Giveaway: Gerber Strata Multi-Tool

If you think all multi-tools are all the same, then you’ve never had the pleasure of using the Strata. You’ve probably also never had one with a blister pack opener. The Gerber Strata Multi-tool has everything a man might need and then some, including a saw, scissors, and a bottle opener. This versatile 6″ multi-tool also features a half serrated, half straight blade, spring loaded pliers and carbide cutters. The retail package opener is a nice add-on designed to get through those ridiculously hard to open retail packages without all the usual swearing and injury.

Retails for $104 at Gerber. Check out GerberGear for more details on the Strata multi-tool and other great knives and tools from Gerber.


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  • Drew

    Trying to sign up for the newsletter gets me a big fat error message from Google. Just a heads-up.

    And, yeah, I’d like to win that.

  • micah

    Now I can finally retire my 15 year old swiss army knife!

  • Harrison Hohnholt

    As an Eagle Scout I always carry a Gerber and as a stage Technician I have to. I love these things, they keep putting great products.

  • Pete

    Looks like this is what I’ve been waiting for…

  • Ben

    Sweet Knife. Looks pretty useful. Wouldn’t mind scoring one.

  • Jonathan

    Looks awesome!!! Lost my swiss army knife and this would be a worthy replacement.

  • Matt

    That knife would be extremely handy at work, plus its a gerber who doesnt want a gerber?

  • djelking

    already signed up, enter me to win!

  • marc

    My roommate has a Gerber, I have wanted one for about a year now.

  • Nate

    Already signed up, enter me please

  • Brian

    already signed up, enter me to win!

  • J L

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • bryan

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  • DP

    Yup, I’ll take this to more places than my Blackberry

  • Matt

    Looks sweet.

  • Xboxbydegrees

    already on the list. This looks like a cool tool to have.

  • ffinlo

    Good looking tool…

  • Chris

    Feb. 12…IT’S MY B-DAY!

  • Duane Pfouts

    Already a member! this looks awesome, sign me up

  • Thian Chang

    Cool tool. A must have for every Cool Guy. I would like to have (win) one. But hopefully luck is with me..

  • Alexia


  • pat

    Love to have one to use at work!

  • steve

    I’m always told that I’m a tool. So I deserve to win this.

  • Matthew Hogan

    Eagle scout here too! My old Gerber actually bit the dust last night, using it out in the snow at a photo shoot, so this is perfect randomly, timing wise hehe…

  • Jerry

    Nice knife indeed. Too bad there will be only two other than me getting one.

  • Matthew

    Is it nerdy if I say that this is the one tool to rule them all ( ha! take that Tolkien) No, but this is an awesom tool not to mention my birthday is right around the corner,

    YOU HEAR THAT COOL MATERIAL!? I WANT THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY!, AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT YOU GOT ME LAST YEAR a big ole peice of nothing… (guilt trip intended)

  • paul

    Yes please

  • ryan

    does already being on the mailing list get you in on this action? would be cool if you put that in the post so we know.

  • tc


  • Josh

    Want Sign Me UP

  • RC

    merp merp

  • Dragan

    already subscribed, but would love to be in it to win.

  • Darcy B

    Very cool!

  • dbkjones

    It’s an infinite amount of useful tools!

  • Shark

    damn, looks sweet

  • MCS

    Already on the list. Would love to be part of the drawing. Definitely looks like an upgrade from my Leatherman

  • Ryan

    going camping that weekend, can you overnight it to me in the poconos?

  • Carol

    I’d love to win

  • MergedLoki

    Looks pretty handy. I have a P.O.S. no name knock off that’s about 10 years old now a good quality replacement is a must.

  • Rob O.

    Looks awesome! Certainly would be a notch up from my Leatherman Squirt P4.

  • KGP


  • Greg O.

    Would definitely work better than the dollar store “multi-tool” I carry around now.

  • louie

    signed up & i could put that to good use

  • Owens

    could really use it, enter me to win.

  • Alfredo

    Indeed very useful. Enter me to win.

  • Kevin

    I have been looking for a knife to carry around. I’ve been using the (free) SOG micro tanto.

  • Duane Pfouts

    I love gerber products, great steel not that 401 surgical crap

  • Andrew

    Sweet! Enter me to win please.

  • Andy

    Hoping that I win one of these…I could score some major points with my dad on Father’s Day with this!

  • Joe

    Awesome tool! I would love to replace my leatherman wave with A Strata. Sign me up.