: The Waffle Brothel