Our 6 Favorite Diesel Watches + Giveaway

This collection of our 6 favorite Diesel watches is sponsored by – you guessed it – Diesel. Shop for someone else (or yourself) using the greatest hits below. (Thanks Diesel!)

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of diesel? Denim? Fuel? You’re wrong either way. You should be thinking of watches. After you peruse our 6 favorite Diesel watches, we think you’ll agree Diesel is much more than denim or fuel. It’s arm candy.

The DZ7125 is black, silver and packed with more gauges and time zones than even a pilot needs.  $295

What’s black, black and red all over? Adding more black to a watch always ends well and Diesel pushed the DZ7164 right to the limit with the case, silicone strap and red LED display.   $100   GreyBlackWhite

The DZ1295 is a basic black watch. A basic black watch that just happens to look like a tachyometer that opts for day and date instead of redline.   $130   Brown /  Black

A quality white watch is also a white whale for most men. Not anymore thanks to the DZ4125. In stereotypical Diesel fashion, they threw some black on the chronograph and case for good measure.   $160   BrownWhite

Coexisting as cds and cassettes never could, the DZ7178 is the perfect combination of analog and digital. It looks like a watch Marty McFly would wear and that makes it pretty damn perfect in our book.   $225   BlackGrey

In case you haven’t noticed, Diesel draws inspiration from cars quite frequently. The DZ4174 is no different. But then they put four circle watch faces into one square face and moved the crown to the opposite side. It’s a good thing there’s no test because that operation is geometrically difficult and physically mind-blowing.   $140   Black Brown

Diesel is giving away 1 Scrolling LED watch to a lucky Cool Material reader.  To enter, visit Diesel and to check out their full collection of men’s watches. While you are there, pick your favorite color LED Scrolling watch and leave a comment below with your color choice.  On 12/24 (We’ll work Christmas Eve just for you) we’ll choose a comment at random and they’ll win that watch. Good luck!

Contest Closed! Congrats to Brian


  • arthur

    Black is best!

  • Ilia

    DZ7125 rocks my boat !!!! I would love to have that watch but its 295…. :(:(:(:(

  • Dan

    DZ7164 thanks!

  • Michael

    black DZ7164.

  • http://my44.blogspot.com Garit

    DZ7165 the glow in the dark one for sure. Dragons, lasers, science and ladies.

  • Adam S

    Love the black with red…looks very black ops(ish) to me. DZ7164 (fingers crossed to a happy holidays for my wrist)

  • Zack

    I’m loving that DZ7172 in brown leather. Sweet giveaway.

  • Ronnie

    DZ7164 – Black is the new black, its’ what I’d get.

  • thereef

    The DZ7163 Gray. Do. Want.

  • http://www.spriz.com Grey Stephenson

    The stark black (DZ7164) is turbo sleek looking, definitely my favorite. Give it to me. Merry Christmas.

  • Evan Doyle

    Giveme the black one!!!!!!!!!!!!! DZ7164

  • John

    Definitely the black (DZ7164)

  • Trevor

    I’m lovin the gray one!! DZ7163

  • Steve

    I’m loving the Black DZ7164 !

  • Gonzalez205

    Black (DZ7164)

  • Martin

    DZ7163 Grey! Or is it gray?

  • Cal

    Black is the best DZ7164

  • emmanuel

    DZ1295 is soooo sexy!

  • Jonathan

    Gotta be the black one, no question!!! (DZ7164)

  • Mihkel

    One black DZ7164 for me, please:)

  • Naveen

    can i haz Diesel black DZ7164!?

  • lora


  • steve

    I’m 45 years old, 4 kids. 2 jobs, it’s my turn!
    DZ1375 i love it. but cant have it.

  • http://chuckmatzker.com Chaz

    I like DZ7164 in grey. That will look nice when I’m snapping mad pics of grey whales off the continental shelf.

  • kirill

    nice watches, especially purple ones

  • Andre

    Basic black would be the sheez…pleez DZ7164

  • Guy

    DZ7164 black is classic yet could fit in Tron.

  • http://distinctindustries.com Ryan K

    The black DZ7164 for sure… looks amazing and I really need something amazing to talk about in the club other than my crap job and student loans.

  • Santiago

    the DZ7168 in white would look sooo sick on my wrist right now :O

  • GC

    DZ7194 – my favorite!!

  • http://;) Ashley

    DZ4178 Black <3 <3 <3

  • SEAN

    DZ7127 BLUE

  • Daniel

    White all the way baby! Looks sick! Love Diesel! DZ7168

  • jason

    I’ll take the black! Goes well with my ninja costume, lol.

  • Lindsay

    Hey cool materials great choice on showcasing the Diesel watches and jewelry — you guys always have the COOLEST stuff!! I have always liked the Diesel watches myself, but I really like the Grey (DZ7163) one because I know my boyfriend would love it! Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for all of the great gift suggestions!

  • AMGiving

    White watch = the right time! Merry Christmas!

  • Tony

    I’m young and I fancy the edgy, more modern look of the DZ7092.

  • Tony

    oops,I was looking at two pages at once.
    DZ7164 (BLACK)is the one i meant.Got the last three numbers wrong. *forehead smack*

  • http://ironfistfan.blogspot.com/ Aaron

    DZ7167 is very classy and futuristic look. DIESEL + Cool Material = Sweet Christmas

  • Alberto Gastelum


  • Patrick

    Black DZ7125 + COOL MATERIAL = FTW! :)

  • Disaresta

    Can I have the white one please?! Thanks!! ^_____^

  • Cam

    DZ7164 Black. Definitely the black, since I’m not attempting to match a mint green watch with my outfit.

  • http://abrokenshoe.blogspot.com Tim

    DZ7164 The black is the more sexy and I want it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1396140575 Vinay

    DZ7164. Black, Because it matches my costume.

    .. I am not the hero they deserve, but the one they need.

    I am the night.


  • VrySnky

    DZ7164 – BLACK
    Bring it on!

  • John

    Diesel!!!!! Black DZ7164

  • Lionel

    DZ7164 why not its black, classy and its ballin and my book

  • Sam

    the white please(DZ7125)

  • Alan

    I like the glow in the dark one. DZ7165