GIVEAWAY: 10 “Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned” Notebooks & $100 (CLOSED)

We have a lot of brilliant ideas when we’re stoned and if we don’t write them down they’ll go up in smoke. The best place to put those ideas is in a Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned Notebook.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED – Congrats Damian L.

We’re giving away 10 notebooks and a $100 gift card to Shop Cool Material.

To Enter:
Leave a comment below with your best intoxicated idea.

We’ll pick one winner on 3/20. Good luck and happy smoking!


  • Christopher G.

    entering this contest while intoxicated was my best idea…of the day.

  • Andrew

    Bacon, peanut butter, and mayonnaise sandwich. A close second was the bacon, peanut butter, mayonnaise, and pickle sandwich. (I have never figured out whether these things taste good if you’re not a little messed up.)

  • Joe H

    Open up a donut shop even though I’m Diabetic.

    Small time ideas are about “dancing on pool tables” level.

  • Brandon

    My best intoxicated idea was creating a large personal orb with a chair inside that has a tv screen, speakers,video game system and a fridge, and is completely sound proof. Someone actually did end up inventing that, minus the fridge.

  • pgrim91

    Assembling two pieces of IKEA furniture into one: a super desk with a clothing rack

  • Kyle

    Exploring my friend’s attic. Falling through my friend’s attic.

  • Carlos P

    Falling asleep at work (front desk) while intoxicated which resulted in getting fired was my best idea.

  • Robin

    My roommate and I decided that after a horrible double date we would light one up and go streaking on the soccer fields at our school while re-enacting the sequence “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas.

  • Megan

    I can’t remember any of them because I’ve never had this GREAT notebook to document them! …probably had something to do with cooking though…

  • Paul H

    Feed nothing but Doritos and beer to a calf. After 2 years, eat the best damn steak in the history of man.

  • Dave P


  • CRAusmus

    While intoxicated one night a friend and I built a tattoo gun out of the housing of a bic pen, an eraser, guitar string, and a remote control car engine.

    While the gun worked great, it was what ensued over the remainder of the evening that didn’t turn out so well….

  • Christopher N.

    Ordering the same dessert from every delivery service in the area for comparison.

  • Sharath v

    Sriracha Guacamole. Boom.

  • Thomas N.


  • Nightmare

    Quitting my corporate job and starting a radio station in my bunker.

  • Rob

    Sucking the jelly out of jelly doughnuts and refilling them with ice cream. It helped to have a friend who worked at Carvel. Then because that wasn’t enough, making frozen pizzas but grinding up Doritos and Fritos to add to the cheese.

  • Matt

    Two words…Chicken Sushi.

  • Ron

    That pizza delivery drivers are undervalued…I ordered a pizza and a 2-liter of coke. The driver showed up without the coke and apologized and said he would go get it and be back. For some reason I through it was a good idea, and only fair to him, that I would go back with him in his car, get the coke and walk home (a whole block and a half). Somehow I ended up buying another pizza while there and walked home with a hot pizza and nice cool 2-liter of coke. It all tasted amazing on that epic journey (1.5 block walk lol) home. I even gave him a great tip 😉

  • Matt B.

    A bong made of play-doh. Legos as well.

  • Damian LoVecchio

    Three words for you… RADIO-CONTROLLED TOUPE!

  • Dan

    Broke into a house on the way home to see if they had any frozen pizza we could make when we got home… They didn’t but they had beer.

  • Jon

    Once decided to create a BASEketball league with friends and while it never actually took off, we have two solid Baseketball teams ready for all challengers.

    Also, 10 pace duels with nerf guns, bong rips for the winner.

  • Derek

    I like put potato chips on sandwiches. Expand the idea, good in soup, ice cream and on my girlfriend. Snoochie boochies

  • Trevor

    I have definately come up with my best drawings and tattoo’s while under the influence of the Devils Lettuce. One of my best was 4 animals in one. I called it “The GorrillaSnappingTurtleEagleSnake”. Awesome.

