Friday Link Roundup

Katrina Bowden is the 2011 Sexiest Woman Alive – Esquire

A Complete Guide to Seinfeld’s Sneakers – Complex

Recycled Tech Repurposed as Art & Gear – My Life Scoop

The FBI Needs Your Help Cracking a Code – FBI

10 Ingenius iPad Self-Portraits – Mashable

Ten Easy Ways to Punch Up Your Style for About $50 – GQ

Jay Z’s Life and Times – Life + Times

Take a Stance Against Boring Office Style – The Bachelor Guy

Manly iPad 2 Cases – NOTCOT

The 7 Most NSFW Hip Hop Videos Ever – Funny or Die

Hollywood’s 10 Most Ridiculously Unrealistic Weed Scenes – Splitsider

Radiation Dosage Chart – Information Is Beautiful

DIY amputations and 9 other life saving self-surgeries – Guyism

The Hardest Languages To Learn – Next Round

7 Basic Things You Won’t Believe You’re All Doing Wrong – Cracked

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  • Belinda

    Seriously. Your site has cool stuff but do you have to degrade yourselves by using pictures of semi-naked women for no specific reason? You don’t need skin to sell your site. It sells itself. Lose the soft porn, please. Because you’re losing me.

  • Tony

    @Belinda, how is that half naked woman pointless? They posted a link for the sexiest woman alive, and that’s a picture of the woman in the first link.

    And if this site is ran by a man, THEN OF COURSE HE’S GOING TO POST THAT PICTURE. Just saying.

  • Belinda

    @Tony – Ok I admit, it was relevant. But there are 14 other articles that could have been featured and they weren’t. And this is the case in every ‘Friday Link Roundup’ post – they all feature semi-clad women (when they could feature many other images instead) and it is a huge put off for me as a female reader, because I can see what it going on – it’s just naked women for the sake of it.

    If they want to appeal to intelligent, thinking men and most women, they should cut the soft porn. Intelligent men go to porn sites to get porn. And as I said, the stuff sells itself. Just saying.