GIVEAWAY: 10 “Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned” Notebooks & $100 (CLOSED)

We have a lot of brilliant ideas when we’re stoned and if we don’t write them down they’ll go up in smoke. The best place to put those ideas is in a Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned Notebook.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED – Congrats Damian L.

We’re giving away 10 notebooks and a $100 gift card to Shop Cool Material.

To Enter:
Leave a comment below with your best intoxicated idea.

We’ll pick one winner on 3/20. Good luck and happy smoking!


  • Amanda

    Thin Mints, chopped up and mixed into chocolate pudding, then put into popsicle molds and frozen.
    It was so freaking good.

  • Arica

    ALSO: I also came up with the theory that EVERYONE IS A VAMPIRE and we’ve just come full circle because there’s no more real humans to eat. Like…we turned everyone into vampires and now we just need to feed off animals or something. Wait. Maybe you shouldn’t give me these books. Who knows what terrible crap I’ll fill the pages with.

  • bob

    Bird internet, internet for birds.

  • Mel E.

    A coffee shop with tons of robot cats for everyone to pet.

  • Jay

    Finding a way to make tons of money w/o leaving my bed!!

  • Mike S.

    On a camping trip a buddy and I figured out how to convince the American public to legalize prostitution nation-wide. Had it all worked out: the P.R. campaign, methods of regulating & administering the ‘new’ profession, ways to prevent violence & underage use, and so on. Unfortunately the paper we wrote our ideas on had another use at about 2 AM – we desperately “needed” a bonfire. So…

  • Ian

    Get in a tickle fight with your girl friend while she is waiting in a 50 person line at the club… It’s a good thing she wearing a dress.

  • Jay

    My best idea that I had prior to being intoxicated (and led to me being more intoxicated than I’ve ever been) was to buy and bring a breathalyzer to the bar. After every drink, I’d blow (no homo) on the breathalyzer so see where I stood. Instead of being -just a novelty item, it frankly became a competition between me, my friends, and strangers in the bar. We kept drinking more, blowing more, and arguing about who could get more drunk.

  • HotNicks

    Mostly brothels, for men and women…

  • Ron Walsh

    I had this idea many years ago, and it has stuck with me since. I thought it would be great to have Taco Bell restaurants help with people that are drunk and have the munchies. There would be a translator at the restaurant that would be able to interpret the drunken ramblings into an order. I can’t tell you how many times we had to repeat or order for 12 mexi-melts.

  • RA

    Making bacon waffles and calling up a girl I liked to ask her out and both worked out pretty damn well.

  • Pfil

    Movie pitch. Two words. Jurassic Cop.

  • Dan

    I saw these last week. 100 would be great to spend on this website :)

  • Lisa

    A velcro head band that you could keep everything you need on your head without searching for them…pack of cigs, lighter, tv remote, cell phone, small flashlight, etc. I’d buy one! Also, you know those outdoor gliders with canopy that you can lay down on? Put a motorized rocker on it so you could turn it on, lay down and be rocked to sleep. Oh, I’ve got more….

  • Terri Michaud

    Opening a laundromat/ Bar and naming it Soap N’ Suds.

  • simon

    imagine a couch made of a combination of bacon and pringles,

  • Joshua

    Buy a few hundred old tires. Then find a small city near a dormant volcano. Use a helicopter to drop the tires into the volcano. Light them on fire.

  • Rogelio Cazares

    I have an idea. It will change me, it will change you, it will change your website completely. It will change the world and the universe. Here…let me write it down for you.

  • Jared

    white chocolate milk…

  • Jason

    Taco Bell! Always the best idea

  • Nick

    Chinese Food, Beatles Music, Stoner Comedies.

  • Peter

    a pet alligator. #truestory

  • Tom W

    Possibly the best intoxicated idea me and my mates have had receently was to get a scooter one of the ones to be seen at a skate park, put a milk crate on the spot where the feet usually go and sit on it and take on the greatest hills we can find. Its sublime.

  • Steeeeeve

    Bottle Vodka in water bottles and sell it to teenagers. We’d call it “Aquahol”. It’s fool-proof! Adults get water in the Aquahol bottles but the teens get the vodka filled ones.

  • Tim

    Baby Bottles shaped like 40’s…yes I know.

  • Miranda

    Finding a way to copyright the letter “r.” Because then you could literally rule the world. You would get paid because people needed to use the letter “r.” Language as we know it would change.

  • Interrobong

    I actually understand what my girlfriend is passively-agresively mad about when stoned; sheer enlightment!

  • Ben

    HuH? 100 bucks for weed? nice;)

  • Chas

    Best idea I had while coastin’ was the double-ended trash bag to make it easier to empty – had design probs later though – still working on those ~:0) VivaChas!

  • Mark


    And then the singing began.

  • Dave

    A Discovery Channel Series about what happens in the Earth’s sky. Including: Lightning, people getting getting hit by lightning, how hail is formed, and other crazy shit.

  • Cora mina

    My best idea while intoxicated was a food place with every fast food place in it. So if you want like fries from McDonalds and a cheese burger from in n out you could have it.