• Conor Brown

    Would love to be able to tell the time with this guy.

  • Evan

    Oooh baby, now thats a watch!

  • Cindy Graham

    Fantastic watch! Love the color!

  • Dennis Irizarry

    Cool Material… don’t make me get green kicks to match this watch… ah too late.

  • jeremy

    I hope this watch fits my giant sized wrists!

  • Nan L

    I would wear it!

  • David Miller


  • Richard

    it is MINE!!

  • Tyler

    Very cool watch! Good luck everyone!!

  • Joe

    GREEN! My favorite color!

  • Jason Messina

    Please HOOKA me up with the LOOKA of a NOOKA on my WRISTA! Thanks

  • axpi

    so… can i have one?

  • VrySnky


  • bawston

    Nooka, I don’t even know ha…

  • Deepan

    I like it for hunk style…

  • egis

    it’s different

  • Douglas

    love it love it love it and I’m not talking about Lyle:)

  • ChrisB

    me wants it

  • bobo

    cool material

  • wellington luk

    ohhh baby that’s what I like!

  • Doc

    Looks to me like a cool watch. I would be happy to wear it.

  • Ken C

    I want that watch!

  • Dan

    I’ve never looked at a watch like this.. but that looks pretty damn cool

  • Hunter

    never seen one like it but i like it.

  • Findhika

    green. so fresh.

  • EricB

    Magnifico* futuristic watch – I just Love it!

  • Stupac

    Sick watch is sick!

  • Daniel

    That watch is sweet!

  • Stephen Young

    I’ve got black watches, blue watches, red watches, and white watches but no green watches. I need this watch!

  • Dave C.

    Just the kind of watch for a tech loving geek!

  • John Stockman

    Beam be up, Scotty!

  • Tim Jacobsen

    Contest Closed! Congrats to Bruce (comment #59). Thanks all for participating.