2011 New Year’s Resolution Fails

It’s the time of year when gyms are packed with “resolutioners” and your buddy’s cubicle is slightly more organized than usual.  Don’t worry, it won’t last.  Give it two weeks and the benches at the gym will be free and your coworker’s desk will be covered in an avalanche of printed emails and empty Diet Coke cans.  The average Joe Schmoe isn’t the only one bailing on their New Year’s resolution though, here are some Failed New Year’s Resolutions from some well-known folk:


  • Calling the BS

    Not funny; only stupid.

  • this guy

    Gaddafi did die, so he kept his

  • me

    These are 2012 resolutions. FAIL.

  • Mandi

    Yeah ‘Me’, they are 2012 resolutions. That’s why it repeatedly says 2011….