  • Mike

    Lighting up at a red light while.a cop was stopped in front of our car. We were pulled over, lucky for us it was the bottom of the bag so we had nothing left and the cop let us keep it saying “I don’t mind a joint every now and then just don’t disrespect me and light it right in front of me”. We fired it up immediately after he pulled away.

  • Quentin

    I invented a grape peeler when drunk once. I never made a test model, but boy I was really stoked!

  • Daniel

    I created an irish car bomb cupcake while I was binging on the drink…possibly a little too heavily but whose keeping track!

  • DR

    leaving my mom’s basement

  • sam

    Taking a ride from a very drunk guy in a panel van with crates in the back as seats because all the cabs in the city had stopped running at 2am

  • RByles

    Doing ‘army rolls’ over a moving car, like a stunt man. Although unlike a stunt man, I hurt myself. A lot.

  • B-Rad

    I found the answer for world peace, solved the world’s hunger problems, discovered Alien life, answered the age old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, ended poverty and finally understood women. But I forgot to write any of that shit down…this is just a tribute.

  • Andrew Findley

    White Chocolate Milk. Enough said.

  • Rob

    Mountain Dew Cupcakes

  • Marc

    I scubadive a lot……….my idea is to have an app designed that will enable an iPhone or iPod Touch to be a dive computer. An external water proof housing will also be required. I had this idea about 8 months ago, told all my fellow divers, they said yeah sure…….last week I saw an advertisement for the scubacapsule which does exactly what I thought of, it makes an iPhone or Touch into a dive computer. This definitely should be listed in the “Cool Material” list. I predict it will revolutionize the dive computer industry in the the next 3-5 years.

  • Muncleman

    EasySqueeze Sunny Side Up – I want to dip toast in a couple of fried eggs in the morning, but don’t have time to make them before work. Age-old problem…

    But not any more thanks to microwavable egg yolk in EasySqueeze packaging (complete with anticoagulants to keep a good consistency). Simply make toast, heat the EasySqueeze, and apply some warm yolk onto the toast – breakfast in a flash!

  • Kristen

    Not telling my cool ideas for others to poach.

  • Daniel Duke

    mountain dew pancakes

  • Steve

    Walking out onto a frozen bay in Alaska and then turning around to see all the cracks between us and the shore. This was followed by a slow crawl on hands and knees while praying please don’t break, please don’t break. Swimming in Alaska during winter is not fun.

  • Ryleigh

    A Morgan Freeman GPS…. I think it would be awesome if you could get Morgan Freeman’s voice on a GPS. It would be like he’s narrating your travels.

  • Javier

    I decided to go to the beach and make eggs with tequila. Nuf said

  • mike

    Uh, ummmmm. What was the question?

  • Jeff

    A notebook to write down the plethora of great ideas while…. DAMN! Not again.

  • Pat

    Make a lighter just for smokin green that had a little speaker in it that played clips of Bob Marley songs every time you lit it.

  • Hank

    Driving with binoculars — first, looking thru the large lense, then the reverse….

  • Dennis

    Me and a couple buddies decided to have a celebratory midnight Easter Egg hunt out on the front lawn one night after drinking and smoking a little too much. But instead of eggs we used my dads Craftsman stainless steel metric sockets. We did such a great job at hiding them that it wasn’t until the next morning that my dad found the ones we didn’t–with the lawn mower. Each one made a “chuck, chuck KAPOW” sound when he ran ’em over. The second or third one he hit rocketed out of the side chute and slammed into the neighbors new Buick. ‘Twas a bad day for me after that.

  • DR

    Glow in the dark toilet seat…

  • Kyle

    I would create a leash with a really big collar/muzzle so I could finally lasso the purple dragon on my ceiling… The muzzle would also be a voice translater with a built in auto-tune so he could tell me why he turned the lights off.

  • Brian

    Best idea: winning on 4/20 and not 3/20

  • Liam

    Me and some friends explored an abandoned house in the village I used to live in. I thought it would be a good idea to go upstairs and search through all the rooms, I then fell through the floor upstairs and luckily didn’t break anything… It was one hell of a night though!